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IRC Log for 2014-07-14

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[22:35] * Topic is 'Raspbian -- Debian hard float for the Raspberry Pi: http://www.raspbian.org/ Logs at: http://plugwash.raspbian.org/logs/ looking for mirrors in asia, africa and south america'
[22:35] * Set by plugwash!~plugwash@2001:5c0:1400:a::1a3 on Mon Dec 10 22:15:29 UTC 2012
[22:35] * gnarface has been taza's only friend in this regard and he thinks i'm his lead enemy. the only reason this might be excusable is actual neurological/mental health issues he's mentioned in this channel, but responding to my every statement even, benign, in hostility, after claiming to already have me on ignore, i think represents actual non-physical hostile intent
[22:36] <gnarface> taza: screw your head on straight. only you can do this.
[22:36] <gnarface> taza: i'm NOT your enemy.
[22:36] * paultag sets mode +q *!*@108-227-52-42.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net
[22:36] <paultag> timeout for 10 minutes :\
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[22:39] <taza> plugwash: Just a FYI who I am: I helped test the minimal install images like a year back but then real life took over.
[22:39] <paultag> stop
[22:39] <paultag> fuck
[22:39] <taza> Uh?
[22:39] <paultag> Oh, that was to plugwash
[22:39] <paultag> Sorry.
[22:40] <paultag> BBL
[22:41] <plugwash> honestly I don't remember seeing your name ever before, I don't know where gnarface got the idea you were behind the hacked up port of the debian installer but afaict it was someone called jerry.tk who was behind that
[22:42] <taza> Yeah, I was just a tester. Idk where he got the idea either.
[22:43] * plugwash sets mode -q #raspbian!*@*
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