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[23:05] <plugwash> Personally I tend to do cat /proc/partitions and look at the sizes listed
[23:05] <ParkerR> Or fdisk -l
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[23:23] <gnarface> this behavior is not universal
[23:23] <gnarface> some mult-type card readers (the cheap chineese ones mostly) represent the "slot" on the card reader as /dev/sdX
[23:24] <gnarface> and the device you plug into it as /dev/sdX1
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[23:24] <gnarface> although even that is kinda flaky
[23:25] <gnarface> udisks-daemon sometimes manages to show the subsequent partitions as /dev/sdX2, sdX3, etc
[23:25] <gnarface> but sometimes it can't and you have to use losetup and offsets
[23:25] <basiclas-> gnarface: ok thanks, in gparted sdb/sdb1 is 31gb . sda is 350gb. so i think its quite a sure thing
[23:26] <gnarface> basiclas-: most likely, i was just being pedantic
[23:31] <basiclas-> gnarface: which format would you recommend for the card before i dd raspbian onto it? fat32?
[23:31] <ParkerR> Ignore that
[23:31] <gnarface> the real thing that was important was i learned that i had to "eject" the card manually after unmounting, but before unplugging it (eject /dev/sdb and then dmesg shows the device capacity change to 0 blocks) because for some reason udisks-daemon IO locks my system otherwise
[23:32] <ParkerR> The image writing has a formatted partition
[23:32] <gnarface> basiclas-: dd will overwrite any format completely. it won't matter
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[23:36] <basiclas-> ok thanks
[23:53] <Eduard_Munteanu> Does Raspbian also provide unstable packages, something newer than Wheezy?
[23:54] <plugwash> We don't intend to follow unstable, we are working on following the new testing but I still need to get a few things sorted out, as usual everything takes much longer than hoped
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[23:55] <plugwash> You can find the work in progress at http://plugwash.raspbian.org/jessietest/private/ but please don't complain if it doesn't work
[23:55] <Eduard_Munteanu> plugwash: I see... I was merely interested in getting a 3.9 kernel. Would you suggest simply building it from source?
[23:56] <Eduard_Munteanu> I'm trying to fix my sdcard issues.
[23:56] <basiclas-> gnarface: hey, i 'installed' raspbian via dd onto my sd card, the two partitions show up with all the files, but nothing boots when i plug into the pi? i've been trying to get this sd card to boot all day D:
[23:58] <plugwash> which image did you use?
[23:59] <Eduard_Munteanu> plugwash: both the 3.2 and 3.6 from Raspbian. I'm checking whether the purported cmdline option is available on those.

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