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[20:56] <MachinaeWolf> Where's the latest image?
[20:56] <MachinaeWolf> The torrent's doing nothing and the regular dl link redirects to an error :/
[20:57] <plugwash> whose latest image?
[20:58] <MachinaeWolf> raspbian
[20:58] <MachinaeWolf> oh now it's working
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[20:58] <MachinaeWolf> wasn't a little bit before
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[22:44] <plugwash> For those interested I just wrote a message on the status of raspbian on raspbian-devel
[22:44] <plugwash> http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/raspbian-devel/Week-of-Mon-20130722/000039.html
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[23:28] <MachinaeWolf> Ok what is the deal I dd'd this card more than once to get raspbian on it but it still doesn't want to boot to it
[23:28] <MachinaeWolf> I've got various other images working on it ?_?
[23:28] <MachinaeWolf> Does it need a certain bs= on the dd command or something?
[23:29] <gnarface> MachinaeWolf: its not supposed to, but i have had trouble with some cheaper flash media when trying a bs of greater than 1MB
[23:29] <MachinaeWolf> I didn't set any bs period and it's doing this...
[23:30] <gnarface> that would have left it at the default (probably 512KB) which is slow as fuck but also harmless
[23:30] <MachinaeWolf> this is like the 3rd time
[23:30] <MachinaeWolf> idk wtf to do to make this work :/
[23:30] <gnarface> it finishes writing and the output claims the same amount of blocks in as out?
[23:30] <gnarface> you just can't boot it?
[23:30] <MachinaeWolf> yeah
[23:31] <gnarface> its entirely possible your card is bunk too (there is a list of known incompatible ones, but yours might have just been D.O.A. too) but statistically speaking, most people who come in here with this problem you're having omitted something important from the installation process (like the swap partition)
[23:32] <MachinaeWolf> Well I had other distros booting early today so I seriously doubt the card's dead I didn't even use it a whole year yet...
[23:32] <gnarface> myself, i thought i had a bad card (it wasnt' on the list of known good or bad ones) but turned out that my sd card reader just tricked me into nesting my partition tables inappropriately
[23:32] <MachinaeWolf> I had the older raspbian booting on it before, just not this latest one
[23:32] <gnarface> hmmm
[23:33] <MachinaeWolf> so yeah...
[23:33] <MachinaeWolf> makes no sense
[23:34] <gnarface> well, see if its on this list somewhere: http://elinux.org/RPi_SD_cards
[23:34] <gnarface> known good and known bad cards are listed here
[23:34] <gnarface> but as i said earlier, if its not listed at all then its a crap shoot
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[23:37] <MachinaeWolf> darn it
[23:37] <MachinaeWolf> I have a sandisk ultra 32gb, class 10 I think?
[23:38] <gnarface> hmm. are those the black label ones or the blue label ones?
[23:38] <gnarface> i have had no problem with the black ones but i think i've only tried them up to class 2 or 3
[23:38] <MachinaeWolf> red on the ultra and black-ish on the rest
[23:39] <gnarface> yea i have had some Ultra II's and Ultra III's from that line and had no trouble with them
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[23:45] <MachinaeWolf> What if I grab the old raspbian which does boot and then just upgrade?
[23:45] <MachinaeWolf> would that work?
[23:46] <gnarface> well, in theory yes because that's what i have been doing since i swapped SD cards but i suppose "how old" matters
[23:46] <MachinaeWolf> 2012-12-16
[23:46] <MachinaeWolf> that version
[23:47] <gnarface> hmm. more recent than my first install, but older than my install to the 32GB card
[23:47] <gnarface> i got nothing, sorry
[23:47] <gnarface> i'd say try it
[23:47] <gnarface> make sure you update firmware too
[23:47] <MachinaeWolf> right
[23:48] <gnarface> incidentally, this is the rasbpian install process from here, right? http://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianInstaller
[23:48] <gnarface> or are some of these images in question the pre-installed image from the raspberrypi.org foundation site?
[23:48] <MachinaeWolf> um I always just dd'd the images that were on raspberrypi.org
[23:49] <MachinaeWolf> which I assume came from the raspbian guys?
[23:49] <MachinaeWolf> Does it make a difference?
[23:50] <gnarface> ah
[23:51] <gnarface> no, those don't come from the raspian guys sadly
[23:51] <MachinaeWolf> well I'm going to go with the old one I have that was working and see what I can do from there
[23:51] <gnarface> they're provided as a courtesy by the owners of the hardware part of the project, but are installed and distributed by said same people with what appears to be open hostility towards the community
[23:51] <gnarface> and it does make a difference
[23:52] <gnarface> but mostly just that the foundation's images are pre-installed with a bunch of stuff you probably dont' want
[23:52] <gnarface> the raspbian.org installer on the other hand is more of a from-scratch approach where you pick your own packages similar to a more traditional debian install
[23:53] <MachinaeWolf> ah ok
[23:53] <gnarface> i can't tell you which one you'll have the best luck with but i only installed the pre-installed version myself when i was mistakenly under the impression it was the only one
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[23:55] <MachinaeWolf> yeah same here
[23:56] <gnarface> MachinaeWolf: considering you haven't tried this process, i'd also recommend it: http://www.raspbian.org/RaspbianInstaller (though people say these instructions are too vague, i managed to get through them fine once someone informed me that the swap partition is mandatory, not just a suggestion)
[23:56] <MachinaeWolf> ah
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[23:57] <gnarface> and i guess, i think i had to actually create it ahead of time and set up the partitions before actually booting the installer
[23:57] <gnarface> i might be wrong about that though
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