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[1:08] <KwikkSilva> Hi all
[1:11] <Mogwai> Greetings!
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[4:24] <Gallomimia> i seem to be having trouble finding a solution to the incredibly quiet sound playback thru analog
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[4:26] <gnarface> Gallomimia: did you use alsamixer?
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[4:31] <Gallomimia> gnarface, i just tried that. it says its at 100<>100
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[4:32] <gnarface> Gallomimia: how snug is the plug? could be a loose connection
[4:33] <gnarface> Gallomimia: you get audio and it sounds fine, its just too quiet?
[4:33] <gnarface> Gallomimia: i suppose your player could have its own volume setting (like if its vlc or a flash player)
[4:33] <Gallomimia> correct
[4:33] <Gallomimia> i've tried cranking that. seems silent in the player. i've used a command line wave player to test and got very quiet sound at max tv volume
[4:34] <Gallomimia> i'm going to now test if it was actually analog or its playing over the hdmi\
[4:35] <Gallomimia> oh. it is over hdmi
[4:37] <Gallomimia> and now alsamixer will reset to 0 after anything i do
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[4:49] <pw-> also dongs
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[4:56] <Gallomimia> i also can't seem to get any sound from other programs, such as omxplayer. open to suggestions on what to use as a better video player too
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[4:58] <hockey51> My sound stopped working in the middle of a movie
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[5:05] <gnarface> Gallomimia: i suspect its your installed sound software giving you grief. you may be a victim of a drive-by pulseaudio install
[5:06] <gnarface> Gallomimia: but just to be sure, you've tried other headphones/speakers right?
[5:06] <Gallomimia> i shall do so now...
[5:06] <Gallomimia> i'm actually too noob to know how to change the audio output method
[5:07] <Gallomimia> and yeah, there's pulse audio in here somewhere
[5:07] <gnarface> well i don't know crap about pulseaudio either, i just uninstall it. (or install without it) but your window manager may require it
[5:07] <gnarface> if you're using gnome or something
[5:07] <Gallomimia> yes to gnome. i also have some other programs like mumble installed
[5:07] <gnarface> it may work fine, you may simply need to find the pulseaudio mixer, whatever its called
[5:07] <Gallomimia> so, guess i should try to some help files on that
[5:08] <hockey51> So just get rid of Pulseaudio?
[5:08] <gnarface> well, like i said stuff may require it
[5:08] <gnarface> i avoid using anything that requires it as well
[5:08] <gnarface> so just removing it may be bad advice
[5:08] <hockey51> Oh
[5:09] <gnarface> but you *can* use just alsa without pulseaudio entirely, in theory
[5:09] <gnarface> yes
[5:09] <gnarface> and i like it better
[5:09] <Gallomimia> if it's installed, it's not cause i specifically put it in.
[5:09] <gnarface> (but alsa docs suck)
[5:09] <hockey51> I played a couple of movies and then once I started on my third, my audio stopped
[5:09] <gnarface> hockey51: that sounds like something else
[5:09] <Gallomimia> ummmm i can use apt to attempt removal of pusle audio right? this will then tell me what i have installed which depends on it?
[5:10] <gnarface> hockey51: did rebooting fix it? maybe its a memory leak in your player or something
[5:10] <hockey51> Oh
[5:10] <gnarface> Gallomimia: probably yea
[5:10] <Gallomimia> hmmm no
[5:10] <Gallomimia> just 3 pulseaudio packages
[5:10] <hockey51> I'll go turn it back on. I've also had trouble with my external drive on it
[5:11] <gnarface> hockey51: also check connections, make sure you got ample power, etc
[5:11] <Datalink> sheldor is gone, dangit...
[5:11] <hockey51> When I plug in my drive, it reboots and the drive makes a clicking sound
[5:11] <gnarface> hahaha
[5:11] <gnarface> that sounds bad
[5:11] <gnarface> but might not be
[5:12] <gnarface> i'd have to hear the clicking sound myself
[5:12] <gnarface> its possible you're just running out of juice
[5:13] <gnarface> they say like you only need 1v 500mA but honestly if you have heavy stuff plugged into it you probably need more like +700mA
[5:13] <hockey51> The external drive works on everything else
[5:13] <gnarface> yea but everything else has a lot more juice available on the usb ports
[5:13] <gnarface> what are you using for power?
[5:13] <Gallomimia> i've heard that plugging things in causing a reboot is usually a power problem
[5:14] <hockey51> Just using a power cord my uncle gave me
[5:14] <gnarface> hockey51: look at the print on it
[5:14] <hockey51> Got the Pi yesterday for Christmas and he supplied the Cord, HDMI cable, SD Card, and Ethernet cable
[5:15] <Gallomimia> that is an awesome gift. props to yer uncle
[5:15] <gnarface> hockey51: there should be tiny print on the plug that says voltage and amperage output probably labeled like '1v -- 500mA' or something? or is it just a usb cable that you're plugging into a usb port on another machine?
[5:16] <hockey51> 1000 mA
[5:16] <gnarface> so that should be plenty
[5:16] <gnarface> hmm
[5:16] <hockey51> 5v
[5:16] <gnarface> one would think
[5:16] <gnarface> but the usb ports are limited
[5:16] <gnarface> they suggest using a powered usb hub
[5:16] <gnarface> if you're plugging lots of heavy stuff in
[5:16] <hockey51> I asked him for it a few months ago to give him plenty of time to find it
[5:16] <hockey51> Hmm
[5:16] <hockey51> I have that
[5:17] <gnarface> hockey51: i'm curious about this: if you don't use the external harddrive, what else have you plugged in? just an SD card, and the hdmi and audio cable?
[5:17] <hockey51> No audio cable
[5:17] <hockey51> I use my speaker I got for Christmas
[5:17] <gnarface> hdmi?
[5:17] <hockey51> HDMI and SD card
[5:17] <gnarface> hmmm
[5:18] <hockey51> It works perfectly with my 16gb flash drive
[5:18] <gnarface> i think we have found the culprit
[5:18] <gnarface> you plugged the drive into the pi directly, instead of into your powered hub?
[5:19] <hockey51> Yeah
[5:19] <hockey51> It's actually a good thing I switched around the cables
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[5:19] <hockey51> Now I can charge my speaker while I watch the movie
[5:20] <hockey51> Thanks for the help
[5:20] <gnarface> no problem
[5:20] <gnarface> its all on the faq btw
[5:20] <gnarface> i think at least...
[5:21] <gnarface> i think that's where i read it
[5:21] <hockey51> Oh. I couldn't find it on there
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[5:23] <vagrantc> huh. the rpi i've got seems to only have 128MB of ram... thought the model A had 256, and model B had 512 ...
[5:23] <gnarface> hockey51: my bad, it was linked from the raspberry pi faq, not the raspbian one: (http://www.raspberrypi.org/faqs) http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/260
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[5:24] <hockey51> Oh
[5:24] * hockey51 facepalms
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[5:24] <hockey51> Anyways, my drive is working now
[5:24] <gnarface> vagrantc: the model B does have 512 but the video card shares some. you can set it at boot statically or dynamically, i believe.
[5:25] <vagrantc> aha
[5:26] <gnarface> hockey51: hooray!!
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[5:28] <gnarface> so my problem is i'm trying to get raspian (base wheezy install not the pre-installed image) working in e17 with compositing and transparency and fancy such
[5:28] <gnarface> it almost works but all the colors are reversed
[5:28] <gnarface> and there is some pop-up about it falling back to software compositing because the video card doesn't support opengl (which seems wrong to me)
[5:29] <gnarface> otherwise it seems to work great
[5:29] <gnarface> i'm super happy with it because i'm realistic about the throughput available from my shitty flash
[5:30] <gnarface> i have what i *think* is a boot config file that will set the default slice of video ram to be a minimum of 128 and borrow up to 256MB as necessary
[5:30] <gnarface> anyone got advice on this?
[5:30] <gnarface> the reverse color thing i'm led to believe is a known issue somewhere in X, not related to e17 as my choice of window manager. the opengl thing may be e17's fault.
[5:31] <gnarface> or i'm just missing packages that i didn't know about
[5:31] <gnarface> because i'm a sucker for base installs
[5:31] <gnarface> any one got any hints for me?
[5:32] <gnarface> i know going back to 16-bit color from 24 or 32 fixes the color reversal but obviously looks less awesome and ... i believe compositing in X is not possible below 24bpp right?
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[5:47] <Gallomimia> mount: unknown filesystem type 'smbfs'
[5:47] <Gallomimia> not happy :(
[5:48] <Gallomimia> gnarface, the only way i know of to change the video slice is through a firmware updater that also twiddles that setting
[5:51] <Gallomimia> anyone who can tell me wtf is wrong with my samba mount?
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[5:52] <gnarface> Gallomimia: you forgot to load the smbfs module. also note it may now be cifs actually
[5:52] <Gallomimia> as in install it? i checked
[5:52] <Gallomimia> it's fine
[5:53] <Gallomimia> i also installed samba
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[5:55] <Gallomimia> uhh crap. this thing i'm reading here suggests that i must not have smbfs in my kernel
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[7:00] <gnarface> Gallomimia: you may not actually. considered sshfs?
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[7:12] <gnarface> Gallomimia: or even (gasp!) nfs?
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[9:14] <Matrixiumn> Hello, dpkg doesn't seem to recognise the version of lsb-core I have it says I need version >= 3 to install Hamachi even though I installed version 4. Can anyone help?
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[9:48] <Matrixiumn> Anyone?
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[10:34] <burek> Matrixiumn, how did you install v4
[10:35] <Matrixiumn> burek: I added Debian testing to sources.list
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[11:16] <Matrixiumn> Can anyone help?
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[14:50] <a_good_hearted_N> good afternoon
[14:50] <a_good_hearted_N> hi
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[14:53] <Matrixiumn> Has anyone here been able to install Hamachi on Raspbian Wheezy?
[14:55] * plugwash has never heard for hamachi
[14:56] <Matrixiumn> :o
[14:57] * plugwash looks and unless source is available or they specifically produce an armv6 harfloat build you are unlikely to get it to work
[15:08] <netw1z> anyone here had success with audio over bluetooth under raspbian
[15:08] <netw1z> i'm connected, but not having much luck beyond connect with bluez on the command line
[15:12] <TobiasTheViking> http://pastebin.com/rd3GGMnB <- i keep getting this "OMXAudioBufferStart/OMXAudioBufferStop" when playing 1080p with dts. i see the bitrate hitting 15+mbyte/s
[15:12] <TobiasTheViking> so i guess i'm wondering, is it just the decoder chip that can't handle the bandwidth? or is there something i can do to make it play smoothly?
[15:12] <TobiasTheViking> or, alternatively, drop frames(is that possible with the decoder frames)?
[15:12] * TobiasTheViking can provide an entire log, just has to reboot first to make it clean
[15:13] <TobiasTheViking> had like 15 .5s freezes just while writing the above
[15:13] <TobiasTheViking> i really just want to know if i should give up on making it work. or make an effort :)
[15:15] <TobiasTheViking> 100000000 bytes (100 MB) copied, 11.839 s, 8.4 MB/s
[15:15] <TobiasTheViking> or maybe it's the network
[15:15] * TobiasTheViking hits self iwth clue by four
[15:16] * ksclarke (~kevin@pdpc/supporter/active/ksclarke) has joined #raspbian
[15:20] * monkeycoder (~monkeycod@ has joined #raspbian
[15:20] * hockey51 (~hockey51@cpe-174-106-241-239.ec.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[15:21] <gnarface> TobiasTheViking: 8.4MB/s looks like the type of bandwidth you'd get from medium to high-grade flash, or a noisy 802.11b wifi link...
[15:22] <gnarface> TobiasTheViking: if the problem is you can't copy it to your local flash fast enough to play it, i recommend playing it directly from a network pipe
[15:23] * twolife is now known as twolife`
[15:23] <TobiasTheViking> gnarface: that's what i'm doing now, but the source bandwidth is usually more than 10mbyte/s
[15:23] <TobiasTheViking> which i guess it he highest i can get from the pi
[15:23] <TobiasTheViking> which basically means, i can't play this smoothly. If it had mp3/aac instead of dts, it would probably play fine.
[15:24] <TobiasTheViking> haven't tried a local version. i'll probably try that the next time
[15:25] <TobiasTheViking> /dev/mmcblk0: Timing cached reads: 134 MB in 2.01 seconds = 66.68 MB/sec Timing buffered disk reads: 60 MB in 3.01 seconds = 19.92 MB/sec
[15:25] <TobiasTheViking> my sd should be able to handle it
[15:25] <gnarface> TobiasTheViking: you are streaming this file remotely? note that its unlikely any consumer-grade network uplink has the bandwidth to do that
[15:25] <TobiasTheViking> and yeah, not enough space to unpack it on the SD
[15:26] <TobiasTheViking> gnarface: it's over a single ethernet cable, directly into the server, Not even a router or a switch between it
[15:26] <TobiasTheViking> probably 1meter between the two devices.
[15:26] <TobiasTheViking> the server can do 1gbit, but the pi can't. Which basically means this is no go
[15:27] <gnarface> thought the pi could, actually...
[15:27] <gnarface> only 100?
[15:27] <TobiasTheViking> only 100
[15:27] <gnarface> anyway you should use h264
[15:27] <TobiasTheViking> which means 8.4mbyte/s is acceptable performance
[15:27] <gnarface> save a ton of bandwidth
[15:28] <TobiasTheViking> dts/h264
[15:28] <gnarface> hmm.
[15:28] <TobiasTheViking> and the DTS is what is pushing the bandwidth too high
[15:28] <gnarface> hmm
[15:28] <TobiasTheViking> the dts is 4mbyte/s alone
[15:28] <gnarface> definitely not having trouble with mp4/h264 but i guess its also stereo...
[15:28] <TobiasTheViking> yup
[15:29] <gnarface> and you're using omxplayer?
[15:29] <TobiasTheViking> well, xbmc
[15:29] <TobiasTheViking> but yeah
[15:29] <TobiasTheViking> but there really is nothing i can do. my options are rather limited
[15:30] <TobiasTheViking> 1) USB disk to temporarily have high bandwidth content on. 2) Re-encode serverside. 3) Increase cache size in xbmc, so it can handle the spikes.
[15:30] <TobiasTheViking> at least that is how i see
[15:30] <TobiasTheViking> at least that is how i see it
[15:30] <TobiasTheViking> sadly, i've never known option 3 to work for any device, since the original xbox.
[15:31] <TobiasTheViking> <cachemembuffersize>30242880</cachemembuffersize>
[15:31] <TobiasTheViking> lets try to do something wtih that
[15:33] <TobiasTheViking> lets see if *4 does anything, i doubt it.
[15:33] * laurent\ (~laurent@unaffiliated/laurent/x-4048133) has joined #raspbian
[15:35] <TobiasTheViking> yeah, zero joy
[15:37] <TobiasTheViking> hm wait. setting to 0 might work
[15:37] * bertrik (~quassel@rockbox/developer/bertrik) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[15:39] <TobiasTheViking> yeah, zero joy as well :)
[15:49] * AdmV0rl0n (~warpcore@cognativenetworks.co.uk) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[15:50] <TobiasTheViking> gnarface: what memory split do you have? (if you are using xbmc that is)
[15:51] <gnarface> TobiasTheViking: i'm not using xbmc actually. my next suggestion was going to be to try without it. also you could check into tuning your tcp/ip parameters for the amount of ram that you do have available
[15:52] <TobiasTheViking> using oxmplayer instead of xbmc wouldn't gain me anything, since the bottleneck is the ethernet connection.
[15:52] <TobiasTheViking> afaik
[15:52] <gnarface> what makes you so sure?
[15:53] <gnarface> also the tcp/ip parameters *define* the ethernet connection, so consider that again
[15:53] <TobiasTheViking> can i *define* it to go to 1gbit when the hardware is limited to 100mbit/
[15:53] <TobiasTheViking> ?
[15:53] <TobiasTheViking> i need 150-200mbit to get the stream to work, no matter the player.
[15:55] <gnarface> i don't think thats necessarily true
[15:55] <gnarface> you should be getting more than 8.5MB/s out of a direct link
[15:56] <TobiasTheViking> at max i should get 10MB/s, and the stream is at 15-20MB/s
[15:56] <gnarface> where are you getting that number 10MB/s?
[15:56] <TobiasTheViking> from the stream...
[15:56] * KwikkSilva_ (~KwikkSilv@pool-74-104-145-221.bstnma.fios.verizon.net) has joined #raspbian
[15:57] <gnarface> because 100 megabit ethernet is 12.5MB/s...
[15:57] <TobiasTheViking> - overhead, but yeah
[15:57] <TobiasTheViking> ok ok, i'll look into tcp/ip :)
[15:57] <TobiasTheViking> it really can't hurt in any way.
[15:57] <gnarface> it would be better to re-encode at the server
[15:58] <gnarface> these are desperate measures
[15:58] <TobiasTheViking> yeah, but i hate that solution
[15:58] <hockey51> Is xbmc better than omxplayer?
[15:58] <TobiasTheViking> best would be a proper cache on the rPI
[15:58] <TobiasTheViking> hockey51: xbmc uses omxplayer
[15:58] <TobiasTheViking> but it has more overhead
[15:59] <gnarface> what are you using to transfer the file?
[15:59] <TobiasTheViking> nfs
[15:59] <gnarface> hmm. should be fine
[15:59] <TobiasTheViking> mounted in OS, not in xbmc
[15:59] <gnarface> i would wonder if your transfer speeds differ using like, netcat or udpcast
[16:00] <TobiasTheViking> tbh, i couldn't watch 1080p before at all. Now i can (just not with DTS). so it is still an improvement :D
[16:00] <TobiasTheViking> *meh*; just did a dd if=/network/file of=/dev/null
[16:00] * KwikkSilva (~KwikkSilv@pool-74-104-145-221.bstnma.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[16:01] <TobiasTheViking> gnarface: you want me to try netcat/udpcast?
[16:01] <TobiasTheViking> or you want me to fiddle with tcp/ip?
[16:02] <gnarface> TobiasTheViking: i'm just making suggestions. i don't expect to be around long enough to find out what happens.
[16:02] <gnarface> TobiasTheViking: but you should try both
[16:02] <TobiasTheViking> in that case, screw netcat/udpcast. Got a link for the tcp/ip tuning=
[16:02] <TobiasTheViking> ?
[16:03] <gnarface> no, just google the files in /proc/sys/net/ipv4
[16:03] <gnarface> and read the sysctl.conf manpage
[16:03] <TobiasTheViking> all 81 of them
[16:03] <TobiasTheViking> aok :D
[16:04] <TobiasTheViking> well, already did some tcp/ip tuning on my freebsd server. Just thought there might be a specific rPI guide somehwere. but i'll google, thanks for your input.
[16:04] <gnarface> lol no like stuff like tcp_mem and tcp_wmem, tcp_tw/reuse/recycle, etc etc
[16:04] <gnarface> just stuff that's performance related
[16:05] <gnarface> especially the stuff that sets memory thereholds for total memory on the connection and per-packet levels, and such
[16:05] <gnarface> since its a direct link you can probably throw out a lot of the stuff for latency tolernace too
[16:06] <TobiasTheViking> i know, i was kidding ;)
[16:07] <TobiasTheViking> true, it might do a bit, but it really won't make this movie work.
[16:07] <TobiasTheViking> still, i should do it(but not on this install, i'm gonna nuke this card soon i'm sure)
[16:07] <gnarface> probably not
[16:07] <gnarface> can you use ffmpeg on the server?
[16:07] <TobiasTheViking> btw, xbmc(which you don't run), press "o", it will give a nice OSD with, amongst other things, Bitrate for both audio and video stream
[16:07] <TobiasTheViking> yup
[16:08] <gnarface> you could use ffmpeg to split the stream into audio+video
[16:08] <gnarface> then add another usb ethernet device
[16:08] <gnarface> and a second ethernet link
[16:08] <gnarface> and send the audio+video to the pi over separate ethernet links
[16:08] <gnarface> then use ffmpeg again to recombine them on the fly
[16:09] <gnarface> since there is no transcoding involved, just unpacking and repacking the streams, should be low-overhead
[16:09] <gnarface> shouldn't add too much delay either
[16:09] <gnarface> if you use stdin to stdou
[16:09] <gnarface> t
[16:09] <gnarface> stdin-to-stdout pipes
[16:09] <TobiasTheViking> wow. that's.. wow
[16:09] <TobiasTheViking> nice idea
[16:09] <gnarface> it might be going a bit overboard
[16:09] <TobiasTheViking> tbh, since my audio is only stereo, i think i'll just try and not get DTS.
[16:10] <TobiasTheViking> but that is a kickass solution
[16:10] <TobiasTheViking> gnarface: http://www.vinylconnections.co.uk/quad33and303.htm <- my stereo
[16:10] <TobiasTheViking> anything other than mp3/aac is wasted for me :D
[16:10] <gnarface> hah nice
[16:11] <TobiasTheViking> currently 5mbyte/s for dts, and 8mb/s for video
[16:11] <TobiasTheViking> gnarface: tbh, i might go with a serverside UPNP server that transcodes. Mostly because i have a lot of asf(and other stupid crap) that the pi can't handle
[16:12] <TobiasTheViking> granted, taht is mostly porn :รพ
[16:12] <gnarface> hah
[16:12] <gnarface> yea well, that's a good solution because it makes it easy to support arbitrary devices
[16:12] <gnarface> even if its expensive on cpu time
[16:13] * NickBouwhuis (~Nick@524A9277.cm-4-3c.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspbian
[16:13] <TobiasTheViking> last pid: 5715; load averages: 0.79, 0.67, 0.60 up 160+21:08:29 17:13:04
[16:13] <TobiasTheViking> quad core freebsd
[16:13] <TobiasTheViking> i think it can take the extra abuse ;)
[16:17] * NickBouwhuis (~Nick@524A9277.cm-4-3c.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has left #raspbian
[16:18] <gnarface> i have reversed red/green in 32-bit video i think
[16:19] <gnarface> found out after a lot of reading that it defaults to 16-bit no matter what you put in xorg.conf
[16:19] <gnarface> you actually have to set the res+color depth at boot
[16:19] <TobiasTheViking> wut?
[16:19] * os2mac (~jim.macdo@131-239-58-66.gci.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[16:19] <TobiasTheViking> [ 29.754] (==) FBDEV(0): Depth 16, (==) framebuffer bpp 16
[16:19] <TobiasTheViking> yup
[16:19] <TobiasTheViking> haven't seen any red/green issues, then again, i wouldn't
[16:19] <TobiasTheViking> <- colourblind
[16:20] <gnarface> well its not a problem in 16-bit though
[16:20] <gnarface> only an issue apparently in 24-bit or 32-bit
[16:20] <gnarface> (both settings work for some reason. there appear to be slight differences in the meaning)
[16:20] <TobiasTheViking> i doubt i'd be able to tell
[16:21] <gnarface> i was trying to get a compositing windowmanager to work in compositing mode
[16:21] <gnarface> the compositing appeared to work
[16:21] <gnarface> though i'm not sure it was properly using the video hardware to its full potential
[16:22] <TobiasTheViking> i really wish i could use the analog audio port in this POS
[16:22] <gnarface> why can't you?
[16:22] <TobiasTheViking> gnarface: you really need compositing on an rPI?
[16:22] <TobiasTheViking> makes that nice loud "POP" noice whenever you start/stop/seek/pause a stream
[16:23] <gnarface> oh
[16:23] <TobiasTheViking> really loud. pretty sure my speakers don't like it. common issue on the rPI.
[16:34] <TobiasTheViking> hm, i think i'll try and solve that now
[16:34] * twolife` is now known as twolife
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[16:36] * ech0s7 (~ech0s7@ has joined #raspbian
[16:36] <ech0s7> hi all
[16:36] * monkeycoder (~monkeycod@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:36] <ech0s7> where can i put a script to run as root after boot ?
[16:36] <TobiasTheViking> /etc/rc.local
[16:37] <TobiasTheViking> call your script from that file (or if it is a oneliner, just add it to that file)
[16:37] <TobiasTheViking> you can background it like so: ( sh myscript.sh) &
[16:37] * ksclarke (~kevin@pdpc/supporter/active/ksclarke) has joined #raspbian
[16:38] <hockey51> Is there a better video player than omxplayer for Raspbian?
[16:38] <TobiasTheViking> i don't think there is any.
[16:38] <TobiasTheViking> video player at all, besides omxplayer
[16:40] <ech0s7> TobiasTheViking: like this ? http://pastebin.com/EwNjzCA9
[16:40] <ech0s7> see line 20
[16:47] <ech0s7> TobiasTheViking: but why use () ^
[16:47] <ech0s7> ?
[16:48] <TobiasTheViking> just launches it in a new shell. guess it really isn't needed in the above example
[16:49] * blkaway is now known as blkhawk
[16:53] <hockey51> How do you control volume if there's no volume control on the speaker?
[16:53] <TobiasTheViking> alsa?
[16:53] <TobiasTheViking> alsamixer?
[16:56] <PhotoJim> alsamixer.
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[17:26] * mattan (c7cb5c2a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspbian
[17:26] <mattan> Hi all, how are you?
[17:26] <mattan> I have a question
[17:27] <mattan> I'm using an XBMC which I compiled a 2-3 months ago using this toturial
[17:27] <mattan> http://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianXBMC
[17:27] <mattan> How can I add CEC support?
[17:31] * wad (~wad@vps.zerbat.com) has joined #raspbian
[17:35] * mattan (c7cb5c2a@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
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[17:53] <TheBrayn> http://codepad.org/NQkHNQTE why does nmap have such a huge dependency list? I don't see why it should need xcb, gnuplot or ghostscript
[18:00] * rcortega (~rcortega@12.Red-2-136-102.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net) has left #raspbian
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[19:20] <netw1z> do you only have alsa-util in init.d in defauly raspbian and no asla script there?
[19:25] <burek> TheBrayn, did you try disable-doc or something
[19:29] * Shaan7 (~quassel@kde/developer/shantanu) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:34] <TobiasTheViking> anyone have a guide for compiling xbmc on the rpi?
[19:35] <TobiasTheViking> http://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianXBMC <- i've used this before, but it points to an old repository. (and also it didn't work for me last time)
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[20:23] * nickgaw (~nick@70-139-55-30.lightspeed.hstntx.sbcglobal.net) has joined #raspbian
[20:26] <nickgaw> Hi, When I look at the raspbian installer forum post the initrd links go to some strange site where I can't find any download links for the initrd image. Is it possible to either put the initrd on the sd card and just reference it in one of the .txt files or put it on the raspbian site along with directions on how to rebuild the installer if someone should wish to do so as I can't find any directions on doing this anywhere?
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[21:16] <hockey51> Entering kdb (current=0xcb846c80, pid 1) due to keyboard entry
[21:16] <hockey51> Anyone know how to fix it?
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[22:49] <jackyyll> is there a server distro of raspbian that doesnt have gnome and what-not
[22:50] <cwong2012> jackyyll: ya do the netinstall.
[22:50] <cwong2012> or just install debfoster and run it and purge the packages you dont want.
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[23:02] <jackyyll> do i have to prepare the card at all with the netinstall cwong2012
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[23:12] <ParkerR_> jackyyll, All you do with the netinstall is just copy the files to a fat32 partition on the sd card
[23:12] <ParkerR_> *All you have to do
[23:12] <jackyyll> perfect
[23:12] <ParkerR_> Just follow the guide
[23:13] <ParkerR_> It's mentions everything and is spot on
[23:13] <ParkerR_> http://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianInstaller
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[23:14] <Amadiro> ParkerR_, on that note, any clue how big a default netinstall is?
[23:15] <Amadiro> I'm looking to probably target some 256/512 megabyte cards at some point in the future
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[23:15] <ParkerR_> Amadiro, Not terribly big. If you don't select the "Install desktop environment" it's pretty small
[23:15] <ParkerR_> Not that small
[23:15] <ParkerR_> :P
[23:15] <Amadiro> Well, I guess I can always strip it down some more
[23:16] <ParkerR_> Yeah
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[23:36] <Tirili> Hi
[23:37] <Tirili> After a fresh install of raspbian, does your /etc/modules contain a line "snd_bcm2835" ?
[23:39] <Tirili> correction: "snd-bcm2835"
[23:39] * Syliss (~Home@adsl-108-94-48-239.dsl.chi2ca.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Quit: Syliss)
[23:39] <Tirili> Notice the -
[23:39] <Tirili> I am not sure how it went there. I had just executed the command sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835. <-- notice the _
[23:39] <Tirili> Maybe that line in modprobe was supposed to fix the bug I am trying to fix here but it was misspelled?
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