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[22:55] <plugwash> got what to work?
[23:00] <pelle2> just mounting of a nfs share
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[23:07] <pelle2> is it possible to monitor raspbian via snmpd?
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[23:08] <plugwash> I haven't tried it but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work
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[23:10] <pelle2> i recently set it up on a debian machine, but with raspbian i can't get it to work
[23:10] <pelle2> it installs snmp and snmpd fine it seems, i configure snmpd.conf, but the pollin cacti machine just gets an error
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[23:20] <plugwash> well I honestly don't have any idea how to start troubleshooting such problems sorry :(
[23:23] <pelle2> ok, n
[23:23] <pelle2> p
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[23:24] <plugwash> might want to ask on a snmp irc channel or so
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[23:27] <pelle2> hm, yeah
[23:27] <pelle2> if there are any :)
[23:28] <bitbckt> I'd start with the normal things: can the two machines reach each other? is the port open? is it accessible through iptables? &c.
[23:29] <MAbeeTT> pelle2: search for gettnig snmp raw information,
[23:29] <bitbckt> has the daemon bound the port on the correct interface (viz. your earlier question about multiple interfaces)
[23:29] <Snow-> Try snmpwalking it?
[23:29] <Snow-> See how it fails?
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[23:31] <MAbeeTT> pelle2: probably snmpd searchs for information not available on raspberry pi, ( like coolers' RPM for example )
[23:31] <pelle2> it polls basic stuff like cpu utilization, etc
[23:31] <pelle2> and i've seen people who poll pi's
[23:32] <pelle2> but only locally, running cacti on the same device
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[23:38] <pelle2> Snow-: i dont get snmpwalk, do i run it from the cacti machine or the pi?
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[23:38] <pelle2> bitbckt: i can ping the machines from each other
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[23:39] <bitbckt> can you telnet to port 161 from the cacti machine into the pi?
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[23:42] <pelle2> rying
[23:42] <pelle2> telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
[23:42] <bitbckt> okay. so something is blocking that port.
[23:42] <pelle2> should i be able to telnet into the snmp port?
[23:42] <bitbckt> yes.
[23:42] <pelle2> hm
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[23:42] <pelle2> they are connected to the same switch, wired
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[23:42] <bitbckt> on the pi, does netstat -tulpn | grep 161 show anything?
[23:42] <pelle2> the other machines being polled is also on the same switch
[23:42] <bitbckt> (i.e. is snmpd bound to a port)
[23:43] <pelle2> pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo netstat -tulpn | grep 161
[23:43] <pelle2> udp 0 0* 16619/snmpd
[23:44] <pelle2> don't know what that means, though
[23:44] * blkhawk is now known as blkaway
[23:44] <bitbckt> that means snmpd is only listing on your loopback interface.
[23:44] <bitbckt> in your configuration file, there's probably a way to specify which interface snmpd should listen on.
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[23:50] <MAbeeTT> pelle2: http://wiki.debian.org/SNMP#Defaults
[23:50] <MAbeeTT> pelle2: RTFM
[23:50] <MAbeeTT> don't take it bad, please ;)
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[23:55] <pelle2> bitbckt: hm, i changed snmpd.conf to allow access from any IP, that's the only config i know of, doesn't say anything about interface
[23:56] <bitbckt> as MAbeeTT pointed out, it looks like snmpd expects the listen address on the command line.
[23:56] <MAbeeTT> bitbckt: yes, any address for binding is
[23:56] <bitbckt> right.
[23:58] <pelle2> what exactly does that mean
[23:59] <bitbckt> snmpd needs to listen on one of your network ports, each of which have an IP address.
[23:59] <MAbeeTT> pelle2: basically a process actin as server "listen" to a hostid (an IP) and port.

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