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[0:25] <usr13> Is network-manager or wicd in the repository for rasbian?
[0:28] <usr13> Is there some place I can search for packages in the raspberian repository?
[0:28] <gnarface> i *thought* they both were but to be honest i didn't look
[0:28] <gnarface> the standard way to search for packages is with the command: apt-cache search [pattern]
[0:29] <gnarface> where [pattern] is a regex string (or just a regular string)
[0:29] <shiftplusone> usr13, haven't checked either, but I don't see why they wouldn't be.
[0:29] <gnarface> usr13: make sure before you "apt-cache search [pattern]" that you "apt-get update" once
[0:30] <gnarface> (that won't update the system, just the package cache)
[0:31] <shiftplusone> I am not sure that there's a way to search without running raspbian or manually browsing the repo.
[0:32] <gnarface> yea there's no raspbian equivalent of packages.debian.org yet is there?
[0:32] <gnarface> i mean, i suppose you could just browse the repository manually over http though
[0:32] <gnarface> if you know how, that should not be hard
[0:32] <gnarface> but it may be easier to just be running raspbian
[0:33] <usr13> gnarface: Ok, thanks. (I don't have it here, but will tomorrow.) (I'm working on what I call the Radpberry Video Marquee project.)
[0:34] <usr13> gnarface: Yea, not sure I would ever find it. But the issue is trying to get the N150 USB WiFi to work.
[0:34] <usr13> I tried from CLI but couldn't figure out how to make it connect.
[0:35] <gnarface> usr13: that's the cheapo tiny realtek one with the blue light right? i think you just need the firmware-realtek package from non-free, as well as the wpasupplicant package (and a kernel+firmware version without any critical wifi reliability bugs, which many of them seem to have)
[0:35] <usr13> ... but was not connected directly to it. (I have it on wired connection right now.)
[0:36] <gnarface> well, i'd have to see your /etc/network/interfaces file if you were doing a hand-config
[0:36] <gnarface> but network-manager in theory should give you a gui instead
[0:36] <usr13> I've connected the N150 to a couple of other Linux computers and it seems to just work without any additional software.
[0:36] <gnarface> my problem is the wifi cuts out a lot
[0:36] <gnarface> but it seems to be related to which firmware+kernel i'm using
[0:37] <gnarface> your other linux computers may already have firmware-realtek installed, which would explain that
[0:37] <gnarface> that package applies to a lot of on-board (non-wifi) realtek devices too
[0:38] <usr13> gnarface: If it cuts out a lot, I guess I'll abandon the idea but they seem to work ok on a couple of other Linux computers I have. It is not a very strong radio but if you're close enough, it seems to work ok, (and I did not have to get any additional software for it).
[0:38] <usr13> I was seeing the wlan0 section in the output of iwconfig
[0:39] <usr13> And the AP is open, (no encryption), so I thought it would just connect, but it didn't.
[0:41] <usr13> I suppose maybe I'll just stick with the wired connection. (Actually, it is a wireless-bridge.) (An old linksys router with dd-wrt set to client-bridge mode.)
[0:42] <vagrantc> it would be interesting to get a summary of the diff from debian, since the vast majority of packages available in debian are also available in raspbian
[0:42] <gnarface> usr13: hmmm... unencrypted maybe you wouldn't need firmware actually, you're right. you might not even need wpasupplicant if you aren't using encryption
[0:42] <usr13> Yea, that is what I was thinking.
[0:43] <gnarface> usr13: but i'm pretty sure if you have problems with it flaking out after connecting, you can fix them by upgrading or downgrading the kernel/firmware. the problem i've been having is simply finding one that's stable for wifi but doesn't have broken CMA
[0:43] <gnarface> if you find one stable for both i'd like to hear which one it was
[0:43] <usr13> CMA?
[0:43] <usr13> How many options are there?
[0:44] <gnarface> CMA = dynamic split between video/cpu memory
[0:44] <usr13> (I have some time to tinker, so...)
[0:44] <gnarface> oh, well its all set in /boot/config.txt along with a bunch of other settings
[0:44] <usr13> Oh yea, and we're only working with 512M
[0:44] <gnarface> documentation here: http://elinux.org/RPi_config.txt
[0:44] <usr13> Right?
[0:45] <gnarface> yes, the 512 has to be shared between video and cpu, but how much each gets is set statically at boot time unless you use CMA
[0:45] <usr13> I see.
[0:45] <gnarface> with cma you can set low/high thresholds, so it will hand some off if one has spare and the other is short
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[0:46] <gnarface> the primary usefulness of the feature being if you have a pi you want to run usually in headless mode, but occasionally say want to use as a lightweight high def video streamer for your livingroom projector say
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[0:46] <gnarface> you'd probably want to allocate 128MB to the video card minimum
[0:46] <gnarface> but that would be wasted while not playing video
[0:46] <usr13> I *am* trying to keep it simple... so a wireless bridge is simplier in respect to the sysadmin, (although it is more complex in respect to hardware, so...)
[0:47] <gnarface> well, CMA is one more thing to debug
[0:47] <gnarface> maybe you should avoid it until you have everything else working
[0:47] <usr13> Not playing video, only slideshow. The goal is this; To have a video marquee that is dynamic, (that can be changed/updated over [wifi] network).
[0:50] <usr13> Pretty much the only thing I need is geeqie -f -s ~/Pictures running.
[0:50] <usr13> It's running now and doing a fine job really.
[0:51] <usr13> My other issues are really probably more pressing. I'm having issues with nfs, but thinking maybe I would just use rsync instead.
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[0:51] <usr13> But havent' really figured out either fully yet.
[0:52] <usr13> Can I share my notes and see if you [anyone] has some pointers?
[0:55] <usr13> I'll pastebin my notes if anyone is interested... (This is a project I'm doing for my VFW post and plan to do it for others too if I get some issues worked out so that it is easier.) I think it is a good idea.
[0:59] <usr13> I've mounted a 24" monotor on the wall and PI is plugged into the composit port. It plays a fullscreen slideshow of images telling of upcoming events mixed with images of passed ones, of members participation in memorials and celebratory events, etc.
[1:00] <usr13> It's on the wall in the canteen.
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[1:07] <gnarface> usr13: rsync is harder to understand but a cronned rsync job will probably be far less fragile in a flaky network environment than nfs; in general nfs is definitely the fastest of all options but i'd strongly recommend against using wifi for an nfs mount (linux tends to react to forcible disconnection of an nfs mount the same way it would react if you disconnected a non-hotplug-enabled internal physical drive without un
[1:07] <gnarface> mounting it first)
[1:08] <gnarface> usr13: what exactly was the rsync command you were trying to use?
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[1:11] <usr13> See: http://pastebin.ca/2457974
[1:12] <usr13> rsync -avh --delete marquee-bak/* pi@marquee:Pictures/
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[1:13] <gnarface> ok this looks like it would work if if you put in the full path to marquee-bak and removed the * rsync -avh --delete marquee-bak/* pi@marquee:Pictures/
[1:13] <gnarface> actually, maybe safest to put the full path to Pictures in too, but ~/Pictures may be sufficient
[1:14] <gnarface> in rsync, the trailing / is significant, and you've used it correctly here
[1:14] <gnarface> the * is in the way
[1:14] <gnarface> i believe it will actually use it but it will not have the affect you expect
[1:15] <usr13> gnarface: So: rsync -avh --delete /home/vfw/marquee-bak/ pi@marquee:/home/pi/Pictures/
[1:15] <gnarface> yea that looks right
[1:15] <gnarface> you'd need pi to have an unencrypted ssh key in place for auto-login though
[1:16] <gnarface> or your cron will fail because the password prompt chokes it
[1:16] <usr13> Well, actually it works the way I have it - only problem is that I want to delete files that have been deleted from marquee-bak/ and it doesn't seem to do that. (The idea is to add and delete files often so that it is [truly] dynamic.
[1:17] <gnarface> you have it backwards
[1:17] <usr13> gnarface: Yea, i have a usb key that works.
[1:17] <gnarface> the --delete flag deletes files on the TARGET that have been removed from the SOURCE
[1:17] <usr13> That is what I want.
[1:17] <gnarface> oh
[1:18] <gnarface> well then the only problem is that the * will omit files starting with a '.'
[1:18] <usr13> when I delete files on maraquee-bak, I also want to delete them from pi/Pictures as well.
[1:18] <usr13> gnarface: No files will start with '.'
[1:18] <gnarface> should be good then but in that case the * is simply vestigial
[1:18] <gnarface> with rsync the trailing slash is significant
[1:19] <gnarface> if you include the trailing slash you are telling it "everything inside this directory, not the directory itself"
[1:19] <usr13> I wish I was still at the post, I'd get into it now.
[1:19] <gnarface> without the slash, obviously then it will copy the parent directory too
[1:20] <usr13> Oh, well, I just forgot to type it in up there. *(I know).
[1:20] <gnarface> also, for a cron job (unless you're mailing yourself the output or logging it or something) -v and -h are useless
[1:21] <gnarface> another common tripup with this type of automation: the very first time ssh connects to a new host it will prompt you to type "yes" or "no" to accept and cache that host's fingerprint (a protection against man-in-the-middle attacks)
[1:21] <gnarface> so that "yes/no" prompt will also choke the cron job like a password prompt
[1:21] <gnarface> so the very first time you run this after authentication is set up, you'll have to run it manually at least once
[1:22] <gnarface> to cache the host fingerprint for ssh
[1:22] <gnarface> then after that it should work
[1:22] <gnarface> if you were able to test things i was suggesting and give me feedback on the output, there is a very good chance we'd have this solved right now
[1:22] <usr13> Right. Ok...
[1:23] <usr13> Well, I guess I could go back down there.
[1:23] <gnarface> nfs is a whole other ball of wax i totally recommend you look into
[1:23] <usr13> I just came home but... don't really mind going back again.
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[1:23] <gnarface> nfs will also do this job but its not something i'd recommend as a first-time network mount experience in linux
[1:24] <gnarface> i'm in no hurry
[1:24] <gnarface> i'm likely to be here tomorrow as well
[1:24] <usr13> what time?
[1:24] <gnarface> around this time... and this is hardly specialized knowledge
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[1:24] <gnarface> anyone alive in this channel *should* be able to help you
[1:25] <usr13> 1130 zulu ?
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[1:26] <usr13> or 1300 ?
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[1:26] <gnarface> what is that 3pm PST?
[1:27] <gnarface> i'm usually here from around then on into the morning the next day
[1:27] <usr13> gnarface: let me see.
[1:28] <PhotoJim> PDT more likely
[1:28] <usr13> 23:00
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[1:29] <usr13> 1500 PST = 2300 GMT
[1:29] <PhotoJim> yup and 1600 PDT = 2300 UTC
[1:29] <usr13> Right
[1:29] <gnarface> sorry
[1:30] <gnarface> in america they don't even tell you other timezones exist until you are 16
[1:30] <gnarface> whatever time it was 3 hours ago for you is usually when i show up here
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[1:30] <gnarface> and i'm usually within a few feet of the terminal for the next 16 hours
[1:30] <PhotoJim> gnarface: yes, and the "east coast" is 1.5 hours back of the Canadian east coast :)
[1:31] <gnarface> (not always sober enough to be helpful though)
[1:31] <usr13> haha
[1:32] <usr13> At any rate, I'll ask again tomorrow
[1:32] <gnarface> rsync is very useful
[1:32] <gnarface> its a good thing to have under your belt
[1:32] <gnarface> nfs honestly less so
[1:33] <usr13> I'll be there from about 6AM till 10AM (PST)
[1:33] <usr13> and maybe longer.
[1:35] <usr13> but I may show up again later as well, (maybe even within your 3-7PM time frame).
[1:35] <usr13> or what ever it is...
[1:35] <usr13> (May be getting that wrong but...
[1:36] <gnarface> well, there's a non-zero chance i'll be still awake at 6am it really depends
[1:36] <gnarface> i don't hold a tight schedule
[1:36] <usr13> Yea, that's about right, I may be there from about 3-7PM PST time too.
[1:37] <usr13> This is really a fun project. I am looking forward to ironing out the rest of the wrinkles.
[1:38] <usr13> I also want to set up samba for it as well. (I'm guessing Linux clients will be a hard sell for the other Posts in my area and I'm not real sure what all can be done with putty.)
[1:39] <usr13> And I may just plan on hard-wire to the network.
[1:40] <usr13> I'm not opposed to running network cables. (It is often times somewhat less problematic than wifi stuff.)
[1:41] <usr13> ...but everyone thinks that when you do a wifi connection, it is cool / magical so...
[1:41] <usr13> Anyone else have any pointers?
[1:42] <usr13> (Open to criticism.)
[1:42] <gnarface> samba is host-side cpu limited
[1:43] <gnarface> performance will be very disappointing
[1:44] <gnarface> nfs at least will only be bottlenecked by the storage medium
[1:44] <gnarface> if you're doing this all with flash ram, it won't matter though
[1:45] <gnarface> samba is also actually a lot harder to configure than nfs though, so if nfs is an option for your windows clients and performance is even remotely a concern, nfs may be useful after all
[1:45] <gnarface> but its also not secure
[1:46] <gnarface> you'd have to be on a trusted network
[1:47] <usr13> Is nfs useful to MS Windows clients?
[1:48] <usr13> Is there any way at all to use it?
[1:48] <gnarface> oh i thought you were inferring it was an option for windows clients (which would be news to me) but i haven't used windows since 1996... sorry
[1:49] <usr13> I want to do this in the easiest way possible, (for me as well as the user), (well, actually I'll be the primary user at my post).
[1:49] <usr13> I don't know either.
[1:50] <usr13> Linux user 188099
[1:50] <gnarface> well if they're all windows users who already know how to use native file sharing (which is surprisingly rare, so be sure its worth it) than samba may be worth it to set up
[1:50] <gnarface> but the unfortunate truth is that you *can't* make it easier for them without making it harder on yourself
[1:51] <gnarface> samba is a LOT more complicated to configure than rsync or nfs
[1:51] <usr13> Yea, well, I sort of figured that.
[1:51] <gnarface> in fact its a lot more complicated to configure than ANY COMPETING SOLUTION
[1:51] <gnarface> but obviously, only on the host end
[1:51] <gnarface> if you do it right, the other windows users would never be able to tell the difference between your pi and a real windows box
[1:51] <usr13> I know. I've done it. Not very pretty...
[1:52] <gnarface> sshfs is a really simple option if performance is not a concern
[1:52] <usr13> One other option is ftp
[1:52] <gnarface> but i'm not sure about windows sshfs clients
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[1:52] <usr13> I don't know either. But an ftp server should do the trick. Right?
[1:53] <usr13> (on PI proftpd or vsftpd ?)
[1:53] <gnarface> ftp would also do but its honestly so insecure i doubt its worth it
[1:53] <gnarface> i'd recommend just going with putty's pscp.exe instead of ftp
[1:53] <usr13> Don't need a lot of security, (they are images not $$)
[1:54] <usr13> Ok, yea, even if I did, I plan on using scripts. One thing is that if you add new images to the directory, geeqie will stall, so it has to be restarted.
[1:55] <gnarface> hmmm. you know, sshfs is really easy to configure on the linux end if linux is the host and you already are familiar with basic ssh setups
[1:55] <gnarface> and putty actually MAY be able to mount sshfs shares now
[1:55] <usr13> Hince the script to Script to start/stop slideshow: pkill geeqie
[1:55] <usr13> DISPLAY=:0.0 geeqie -f -s /home/pi/Pictures/ 2>&1 &
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[1:55] <usr13> (I'm sure that is pretty sloppy but....)
[1:56] <usr13> .. it works tho ...
[1:56] <kmyst> uh no cobbler package in the repo?
[1:57] <usr13> I have the script on pi and one on the client as well: ssh pi@ /home/pi/bin/slideshow 2>&1 >/dev/null &
[1:58] <usr13> And there is an Icon on the [Ubuntu] desktop for it.
[1:58] <usr13> (I have a Ubuntu Desktop in the canteen that autostarts firefox for canteen patrons to use, but we use it for other stuff too.)
[1:58] <usr13> (I'm gradually converting my post to Linux...)
[1:59] <usr13> (One of our office computers is also a Linux Box.:)
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[2:01] <gnarface> keep fighting the good fight man
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[2:04] <usr13> I plan to. It's been pretty easy to tell the truth. You build it and they will come.
[2:05] <usr13> The canteen's Linux computer has been there for a couple years now. When they said last week that we needed another PC in the office, I naturally answered the call with an affordable Linux PC.
[2:14] <kmyst> wait..canteen as in bar?
[2:22] * gnarface assumed that
[2:23] <kmyst> me too but i was just kind of rolling the genius of the concept around in my head...bar, computer, linux
[2:24] <gnarface> i also wonder why linux isn't more popular with bars and convenience stores
[2:24] <gnarface> i wonder why its not more popular with churches too
[2:24] <kmyst> far less likely to have come tipsy person crash the system browsing compared to IE...so yeah, genius
[2:25] <kmyst> yeah i've wondered that too...i suppose its comfortable sticking with the devil that you know and all that
[2:25] <gnarface> its incongruous to me that the industries for which Linux is the most natural fit seem to also be the ones least aware of its very existence
[2:26] <kmyst> agreed
[2:26] <gnarface> i expect its conspiracy-related but i'll refrain from making myself sound more crazy unecessarily
[2:26] <kmyst> then again you could be like my local school board and take the concept and mess up :)
[2:27] <gnarface> ugh
[2:27] <gnarface> i didn't mention schools probably because i blocked out the topic of linux in schools due to post-traumatic stress disorder
[2:27] <gnarface> i was in highschool when windows 95 was released
[2:28] <kmyst> same here
[2:28] <gnarface> my blood still boils with rage when i think about how much the librarian said the school district paid that jackass windows admin for one networked computer terminal and a 6-drive CDROM server nobody even ever learned to use
[2:28] <kmyst> actually here they (insofar as i'm aware) use windows in the schools...its the backend stuff that's linux
[2:29] <kmyst> heh i believe it
[2:30] <kmyst> here the admin and techs are "special"
[2:30] <kmyst> get away with bloody murder
[2:32] <kmyst> at least they try i suppose, and that should count for something
[2:32] <gnarface> having any linux presence is admirable
[2:32] <gnarface> but only when grading on a curve
[2:33] <gnarface> if they wanted to really improve the world they'd be *teaching* linux to gradeschoolers
[2:33] <kmyst> yeah you say that now...you didn't witness the horror i did, the utter abomination of their backend
[2:33] <gnarface> heh, indeed
[2:33] <gnarface> well i've seen it done wrong too i suppose
[2:34] <kmyst> lets just say i interviewed for a position and i wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole
[2:34] <gnarface> the problem with linux is that its SO flexible you can as easily use it to make a case against itself as fo rit
[2:34] <gnarface> *for it
[2:34] <kmyst> true true
[2:34] <kmyst> their concept of needing a new server equates to recomissioning a dell desktop
[2:35] <gnarface> if you try to do that shit with windows microsoft will just sue you into oblivion, or buy you off (depending on your potential value)
[2:35] <kmyst> whislt not bad in and of itself....the central office has one room with 350-400 all clustered together
[2:35] <kmyst> badly i might add
[2:35] <gnarface> 400??
[2:35] <kmyst> ay
[2:35] <kmyst> aye
[2:35] <gnarface> how big is that school district?
[2:36] <kmyst> erm at least when i went to school 17 districts
[2:36] <gnarface> eh, well it could have been fine
[2:36] <gnarface> i'm pretty sure they ran myspace on only 1500 for a long time though
[2:36] <gnarface> 400 seems a bit overbuilt...
[2:36] <kmyst> nono i *wish* i had a picture of this
[2:37] <kmyst> we're talking cables slung everywhere, running on the floor, towers stacked three high under benches and on top of benches
[2:37] <kmyst> we're talking like thedailywtf.com front page story worthy
[2:39] <kmyst> its like...two drunken misfits tried to get all enterprisey or something ;)
[2:39] <gnarface> haha
[2:40] <gnarface> sounds like fun i'm jealous
[2:40] <kmyst> i mean...hello?! chassis and blades? consolidate to 1 rack and be done with it
[2:41] <kmyst> oh it'd be fun to clean up but not succumb and work with the problem
[2:43] <kmyst> but yes they should be *teaching* it
[2:46] <gnarface> well, unfortunately for the time being until some laws get passed mostly the only people choosing the curriculum for the gradeschoolers will be the highest bidders
[2:47] <gnarface> and so far it looks like the only ones even TRYING to outbid microsoft right now is Apple
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[2:47] <kmyst> i agree
[2:47] <gnarface> and until that happened, i didn't actually think there would be anyone less suited for the task than microsoft
[2:47] <gnarface> but now california has a one tablet per child law
[2:48] <gnarface> and i'm just glad i don't have children
[2:48] <kmyst> didn't know that
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[2:49] <gnarface> it might not be a law yet
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[2:49] <gnarface> but apple is pushing HARD to upset the dominance of windows in public schools with tablets
[2:49] <kmyst> it's just kind of humorous to hear that they finally weaned themselves from xp, gave the finger to microsoft over office and went with ooo...but still..they can't kick the habit
[2:50] <kmyst> good, they should
[2:50] <kmyst> if i had to tolerate using a surface tablet i'd blow my brains out
[2:50] <gnarface> yea the bewildering thing to me is just discovering that teachers happen to be the most spinless sacks of shit when it comes to curriculum, and also the least qualified or willing to dictate it... i would NEVER have expected to find that out, while i was actually a student
[2:51] <kmyst> clearly you didn't have my teachers
[2:51] <gnarface> my teachers made themselves seem like the gods of the world
[2:51] <kmyst> yeah i had a few of those
[2:52] <gnarface> some of them actually verbally claimed to be the only people we'd ever meet who would have more authority over us than their parents, and who knew us better
[2:52] <kmyst> one in particular i hated with a passion, still having nothing good to say about her, however, god did i ever learn in her class
[2:52] <gnarface> than *our* parents i meant to type, but you follow me
[2:52] <kmyst> aye
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[4:40] <crumb> i'm not getting anymore difference in performance beyond this.. -O3 -pipe -marm -march=armv6zk -mcpu=arm1176jzf-s -mtune=arm1176jzf-s -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=hard -mthumb-interwork
[4:40] <crumb> using arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc
[4:40] * kroq-gar78 (~kroq-gar7@pool-71-170-199-93.dllstx.fios.verizon.net) Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[4:40] <crumb> can anyone recommend anything else i can try?
[4:53] * os2mac2 (~jim.macdo@131-239-58-66.gci.net) has joined #raspbian
[4:56] <hifi> a better CPU
[4:59] * tinti_ (~tinti@pdpc/supporter/student/tinti) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[5:00] <crumb> har har
[5:02] * cads (~m@adsl-74-160-80-249.asm.bellsouth.net) has joined #raspbian
[5:14] <ParkerR> crumb, but seriously. You can only get so much out of it.
[5:15] <crumb> there's still assembly level optimizations that can be done
[5:27] <hifi> ...
[5:27] * johnsmc (~johnsmc@ has joined #raspbian
[5:29] <hifi> unless you're writing a driver for the pi hardware you are wasting time and money, you can get a lot more powerful boards of the same form factor for under $99
[5:29] <crumb> it's for a audio codec
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[9:58] <surfn_> hey
[9:59] <surfn_> I'm having a problem with wpa_gui
[9:59] <surfn_> I remove a network, but it still exists everytime I reboot. Where is the configuration file saved?
[10:09] * Killer0585 (~Killer058@nc-76-6-226-20.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) has joined #raspbian
[10:34] * ErgoProxy (~ErgoProxy@215.Red-79-158-247.staticIP.rima-tde.net) has joined #raspbian
[10:35] <ParkerR> surfn_, /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
[10:37] * Jabone (jpylvana@jumi.lut.fi) has joined #raspbian
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[11:40] <jax> hi
[11:42] * mythos (~mythos@unaffiliated/mythos) has joined #raspbian
[11:43] <Jabone> Hello, has anyone managed to get multichannel ac3 out of usb soundcard / dac?
[11:45] * Kymru (~Kymru@97e1e12d.skybroadband.com) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in)
[11:45] <jax> is there an official guide on setting up wifi?
[11:45] * Kymru (~Kymru@97e1e12d.skybroadband.com) has joined #raspbian
[11:46] <jax> getting https://dpaste.de/X9X14/
[11:53] * martman (~martman@cpe-74-67-222-162.twcny.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[11:54] <martman> when i do sudo mount nfs -v
[11:54] <martman> it fails with: mount.nfs: portmap query failed: RPC: Remote system error - No route to host
[11:54] <martman> but yet when i do a sudo -i first, then the mount command, it works fine
[11:55] <martman> my exports file: /home/mcdermmn/Downloads *(insecure,no_subtree_check,ro,no_root_squash)
[11:55] <martman> does anyone know how to fix this? not sure what im dealing with here
[11:55] <martman> it doesnt make any sense to me
[11:56] * ReggieUK (ReggieUK@ has joined #raspbian
[12:00] <jax> got it working.
[12:00] <jax> this guide should be voted http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=26795
[12:00] <jax> too many wrong guides around
[12:05] <jax> is 2A enough to power a wireless usb stick with long range antenna?
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[15:44] <vfw> I'm having trouble getting nfs to work.
[15:44] <PhotoJim> client or server?
[15:44] <vfw> server
[15:44] <vfw> On pi
[15:45] <PhotoJim> I've not set up a server on Pi but it should work well.
[15:45] <PhotoJim> ... /etc/exports is the key file if you have the packages you need installed (nfs-kernel-server is what I use when I use it)
[15:45] <PhotoJim> I guess the Pi might not have the kernel code to support it; not sure. there is a usermode server too but I prefer the kernel one.
[15:46] <vfw> http://paste.debian.net/46069/
[15:47] <PhotoJim> and /home/pi/Pictures (capitalized thus) exists?
[15:47] <PhotoJim> exports looks ok
[15:47] <SirLagz> vfw: did you run exportfs -ra after modifying /etc/exports ?
[15:47] <PhotoJim> I use instead of ... not sure if that's required or not
[15:48] <PhotoJim> SirLagz: I always just service nfs-kernel-server restart ... I didn't know about exportfs :)
[15:49] <SirLagz> PhotoJim: i always use CIDR notation...easier haha
[15:49] <PhotoJim> oh it's easier, but I just wonder if exports doesn't support it. that'd be odd I suppose.
[15:49] <PhotoJim> if you're desperate, it's worth a try :)
[15:50] <SirLagz> hehe
[15:56] * johnsmc (~johnsmc@ has joined #raspbian
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[17:08] * Welington|2 (~Welington@mvx-200-196-57-166.mundivox.com) has joined #raspbian
[17:12] <Kymru> dumb question, i want to mount a partition on my USB HDD to Rasbian (/dev/sda3 1526175 1953520064 975996945 83 Linux), what do i change in this - /dev/sda3 /mnt/disk1 ntfs-3g defaults 0 0 when i add this line to fstab, its what i am suppose to put instead of ntfs-3g that is confusing me
[17:17] <PhotoJim> mount /dev/sda3
[17:18] <PhotoJim> it'll mount if present at boot and your mounting info is correct; otherwise you have to mount it manually
[17:20] <Kymru> ok, what if i wanted it to auto mount when raspbian started so i can view it over samba
[17:20] * pbn (pbn@k-lined.info) Quit (Quit: Changing server)
[17:21] * pbn (pbn@wopr.geekshells.org) has joined #raspbian
[17:22] <SirLagz> Kymru: if you want to put the line into fstab, replace ntfs-3g with ext3 or ext4 depending on which FS it's formated as
[17:24] <Kymru> ok, thank you, ill check now to see what it is formatted to
[17:25] * Welington|2 (~Welington@mvx-200-196-57-166.mundivox.com) Quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium http://www.kvirc.net/)
[17:28] <Kymru> thanks PhotoJim and SirLagz, its ext3
[17:35] * rotorgeek (~quassel@71-218-203-2.hlrn.qwest.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[19:15] <Tachyon`> should an untouched gertboard init with all LEDs on?
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[20:38] <fredtja> im in a directory, I type "ls" and I see a readme file. How do I actually read it?
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[20:41] <gnarface> fredtja: unless its actually named something like README.gz it is just a plain text file and you can read it with any text editor, or you could just dump it to the console with less or cat
[20:43] <gnarface> fredtja: if it IS actually named README.gz though its compressed; use zcat or zless instead
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