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[0:33] <McPeppr> headless with the following command: sudo raspi-config
[0:34] <perlmonkey> thanks McPeppr, I decided in the end i can't do headless if I want to use vnc (illogical eh) since no desktop = no vnc
[0:34] <perlmonkey> i wanted to run vnc desktop on raspi remotely see
[0:35] <perlmonkey> plus if anything goes wrong, its just easier to plug into a monitor quick with a desktop installed
[0:35] <perlmonkey> than deal with a shell
[0:35] <perlmonkey> i'm using lightdm now
[0:36] <perlmonkey> it seems to be the norm in NOOB, lxdm has been replaced
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[0:36] <perlmonkey> vnc WAS working fine, but now its gone blank screen :-/
[0:37] <lookshe> there is no problem running vnc without dekstop
[0:37] <lookshe> simple start a vncserver
[0:37] <perlmonkey> but you only get a shell right, no desktop/gui?
[0:37] <McPeppr> i am using vncserver instead of startx, you just start the server at startup
[0:37] <perlmonkey> unless its running locally on raspi
[0:37] <perlmonkey> oh!?
[0:38] <perlmonkey> so you can even start x remotely
[0:38] <perlmonkey> when i tried do that, all i got was a grey low res screen and a big X, someone said dont start X manually let it boot into it
[0:39] <perlmonkey> :-?
[0:40] <McPeppr> vncserver :0 geometry 1360x768 -depth 24 -dpi 72 -httpport 5901 -alwaysshared
[0:40] * perlmonkey wants to say something/advice on the forum or somewhere about raspberry....
[0:40] <perlmonkey> McPeppr thanks
[0:40] <lookshe> perlmonkey: xstartup
[0:40] <lookshe> google it
[0:41] <perlmonkey> I bought one, and i bought a cheap raspberry 8GB SD card with Raspbian on off eBay
[0:41] <McPeppr> I suggest to download the REALVNC client if you use windows. when they ask for your email, just type in something madeup
[0:44] <perlmonkey> that card, turned out to be a piece of **** and the insides had fallen in somehow, probably from me forcing it into the slot, or just a bad quality card.. anyways.. for months i messed with the raspi using a DVI->HDMI adaptor and buying all leads, thinking it was a screen output prob, as the sys was starting and there was enough power etc, proper SD OS etc... i had no way to verify it as I have no HDMI tv.. eventually, i put the SD card
[0:44] <perlmonkey> 2 years, i couldn't use the raspi
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[0:45] <lookshe> perlmonkey: at some lines to your xstartup and your vnc will work ;)
[0:45] <perlmonkey> now I'm using it, and loving it.. I made a new card last night with a microSD 8GB in an adaptor, and I powered the raspberry PI off a PayPal Here emergency power pack 5v/2400mAh USB->microUSB, it gave me 3 hours =)
[0:47] <perlmonkey> lesson conclusion: if your raspi has no video output, first thing to check is SD card.. its probably not booting, run the SD app, format and re-flash, or get a new card
[0:47] <McPeppr> I started with my 1st raspi at the beginning of 2014 and learned so much about Linux, SSH, Python, sqlite and so on. I really love this little computer.
[0:47] <perlmonkey> and DONT buy cheapo cards off eBay
[0:47] <perlmonkey> its amazing eh, runs so fast for so little power really
[0:49] <perlmonkey> I have one other little Linux system a Nokia N810 which is beautiful, touch screen, GPS, keyboard, pocket size/pre-tablet era.. it cost same as the raspi almost, but the raspi has the fun side of learning and the electronics stuff you can do is very appealling, i want that camera module next, i got a housing already
[0:50] <perlmonkey> i wanna try to use the raspi as a controller on my e-bike
[0:51] <perlmonkey> with bluetooth to Android app, as I have an Android watch, and need a way of controlling indicator lights, getting speed info, distance, journey time, battery power etc, onto the Android app
[0:51] <McPeppr> amazing, what projects people have in mind. you should go for it.
[0:51] <perlmonkey> :-)
[0:52] <perlmonkey> i had an idea too...
[0:54] <perlmonkey> we have a crime in my building to solve and the local gov and cops been scratching their heads, on how to catch the repeat vandal, who is costing us all a lot of money and the local gov wont install a big expensive cctv camera.. so i saw this german dude who has made a cctv using a raspi, he used a dummy housing, the camera module, wifi, and a suggested using a backup battery pack like used to charge the fones up, and a proximity sensor
[0:54] <perlmonkey> a very low-cost way to catch the criminal who vandals the lock on our door
[0:55] <McPeppr> btw, I am currently having this chat on my raspi with irssi client
[0:55] <perlmonkey> it could even email alerts or sound an alarm eh
[0:55] <perlmonkey> :D
[0:56] <perlmonkey> the cops were very interested when i told them the low cost and that it could be networked online with a webserver on it to stream or let them view static pics
[0:57] <perlmonkey> we had the idea of a whole network of these across town, like a 21st century neighbourhood watch, in high crime areas
[0:57] <perlmonkey> google map with postcode, camera comes up
[0:58] <McPeppr> there was a nice similar project with the cam during the hongkong students manifestation. They did it with the raspi
[0:58] <perlmonkey> :)
[0:58] <perlmonkey> HK are protesting?
[0:59] <perlmonkey> or to by-pass the great wall of China/censorship of sharing info etc?
[0:59] <McPeppr> yes. it was because the china mainland government initiated elections with "cherry picked" candidates
[0:59] <perlmonkey> ahhh
[1:01] * perlmonkey has put a BT dongle in the raspi and its working with a cheap full size keyboard that has its own power off 2xAAA batteries, worked instantly
[1:02] <perlmonkey> now there is some prob with VNC :-/
[1:02] <perlmonkey> i can ssh in but not VNC
[1:02] <perlmonkey> oh the server was not running
[1:02] <perlmonkey> heh
[1:03] <perlmonkey> yessss!!! raspi desktop appeared remotely over vnc on my screen
[1:03] <perlmonkey> the raspi is in my attic
[1:03] <McPeppr> and you have to pay attention to the port number, eg ... -httpport 5901
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[1:04] <perlmonkey> when I connect from Ubuntu I just do this.... thats it
[1:04] <perlmonkey> probably not too secure using that subnet for VNC but dont matter
[1:05] <perlmonkey> I use Remote Desktop Viewer on Ubuntu, and on raspi..
[1:05] <perlmonkey> vncserver :1 -geometry 1024x768 -depth 24 -dpi 96
[1:05] <McPeppr> interesting. I dont have experience doing it this way
[1:06] <perlmonkey> it seems to work very fast, almost the same speed as being physically connected on HDMI
[1:06] <perlmonkey> but only at 1024x768, if i do full HDMI res, it slows right down, even in a small window
[1:06] <perlmonkey> and at 1024x768 the res looks just as good as HDMI
[1:06] <Lambda_Aurigae> vnc rocks..I've used it for 15 years for remote desktop access.
[1:07] <perlmonkey> :D
[1:07] <perlmonkey> my first time! im amazed
[1:07] <Lambda_Aurigae> was made by some guys at AT&T...
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[1:07] <perlmonkey> this vnc is logging tho on raspi which is sub-optimal I expect and unnecessary eh, I bet there's a way to make it log to null
[1:08] <perlmonkey> writing to SD is best kept to minimum eh
[1:08] <McPeppr> you can also use VNC from your mobile. with an android I also use the REALVNC client
[1:08] <perlmonkey> wow I must try that, from my Android tablet and then the N810 Nokia which has a unique Linux distro
[1:09] <perlmonkey> do you guys have experience of USB sticks and is that preferred over SSD or SATA laptop HDD's for proper data storage?
[1:10] <perlmonkey> it seems to defeat the object kinda using SSD or SATA if you need 12v? but maybe it could come from improvised adaptor rather than proper PSU from PC?
[1:11] <McPeppr> I guess, it depends on what data you want to store. you can also remotely store on FTP. I also recommend to consider a RAMDRIVE for some special purpose.
[1:11] <perlmonkey> or maybe a network fs approach is better, the raspi could mount a hard disk via NFS?
[1:11] <Lambda_Aurigae> it can.
[1:11] <Lambda_Aurigae> that's not an rPI thing but a linux thing.
[1:11] <perlmonkey> that would seem more logical
[1:12] <Lambda_Aurigae> with the right device you could put an external usb powered harddrive on an rPI.
[1:12] <perlmonkey> especially with wifi, i had great results in past with NFS over wifi, I networked many PC's around the house to a single server HDD, so all my desktop and /home was shared and in sync, what changed on one, changed on all others
[1:12] <perlmonkey> and streaming videos was possible over wifi on NFS hdd
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[1:14] <perlmonkey> raspi makes a lot of biz ideas and products possible eh
[1:14] <Lambda_Aurigae> yeah.
[1:14] <perlmonkey> besides the obvious media station or player, you can do industrial applications, security, communications, endless
[1:14] <Lambda_Aurigae> for me it's just a toy mostly.
[1:15] <perlmonkey> someone suggested making a digital camera heh
[1:15] <McPeppr> @Lambda: how would you mount a network fs? I have got a synology diskstation NAS and would like to reach the storage from the raspi
[1:15] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, been done.
[1:15] <perlmonkey> and i saw someone who made their own tablet from one with a wooden case and touch screen, big, it looked very swanky
[1:16] <Lambda_Aurigae> McPeppr, depends on how it is shared....as a NAS, it is probably SMB or samba...you will need samba client on the rPI.
[1:16] <perlmonkey> if Raspbian is anything like Ubuntu which is similar to Debian, based on it, NFS mounting is trivially easy
[1:16] <lost_soul> or just mount it using mount -t cifs
[1:17] <Lambda_Aurigae> dat should work too.
[1:17] <perlmonkey> you just install the NFS client on raspi and NFS server on HDD source.. then do mount -nfs ip/path mount point in the usual mount file
[1:17] <McPeppr> thanks, lost_soul. I will try it this way.
[1:17] <Lambda_Aurigae> if you have a GUI running you can just browse to it.
[1:17] <perlmonkey> so it mounts auto at boot
[1:18] <perlmonkey> you can even fine tune NFS so it handles writing or reading a specific way
[1:18] <perlmonkey> which is handy for raspi
[1:18] <perlmonkey> like optimised for big media files or lots of smaller files and faster write time
[1:18] <lost_soul> McPeppr: the only thing I'm not entirely sure about would having the mounts be automounted via fstab.. I'm not sure how you could edit that and have the changes stick on the pi.. But mounting samba or even nfs shares is quite simple in and of itself. Then you can browse to the shares with any file manager or the shell
[1:18] <McPeppr> thanks - i will look the NFS up
[1:19] <perlmonkey> I haven't done NFS in fstab for a while, but the line was very simple.. like nfs ip/path mount options
[1:20] <perlmonkey> the client loads at boot time and does the mount
[1:21] <perlmonkey> whether it would be affective performance wise in raspi is another matter eh, and if the nfs client package exists?
[1:21] <McPeppr> I am currently mounting a RAMDRIVE: sudo -t tmpfs -o size=32m tmpfs $DIRECTORY
[1:21] <perlmonkey> in theory it should be
[1:21] <perlmonkey> cool
[1:21] <McPeppr> it is initiated at reboot by the crontab -e
[1:22] <McPeppr> so, I guess, the mount -t cifs should work similar :)
[1:22] <lost_soul> you'll be able to mount these shares the same then
[1:23] <perlmonkey> i would use the raspi as a media box to record TV if I had a license
[1:23] <perlmonkey> I like that OS which makes it into a media box
[1:23] <lost_soul> openelec?
[1:23] <perlmonkey> yeah
[1:23] <McPeppr> openELEC it is great. But I doubt that you can actually record
[1:23] <lost_soul> yea.. it's very nice, I use it on two B+
[1:24] <perlmonkey> I built several media PC's using MythTV using SFF
[1:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> what hardware would you use for recording?
[1:24] <lost_soul> my B just sits there collecting dust atm
[1:24] <perlmonkey> but having something so small is great
[1:24] <perlmonkey> good question, I'd probably use an SSD drive I guess, if USB sticks on a hub was not up to the job
[1:24] <lost_soul> Lambda_Aurigae: I don't record with it. I use it merely to stream content off my NAS and other network connected devices.
[1:25] <perlmonkey> and a digital settop box for the tuner
[1:25] <lost_soul> I wouldn't think the raspi would have enough power to do the encoding, quite honestly
[1:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> yeah.
[1:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> that's what I was thinking.
[1:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> I have some PCI cards that do hardware encoding of broadcast TV.
[1:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> but no pci slot on the rPI
[1:25] <lost_soul> right
[1:26] <perlmonkey> how does that openELEC do it, im sure it mentioned actually recording off a set top box
[1:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> I do have a composite to USB adapter that I want to dig out and try to use for video capture.
[1:26] <perlmonkey> you can get those USB capture devices now eh, ive seen those very cheap
[1:27] <Lambda_Aurigae> this one is at least 14 years old.
[1:27] <perlmonkey> they can encode video streams
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[1:27] <Lambda_Aurigae> sets up as a v4l device.
[1:27] <perlmonkey> the problem is...
[1:28] <Lambda_Aurigae> at least, on plain debian it does..
[1:28] <perlmonkey> these setbox boxes block recording (on Windows machines at least and a lot of Windows-orientated USB capture device hardware etc) but Linux/MythTV had no such probs, it could record all the encrypted stuf
[1:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> yeah..I have a myth box downstairs with 3 capture cards in it...kinda useless now as they don't record DTV.
[1:29] <perlmonkey> I loved my MythTV box, that was long before the era of digital hdd set top boxes, pausing live TV was radical
[1:29] <perlmonkey> my friends were astonished and those PC's were selling on eBay for 100's, now you can buy the boxes for 30 quid
[1:29] <perlmonkey> heh
[1:30] <perlmonkey> ah
[1:30] <perlmonkey> I have to get rid of my analogue TV and a lot of analogue cards too
[1:30] <Lambda_Aurigae> never did understand you brits using squid for money...sheesh.
[1:30] <perlmonkey> quid->squid heh
[1:30] <Lambda_Aurigae> we have no analog stations broadcasting here anymore.
[1:31] <perlmonkey> nor here, it went off a couple of years ago I think
[1:31] <Lambda_Aurigae> I guess squid is just about as bad as us using male deer for money.
[1:31] <perlmonkey> but I haven't had a license since 6 years, and the gov sends me threats every month
[1:32] <tpw_rules> there's not real answer to this, but what's the current of a raspi model b, wifi, and bt?
[1:32] <perlmonkey> no squid was just a slang word for quid, i dunno why people add s.. we never actually used squid... did we??
[1:32] <Lambda_Aurigae> have to have a license for a TV?
[1:32] <Lambda_Aurigae> tpw_rules, rPI model B+...
[1:32] <Lambda_Aurigae> wifi and bt are dependent on the usb device you plug in.
[1:32] <tpw_rules> is there a b and a b+ or is there only one or what?
[1:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> B is old style...B+ is newer one.
[1:33] <perlmonkey> yeah, and its worse than that... if you dont have a license, the gov says you're a criminal, and under investigation, because nobody can not watch TV, can they?! its unthinkable
[1:33] <perlmonkey> heh
[1:33] <tpw_rules> it's only a model b
[1:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> better power consumption, some nifty features on the USB to prevent backfeed of power.
[1:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> there is also A and A+
[1:33] <tpw_rules> bah. then i have to buy things
[1:33] <perlmonkey> every month you get a brown letter with a threat-o-gram inside from the gov's henchmen, TV Licensing
[1:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> B+ and A+ have a 40pin gpio port too.
[1:34] <perlmonkey> they come to your house 2x a year also
[1:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> extra stuff.
[1:34] <tpw_rules> i need more usb though
[1:34] <McPeppr> I am measuring the current at the USB input. It arround 800mA
[1:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> 4 usb ports and ethernet on the B+
[1:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> don't remember on the B
[1:34] <tpw_rules> hmm. that might prove troublesome. i won't be using ethernet or hdmi. this is embedded
[1:34] <tpw_rules> 2+ethernet
[1:34] * perlmonkey has a ton of micro PSU's, ranging from 450mA to 2amps
[1:34] <McPeppr> B+ needs 700mA
[1:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> B+ also can provide up to 1.2A to the USB ports..
[1:34] <tpw_rules> i have an amp
[1:35] <perlmonkey> and also the free PayPal Here (tm) backup PSU which puts out 5v 2400mAh
[1:35] <tpw_rules> due to embedded designs and laziness
[1:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> by default it limits to 600mA but there is a switch to up it to 1.2A.
[1:35] <tpw_rules> oh well we will see
[1:35] <perlmonkey> enough to power the raspi continuously downloading and writing for a good 2-3 hours
[1:35] <tpw_rules> if only i can find microusb cables. screw microusb
[1:36] <Lambda_Aurigae> I just cut the cables off of dead phone chargers.
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[1:36] <tpw_rules> i don't have any of those either
[1:36] <perlmonkey> I have some cheap USB->microUSB adaptors a whole bunch i got cheap off eBay those are handy
[1:36] <tpw_rules> but seriously the microusb connector is shit
[1:36] <perlmonkey> yeah
[1:36] <Lambda_Aurigae> of course.
[1:36] <McPeppr> B+ needs 700mA
[1:36] <zGrr> moin :)
[1:37] <Lambda_Aurigae> that's why it was made the defacto standard for chargers in europe!
[1:37] <perlmonkey> its not good really, its too fragile eh, those connectors get loose in tablets especially
[1:37] <perlmonkey> i dont see the point on it, except on slim phones
[1:37] <perlmonkey> *in
[1:37] <McPeppr> i agree with the fragile µusb
[1:37] <tpw_rules> it's also the only usb2 cable compatible with usb3
[1:38] <perlmonkey> i fact..
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[1:38] <perlmonkey> using a microUSB->USB adaptor on raspi or tablet is prolly not smart idea, since it adds stress im sure to the port eh, its better to use a cable
[1:38] <perlmonkey> that big adaptor is gonna bend the tiny connector
[1:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> I prefer a proper barrel connector myself.
[1:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> or screw terminals!
[1:39] <perlmonkey> yeah why not use that, would make more sense, but you can see why they went for USB with so many devices having those PSUs
[1:40] <perlmonkey> in hindsight it might not be good tho if these connector sockets dont hold up
[1:40] <perlmonkey> my tablet is going already
[1:40] <tpw_rules> ehh scre terminals
[1:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> my acer a-200 tablet has a barrel connector for power and it's been good for 3 years now.
[1:41] <perlmonkey> they could have put both on the raspi surely, that barrel socket is hardly a cost consideration
[1:41] <perlmonkey> and it gives the flexibility then
[1:42] <tpw_rules> or just farking miniusb
[1:42] <tpw_rules> i have thousands of them!
[1:42] <perlmonkey> i have some tiny barrel PSU's used for fones and stuff
[1:42] <Lambda_Aurigae> at least they could have hooked up usb device connection to that micro-usb port so you could connect it to a PC through that port.
[1:42] <perlmonkey> yeah mini is loooads better
[1:42] <perlmonkey> micro is just crazy
[1:42] <tpw_rules> or at least right-angle micro plugs so you can tape them down
[1:43] <tpw_rules> i have 1 working microusb cable, one with a shit connector, and i need three
[1:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> currently my power supply cable is tied down to the case so it doesn't move and stress the plug.
[1:43] <perlmonkey> good idea
[1:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> tpw_rules, just got 4 new ones for 3 dollars each...
[1:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> they are decent ones too from the look of them.
[1:44] <tpw_rules> well then i have to get them
[1:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> local K-Mart was going out of business.
[1:44] <perlmonkey> i dont really touch mine now its setup as i access it remotely, but my tablet i do a lot and that is getting lose
[1:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> I bought 4 bluetooth headsets and they came with charging cables.
[1:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> 80% off the clearance price.
[1:44] <perlmonkey> I have the ultimate Moto headset from USA, imported, its borg tech i swear, never seen anything so cool
[1:45] <perlmonkey> check this..
[1:45] * Yohio (~kupuntu@87-92-249-26.bb.dnainternet.fi) has joined #raspbian
[1:45] <tpw_rules> i'm listening
[1:46] <perlmonkey> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Motorola-ELITE-Sliver-2-II-Wireless-Bluetooth-Headset-Chargeable-Case-Black-/121508757125?pt=Bluetooth_Wireless_Products&hash=item1c4a7c7e85
[1:46] <Lambda_Aurigae> also got a bunch of 3V lithium batteries for 1 dollar each.
[1:47] <perlmonkey> you can hardly see the thing when its on, no boom mic, no ugly thing infront of ear
[1:47] <Lambda_Aurigae> will make great microcontroller power supplies.
[1:47] <Yohio> I'm planning on buying a screen for my rpi
[1:47] <Yohio> http://www.ebay.com/itm/2004-204-20x4-Character-LCD-Display-Module-HD44780-Controller-WST-Blue-Backlight-/131282437497?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&hash=item1e910b0579
[1:48] <Yohio> most likely a fun project to do at least
[1:48] <perlmonkey> and it streams in HD/high definition sound, from ANY app, it does voice prompts in a sexy real American female voice, voice recognition, noise cancelling even in concerts and buses etc, amazing device, 150 hrs standby, 30 feet range
[1:48] <perlmonkey> nothing comes close to it, mystery why moto withdrew it from market in months of launch
[1:48] <perlmonkey> and refuses to say why
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[1:49] <tpw_rules> they forgot to embed the nsa listening device?
[1:49] <perlmonkey> it even can pair to many devices and switch between them, when i walk up the stairway outside my flat, its borg-like.. says, 'device one connected, device two in range, connected, device three, connected
[1:49] <perlmonkey> lol
[1:50] <perlmonkey> hehe
[1:50] <perlmonkey> probably, they banned it being exported outside USA so there's something going on (even when it was on sale in USA)
[1:50] <perlmonkey> they seemed the tech too advanced to export
[1:51] <tpw_rules> and/or an intern accidentally released the one that's supposed to be 10 years away
[1:51] <perlmonkey> moto confirmed that i spoke to them in USA
[1:51] <perlmonkey> oddly...
[1:52] <perlmonkey> when they withdrew this from market without any announcement or reasoning, instead of continuing the same radical design and a newer model, they went back to the old boom style, ugly big clunky designs
[1:52] <tpw_rules> ugh. is a microusb worth $20 at the radioshack around the corner
[1:52] <perlmonkey> makes no sense to me
[1:52] <tpw_rules> see
[1:52] <tpw_rules> that was the one they were going to release after four or so generations of planned obsolescence
[1:52] <perlmonkey> lol
[1:52] <perlmonkey> yes
[1:53] <perlmonkey> they screwed up in marketing eh, they will bring out the ELite Slither again in 2017 after 200 million sales of booms, and say, oh we fixed a bug
[1:54] <perlmonkey> but really it was a premature launch that blew all their other sales away
[1:54] <perlmonkey> i bet you'
[1:54] <perlmonkey> you'
[1:54] <perlmonkey> you're right
[1:54] <tpw_rules> i want a microusb but i don't want to be rectally violated tonight
[1:55] <perlmonkey> the Elite is so light and confortable, it doesn't feel like any normal in-ear headset thing, its made of special material
[1:55] <perlmonkey> i can even sleep with it in and forget
[1:56] <tpw_rules> what if it's actually actually a mind control device
[1:56] <tpw_rules> "they put it out for everybody... but the AI was TOO advanced!"
[1:56] <perlmonkey> doesn't irritate ear but normally these in-ear things do to me, people ask me if its a hearing aid
[1:56] <perlmonkey> lol
[1:56] <perlmonkey> the woman does speak to you in a voice that does not sound robotic or artificial ;-)
[1:57] <tpw_rules> :D i found a third
[1:57] <perlmonkey> she says, (name) is calling
[1:57] * methuzla (~methuzla@dsl254-017-117.sea1.dsl.speakeasy.net) has left #raspbian
[1:57] <tpw_rules> even more theory: they enslaved a bunch of women in a call center somewhere and the human rights watch found out/they couldn't expand
[1:57] <perlmonkey> and it says...
[1:58] <perlmonkey> 5 hours remaining talk-time
[1:58] <perlmonkey> the box is unusual it comes in..
[1:58] <tpw_rules> i genuinely believe you're talking about something from science fiction
[1:58] <perlmonkey> it has a little plastic box which has a tiny battery inside and charges it, up to 2x
[1:58] <perlmonkey> fits in pocket, and it provides 300 hrs time
[1:59] <perlmonkey> or 10 hrs talk time continuous
[1:59] <tpw_rules> you know what you must do. get another and take it apart
[1:59] <perlmonkey> i got 3 of them and one is apart
[1:59] <perlmonkey> the tech is astonishing inside, it takes minature to a new level
[1:59] <perlmonkey> never seen nothing like it
[1:59] <perlmonkey> nano tech
[2:00] <tpw_rules> can you find datahseets on any of the chips? does the battery cell voltage correspond to any known chemistry?
[2:00] <perlmonkey> well..
[2:00] <perlmonkey> i did some research and no moto headset anywhere has anything like 30 ft range eh, they all do 10 ft in BT
[2:01] <perlmonkey> thats the limit, before the voice and sound quality drops right off, this thing, goes thru walls (several) at 30 ft and is crystal clear HD music
[2:01] <tpw_rules> send one and its "successor" to mike at mikes electric stuff
[2:01] <perlmonkey> the battery chemistry is not known or easy to access on the headset itself
[2:02] <perlmonkey> its like moulded in
[2:02] <tpw_rules> didn't you take it apart
[2:02] <tpw_rules> i mean like measure the voltage
[2:02] <tpw_rules> does the charged voltage correspond to lipo, lifepo4, nickel-iron, etc?
[2:02] <tpw_rules> (I BET IT WON'T)
[2:02] <perlmonkey> i could only take off the top part which has a switch, rocker style for volume, two mics, and some electronics, and a speaker, and a button
[2:03] <perlmonkey> its surface mounted but smaller than normal surface mounted
[2:03] <perlmonkey> even the LEDs are tiny, like the rasp and change colour, like tri-colour LEDs
[2:03] <tpw_rules> there are some pretty small surface mount things. have you seen any chips?
[2:03] <perlmonkey> i think i saw one
[2:04] <tpw_rules> don't post any of this on line. they may come after you
[2:04] <perlmonkey> i will take some pix of the broken one
[2:04] * lost_soul (~noymfb@cpe-67-246-98-246.twcny.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[2:04] <perlmonkey> when I called Moto they were VERY cagey about the product and said as little as possible
[2:04] <tpw_rules> argh the forum is taking a shit
[2:05] <perlmonkey> i asked them loads of questions
[2:05] <tpw_rules> how do i get an ftdi usb/serial thinger running?
[2:05] <perlmonkey> and all they said was, 'its no longer forsale, it never was outside the US, it wont be sold again, we have no further comment'
[2:06] <tpw_rules> have you posted this to /r/conspiracy
[2:06] <perlmonkey> maybe it causes brain tumours
[2:06] <perlmonkey> heh, mega power eh, 30 ft
[2:06] <perlmonkey> no maybe i should
[2:06] <tpw_rules> perhaps it causes brain tumours that make you think it's great
[2:06] <perlmonkey> yeah, i did rave about it and everyone who saw mine wanted one
[2:07] <tpw_rules> also please don't. while it would be funny, my urge to destroy every living thing will only go further
[2:07] <perlmonkey> my bro got 2
[2:07] <perlmonkey> my gf said, that's f'kin borg tech
[2:07] <perlmonkey> you'
[2:07] <perlmonkey> you're implanted
[2:07] <perlmonkey> lol
[2:08] <tpw_rules> what package has lsusb?
[2:08] * perlmonkey thinks
[2:08] <tpw_rules> usbutils apparently
[2:09] <perlmonkey> oh yeh of course
[2:09] <tpw_rules> any idea what package has ftdi drivers? at least i think it's ftdi
[2:09] <perlmonkey> my memory is going, i had 2 seizures
[2:09] <perlmonkey> i lost a lot of memory
[2:10] <perlmonkey> i cant even remember simple stuff like my fone number or peoples names
[2:10] <perlmonkey> a woman spoke to me, 20 mins passed and she came back and i had no knowledge of speaking to her
[2:10] <perlmonkey> so they tried to keep me in hospital against my will
[2:10] * gorhgorh (~gorhgorh@ Quit (Quit: gorhgorh)
[2:11] * lost_soul (~noymfb@cpe-67-246-98-246.twcny.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[2:11] <perlmonkey> in UK they can do that stuff
[2:11] <perlmonkey> we have no freedoms like you guys in USA
[2:12] <tpw_rules> usa does that plenty
[2:12] <perlmonkey> i said, im leaving here in 5 mins, so get my stuff ready
[2:12] <tpw_rules> so your thing DOES cause brain tumours. did you tell the doctor?
[2:12] <perlmonkey> and she said, no you wont be leaving, cuz you're not of sound mind and are a danger to yourself, so we'll use the mental health act to keep you here if necessary
[2:13] <perlmonkey> i said, im out of sound mind, what are you talking about?? ive got 3 biz to run, i need to be not here.. and she said, you can't even remember things that happened 20 mins ago, you're not safe to leave here
[2:14] <perlmonkey> im due to have a headscan soon
[2:14] <perlmonkey> oddly they let me go after i volunteered to go back the next day, without a scan
[2:14] <tpw_rules> we can do that in the usa too
[2:14] <perlmonkey> as my memory got so bad, i would forget things like that happened in few mins and everything, a whole day was gone
[2:15] <perlmonkey> oh
[2:15] <perlmonkey> well the head nurse came and did a 3 fact test on me
[2:15] <tpw_rules> well good luck. sounds like you actually do need the help
[2:15] <perlmonkey> and i passed so they had to let me go
[2:16] <perlmonkey> my memory is improving, but still not 100%, i can't remember things like passwords i used for years
[2:16] <perlmonkey> and i forget names of people from history ive always known
[2:17] <McPeppr> perlmonkey, I wonder if you can still buy this borg like headset
[2:17] * pyrex (~rexo@2601:6:6001:4500:d949:9bc9:5961:fa9f) has joined #raspbian
[2:17] <perlmonkey> you can McPepper, on eBay's there's 100's forsale from NYC
[2:17] <perlmonkey> the guy even offered to sell to me wholesale in bulk
[2:17] <perlmonkey> he must have a warehouse full, 2 other sellers in USA also sell on eBay, one sells just the headsets and the other just the charger cases, for 5 quid each
[2:18] <perlmonkey> in the UK these sell for 40-50 quid
[2:18] <perlmonkey> moto must have liquidated all their stock
[2:18] <perlmonkey> or their retailers
[2:18] <perlmonkey> if you look on Google...
[2:19] <perlmonkey> moto did a really cheese fancy ad for this headset, in their lab, with a guy saying its the most advanced headset ever and showing it off etc
[2:21] <perlmonkey> there was an Android app they made called MotoSpeak or MotoTalk
[2:21] <perlmonkey> they have since withdrew it, it was specially for that headset for voice recognition on SMS and starting apps/writing in apps etc
[2:21] <McPeppr> there WAS?
[2:21] <perlmonkey> yeah its gone, all trace of it
[2:22] <McPeppr> is motorola stilll part of google?
[2:22] <perlmonkey> i had it on my fone, but removed it :-/
[2:22] <perlmonkey> are they? i didnt know that
[2:22] <perlmonkey> moto is huge eh
[2:22] <McPeppr> at least they were. And Nokia was bought by microsoft
[2:22] <perlmonkey> i didnt know that either
[2:23] <perlmonkey> Nokia was slipping tho and rapidly losing market share i know that
[2:23] <McPeppr> no shit, really.
[2:23] <perlmonkey> microsoft always buys lemons
[2:23] * feeshon (~feeshon@ool-45731607.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[2:23] <perlmonkey> that Skype is crud
[2:24] * feeshon (~feeshon@ool-45731607.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspbian
[2:24] <perlmonkey> Nokia made some real good tech back in the day eh, they were the pioneers and leaders like Moto
[2:24] <perlmonkey> Moto did the first flip cell fones
[2:24] <McPeppr> can you describe the metaphor "lemons"? I am no english mother tongue
[2:25] <perlmonkey> oh yeah, buying a lemon, means you bought something you thought was good, but it was sour/sucked really bad
[2:25] <perlmonkey> bad deal
[2:25] <perlmonkey> usually used in car-terms
[2:26] <McPeppr> OK. 'cause it might also refer to England, I thought
[2:26] <perlmonkey> where you from McPeppr?
[2:26] <McPeppr> German
[2:26] * bigmac_ (~bigmac@c-71-231-89-72.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[2:26] <perlmonkey> Limey's and and Lime is used to refer to English people as a bad term, by Americans
[2:26] * HACKING-FACEBOOK (~platoscav@75-142-192-253.static.rvsd.ca.charter.com) has joined #raspbian
[2:27] <perlmonkey> it goes back to the war years and the Royal Navy, who sucked on limes to avoid scurvy
[2:27] <McPeppr> japp, same as krauts
[2:27] <perlmonkey> yeah
[2:27] <perlmonkey> Nips the Japs are/were called
[2:28] <perlmonkey> I worked for the Japs, for Omron
[2:28] <McPeppr> nippon, I guess
[2:28] <perlmonkey> ich bin
[2:28] <perlmonkey> ya
[2:28] <perlmonkey> ales klar
[2:29] * perlmonkey can speak a little German from a German girl
[2:29] <McPeppr> hehe :)
[2:29] <perlmonkey> ;-)
[2:29] <perlmonkey> she used to smoke cigs called Lucky Strike
[2:29] <perlmonkey> which amused me
[2:30] <McPeppr> Ie used to smoke Gauloises, and finally quit half a year ago.
[2:30] <perlmonkey> I have one of those e-cigs here
[2:30] <perlmonkey> its like a cigar
[2:31] <perlmonkey> tastes of apple
[2:31] <perlmonkey> pomme de terre
[2:31] <perlmonkey> no thats potato, katarfen?
[2:31] <McPeppr> just "pomme"
[2:32] <perlmonkey> yeah, that's what the aussies call us English, pommies
[2:32] <perlmonkey> and the German's call us Tommy's
[2:32] <perlmonkey> lol
[2:32] <perlmonkey> i never knew where the tommy thing started from, but it seems to go back to WWI
[2:32] <McPeppr> no, I am not aware the Germans say so.
[2:33] <perlmonkey> I think its a war thing, in WWII you called our tanks (made by US) 'Tommy Burners'
[2:33] <McPeppr> hmmm, i search wiki ^^
[2:33] <perlmonkey> or 'Tommy Cookers'
[2:34] <perlmonkey> cuz they were cheap and had thin plating and the Nazi tanks blew them up easily with one shell
[2:34] <perlmonkey> and the fuel was behind the men so it burned up fast
[2:35] <perlmonkey> i think Tommy may come from the early advanced guns we used tho, 'Tommy Guns'
[2:35] <perlmonkey> which had a distinctive round barrel and were extremely noisy
[2:35] <perlmonkey> the US criminals became famous for them
[2:36] <McPeppr> It seems like you are right, but this term was use like 100yrs ago.
[2:36] <perlmonkey> the Nazi's called our war ships, floating Tommy coffins
[2:36] <perlmonkey> lol
[2:36] <perlmonkey> well Gorring did
[2:37] <perlmonkey> that's WWII then as I suspected
[2:37] <perlmonkey> *WWI
[2:37] <perlmonkey> it may be just because its a common English name i dunno
[2:37] <perlmonkey> remember when Gorring said...
[2:38] <McPeppr> yes, thats what wiki tells. But I really wonder why Germans spoke an English name. A little confusing
[2:40] <perlmonkey> (spelling) the Field Marshall, 'No enemy plane will flyover the Reich territory or you can me Meyer'
[2:40] <perlmonkey> a common name I think in Germany? like Smith, in England
[2:40] <McPeppr> It was fun chattnig, perlmonkey. Since I am 1hr ahead here - I guess its time to go to bed now. Cheers
[2:40] <perlmonkey> and when planes came over, people started calling him Meyer in the street, and he even addressed the nation as Meyer once
[2:40] <perlmonkey> ok
[2:41] * trumee (~parul@2601:e:1580:799::c64) has joined #raspbian
[2:42] <perlmonkey> Meyer!
[2:42] <McPeppr> Meyer or Meier or Mayer are common here
[2:43] <perlmonkey> he took shelter he said in air raid shelter and the people asked who he was
[2:43] <perlmonkey> he said, Meyer
[2:43] <McPeppr> hehe, Mr Smith
[2:43] <perlmonkey> lol
[2:43] <perlmonkey> 'I decide who is a Jew'
[2:44] <perlmonkey> sleep well McPeppr
[2:44] <perlmonkey> guten nicht
[2:44] * HACKING-FACEBOOK (~platoscav@75-142-192-253.static.rvsd.ca.charter.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[2:45] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[2:45] <McPeppr> Gute Nacht ;-)
[2:45] <perlmonkey> close
[2:46] * HACKING-FACEBOOK (~platoscav@75-142-192-253.static.rvsd.ca.charter.com) has joined #raspbian
[2:46] <perlmonkey> German sounds aggressive as a language, just making conversation sounds like a declaration of war
[2:46] <perlmonkey> hehe
[2:46] <perlmonkey> I love it
[2:47] <perlmonkey> its very masculine, French is very feminine and poetic
[2:49] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[2:51] * _yoy_ (~YoY@ltl56-2-88-169-169-201.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspbian
[2:52] <McPeppr> well french actually sounds more like a declaration of love. Nobody is really responsible for the language or dialect he/she is speaking. But of course it is often fun to discuss the different style. My wife is italian - they have this even more
[2:52] * HACKING-FACEBOOK (~platoscav@75-142-192-253.static.rvsd.ca.charter.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[2:53] <zGrr> I like German.
[2:53] <McPeppr> na klar, du bist der "moin!" Gast :D
[2:53] <zGrr> Ja
[2:54] <perlmonkey> there is a film, about the Nazi's not being defeated in WWII but instead escaping to the dark side of the moon and forming a big base and civilisation there
[2:55] <perlmonkey> then coming back and attacking earth
[2:55] <McPeppr> yes, and there will be seaquel
[2:55] <perlmonkey> I watched it, its very funny, mostly computer generated
[2:55] <McPeppr> ... with dinosaurs
[2:55] <perlmonkey> lol
[2:55] <perlmonkey> McPeppr answer me one thing..
[2:56] <McPeppr> ok shot!
[2:56] <McPeppr> shoot
[2:56] <zGrr> That's what they actually did. They recently allied with Putin
[2:56] <perlmonkey> why did everyone say Heil Hitler! does it mean, Praise? its almost like he was God-like... i can't think of any nation or gov, that would say that about 1 leader or person
[2:57] <perlmonkey> like every letter ended Heil Hitler! and every exchange or communication between soldiers, or workers/execs, ended with that
[2:57] <McPeppr> he admired the Rome Imperium. 20 centuries ago the people said "heil Cesar"
[2:57] <perlmonkey> ohh
[2:58] <perlmonkey> that makes sense, so he initiated this?
[2:58] <McPeppr> and yes, it means something like "praise"
[2:58] <perlmonkey> and they did the raised arm salute too didn't they
[2:58] <perlmonkey> so he borrowed a lot from the Roman Empire
[2:58] <McPeppr> yes, he did
[2:58] <perlmonkey> i read..
[2:59] * cads (~max@c-67-166-197-144.hsd1.ga.comcast.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[2:59] <McPeppr> I saw an interesting statue in Turin/Italia where they raised arm like Nazis - but they were Romans
[2:59] <perlmonkey> like the Emperors, he did the muted salute back, like just the forearm up and open palm, like a sign of acceptance
[2:59] <perlmonkey> only the leader could give that version eh
[2:59] <perlmonkey> to the masses
[2:59] <McPeppr> where do you read?
[3:00] <perlmonkey> i read about Roman history and how the emperors acted etc
[3:00] <perlmonkey> I saw Hitler do the same salute, a unique version as he inspected troops and on the balcony etc
[3:00] <McPeppr> and by the way, YES, we have a big station at the dark side of the moon :P
[3:00] <perlmonkey> lol
[3:01] <perlmonkey> and there's a giant man called....
[3:01] <perlmonkey> who is the new version of Hitler, the heir apparent
[3:01] <McPeppr> Merkel
[3:01] <perlmonkey> lol thats it
[3:02] <perlmonkey> that US pres in the film was definitely meant to be that insane governess from Alaska
[3:03] <perlmonkey> who claims she can see Russia on a clear day
[3:03] <McPeppr> who eventually be the first female president - Sarah Palin, a goddess of stupitity
[3:03] <perlmonkey> thats her
[3:03] <McPeppr> hehe, tahts her :D
[3:03] <perlmonkey> have you ever watched the film...
[3:04] <McPeppr> nope. I was satisfied with her ads
[3:05] <perlmonkey> Hitler: The Rise of Evil (English film, starring an unlikely Robert Carlyle
[3:06] <perlmonkey> the most convincing Hitler I saw, was the one that's often parodied on YouTube, the bunker scene, that guy was astonishingly good and not a well trained or experienced actor
[3:06] <McPeppr> let me quickly IMDB this
[3:07] <perlmonkey> where he flew into a rage and said his generals were useless as they were all assembled there, that he alone had conquered Europe
[3:07] <lost_soul> I would rather see Hillary Clinton as the first female president
[3:07] <lost_soul> Palin is more than slightly retarded
[3:08] <perlmonkey> Hitler the Rise of Evil is considered by many as a good portrait of Hitlers rise, but the actor is not convincing as Hitler
[3:08] <perlmonkey> I mean who can play a man like that and get away with it, only that bunker guy
[3:09] <McPeppr> Mrs Clinton may have actual chance, but I wonder if USA is ready to have another "unconventional" president
[3:09] <perlmonkey> the film, is considered more propaganda than historic fact too
[3:09] <perlmonkey> the factor Robert Carlyle even wore contact lenses to make his eyes appear darker and more sinister
[3:09] <McPeppr> IMDB says its actually a TV-Series
[3:10] <perlmonkey> the coloured part of his eyes is unusually large like a carton villain
[3:10] <perlmonkey> oh was it
[3:10] <lost_soul> both conventional type presidents as well as unconventional presidents have done a great job of messing things up.. so I don't see any real reason not to have a woman president next
[3:10] <perlmonkey> McPeppr check this out..
[3:11] <McPeppr> oh, thats Robert Carlyle (I am not good with actor names). I really like him acting. I never saw this Series
[3:11] <perlmonkey> http://www.warhistoryonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/goering_2464923b.jpg
[3:12] <perlmonkey> if you get chance, see him in Cracker - episode: 'To Be a Somebody'
[3:13] <McPeppr> this may take while since I am actually chatting via the raspbian console using irssi as IRC client
[3:13] <perlmonkey> one of his best roles, about 3 parts I think
[3:13] <perlmonkey> ok
[3:13] <perlmonkey> that goering portrait has surfaced in London
[3:14] <perlmonkey> it shows him in the deep grips of his morphine addiction with all the tell-tale signs, the pin-point pupils, the pale face, drawn cheeks and vacant gaze
[3:14] <perlmonkey> he was angered, furious, the Jew who painted it had to flee Germany for his life
[3:14] <perlmonkey> and came to London with the painting
[3:15] <McPeppr> so, this painting (just checked it) was drawn before '45
[3:15] * darkbasic (~quassel@niko.linuxsystems.it) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[3:15] <perlmonkey> yes definitely, when Goering was in power, but not at his full height
[3:16] * darkbasic (~quassel@niko.linuxsystems.it) has joined #raspbian
[3:16] <perlmonkey> he allowed a known Jew to paint it, so the German program of elimination was not yet fully underway eh
[3:17] <perlmonkey> its said..
[3:18] <perlmonkey> when Georing came to the allies to surrender, he brought with him truck loads of stuff, including loads of morphine, and assumed they would welcome him as some puppet leader or person in a new government and life would carry on as normal
[3:18] <McPeppr> I may have ssen it before. I must say, it not really tempting
[3:18] <perlmonkey> he must have had to quickly detox as they took all the morphine off him
[3:19] <perlmonkey> his addiction lasted a long long time eh, from WWI to 1945
[3:19] <perlmonkey> remarkable really to keep such an addiction under control
[3:19] <perlmonkey> and be sane
[3:19] <McPeppr> I wonder how he was able to get hands on the morphine
[3:19] <perlmonkey> he did break the addiction several times and even went into a mental hospital for it
[3:20] <perlmonkey> he could get anything he said, he told the allies in prison he had a private dr
[3:20] <perlmonkey> some German generals said..
[3:21] <perlmonkey> he would come to meetings and be really miserable, bored, not interested or saying a word hardly, leave the room, come back 10 mins later, like a different man, smiling, and making lively gestures and conversation, everyone knew he was 'on something'
[3:21] <perlmonkey> the dr had given him a shot of morphine
[3:22] <zGrr> G�ring was just a buffoon.
[3:22] <zGrr> Fat buffoon
[3:22] * perlmonkey has been addicted to opiates and know its very hard to break
[3:22] <perlmonkey> the people called georing the 'fat one'
[3:23] <perlmonkey> but really he was incredibly smart and intelligent of all the nazi's
[3:23] <perlmonkey> with a will of iron
[3:23] <zGrr> They might given him what he wanted, hoping he would have shared some of his personal wealth he collected while in power and hidden somewhere.
[3:23] <perlmonkey> true
[3:24] <perlmonkey> he did hoard loads of wealth eh, all stolen
[3:24] <perlmonkey> he said to the allies..
[3:24] <perlmonkey> war was a bad thing for him, even tho he was the Field Marshall and head of all the military, because it distracted from his life of luxuries and cost a lot of money which he had to find
[3:25] <perlmonkey> he hated war, and wanted Hitler not to invade any more
[3:25] <perlmonkey> after they got all Europe
[3:25] <perlmonkey> he said..
[3:25] <zGrr> Hitler probably had to invade.
[3:26] <perlmonkey> he knew the Russian campaign was doomed, but just was too drugged up to think straight and told Hitler what he wanted to hear, and retreated more and more into a drug fuelled fantasy world in his mansion
[3:26] * yehnan (~yehnan@118-161-100-160.dynamic.hinet.net) has joined #raspbian
[3:27] <zGrr> He couldn't just sit on what he grabbed.
[3:27] <perlmonkey> Hitler had no choice its true, he needed resources more than Europe combined could provide
[3:27] <perlmonkey> he had embarked on something which couldn't be stopped or made to work economically without war on Russia or USA
[3:28] <perlmonkey> true
[3:28] <zGrr> Russians did so bad in Finland that he was hoping that finishing them off would be easy.
[3:28] <perlmonkey> here's an interesting footnote in history..
[3:29] <perlmonkey> a man called Cecil Rhodes, an English industrialist and key figure in the empire, once the richest and most powerful man on earth, wrote some secret diaries before his death...this was decade or more before WWI and Hitler
[3:30] <perlmonkey> he made a bizarre prediction
[3:31] <zGrr> What prediction?
[3:31] * _yoy_ (~YoY@ltl56-2-88-169-169-201.fbx.proxad.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[3:31] <perlmonkey> that Germany, France and Britain would combine into one empire, and Russia, and then the USA would re-join by choice.. and that a power would be created so great, that no future wars would be possible in the 20th century or beyond... and he put all his wealth into that aim, to create this anglo-saxon empire, he created a secret society and a university, Clinton went to that
[3:32] <zGrr> Rubbish. Nobody could have predicted that.
[3:33] <perlmonkey> I have a coin with his head on it, from Rhodesia, his country
[3:33] <perlmonkey> he stole nearly the entire continent of Africa
[3:33] <zGrr> It was created by set of very improbable coincidences.
[3:33] <perlmonkey> he predicted it, in his will and final testament, its online to read
[3:33] <perlmonkey> its been authenticated
[3:34] * _yoy_ (~YoY@ltl56-2-88-169-169-201.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspbian
[3:34] <perlmonkey> Rhodes House in UK has the original docs
[3:34] <zGrr> I'm not questioning authenticity.
[3:34] <zGrr> I'm questioning reasoning.
[3:34] <perlmonkey> well..
[3:34] <zGrr> I might be wrong of course.
[3:35] <perlmonkey> he was writing that at the time when the British empire was at its absolute peak, he thought it would never end and would keep expanding
[3:35] <perlmonkey> so it seemed logical to him, with the navy the main power, the other colonial powers would join together
[3:35] <zGrr> When exactly it was written?
[3:36] <perlmonkey> around 1900 maybe a year or two earlier, he did around 1907
[3:36] <perlmonkey> *died
[3:36] <zGrr> I see
[3:36] <zGrr> Britain started preparation for great powers war around 1910.
[3:36] <zGrr> Maybe even earlier.
[3:36] <perlmonkey> yeah so it shows, he was dead wrong and the politics changed rapidly after his death
[3:37] <perlmonkey> in just a few years
[3:37] <perlmonkey> but up until that point..
[3:37] <zGrr> Which was easy to predict.
[3:37] <perlmonkey> remember Britain had no conflict or even challenges from colonial powers, not even in Africa against disputes over territory
[3:37] * w00die (~anton@broadband-109-173-124-250.nationalcablenetworks.ru) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[3:37] <zGrr> Germans wanted war.
[3:38] <perlmonkey> the Germans wouldn't dare do war against Britain's navy it was like a superpower back then, what USA is today
[3:38] <perlmonkey> it had complete control of the seas and all oil
[3:38] <zGrr> Germans were afraid of growing industrial power of imperial Russia.
[3:39] <perlmonkey> Britain was afraid of Germans, but not to the point of arming
[3:39] <zGrr> They were afraid that with rapid modernisation of Russia they couldn't keep up.
[3:39] <zGrr> And they were probably right.
[3:39] <perlmonkey> but these 3 countries were linked by the blood line monarchy eh, until the Russian revolution
[3:40] <zGrr> All royals were linked by the blood.
[3:40] <perlmonkey> so that is another reason Rhodes believed they would join and no wars would happen, there was a common held belief in UK
[3:41] <perlmonkey> that while Russia king, German and Victoria were all related and on the thrones, the balance of power across Europe and he world was assured, no wars were possible
[3:41] <perlmonkey> *the
[3:41] <zGrr> Killing your family was very common practice in royal families.
[3:41] <perlmonkey> the UK gov had a policy too of...
[3:42] <perlmonkey> monitoring the navy of its closest rival (usually France) and making a navy double their size
[3:42] <perlmonkey> yeah, but there was a peace for a long time eh, after things settled down
[3:43] <perlmonkey> except in France of course and the revolution
[3:43] <zGrr> ... and the Balcans
[3:43] <perlmonkey> even when Hitler came to power...
[3:43] <zGrr> and Ottoman empire collapsing.
[3:44] <perlmonkey> the British king wanted an alliance, and Hitler wanted it too, the Reich and the Empire to join together
[3:44] <perlmonkey> it would have happened for sure, had not the government prevented it
[3:44] <zGrr> And magnificent Austrian-Hungarian empire of Mitteleuropa.
[3:44] <perlmonkey> imagine..
[3:44] <zGrr> Hitler was mad.
[3:45] <perlmonkey> if that alliance had been approved by the gov and taken place, would Hitler have honoured it, and if so, all of history would be different today?
[3:45] <perlmonkey> but he would have had the full backing of the British empire behind him and no war with UK
[3:45] * Paradisee_ (~quassel@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[3:45] <perlmonkey> he could have crushed Russia and then USA
[3:45] <zGrr> But he was mad.
[3:45] <perlmonkey> he was mad there's no doubt
[3:46] <perlmonkey> but our king was seduced by him, many fell under a spell around him eh
[3:46] * Paradisee (~quassel@ has joined #raspbian
[3:46] <perlmonkey> the gov knew he was no good
[3:46] <zGrr> Even Mussolini wanted to untangle himself from the axis because he realized that this will not end well.
[3:46] <perlmonkey> and said no deal can be made
[3:46] <zGrr> Neither for Germany, nor for Italy.
[3:46] <perlmonkey> really
[3:47] <zGrr> Mussolini just couldn't find allies before the war started.
[3:47] <perlmonkey> I didn't know that, not many people realize either, the Nazi's were actually inspired by, and a copy of Mussolini's regime eh, when Mussolini came to power, Hitler was a nobody and Mussolini wouldn't even see him
[3:48] <zGrr> Yes.
[3:48] <perlmonkey> Hitler made a point later of making Mussolini wait ages to see him for that
[3:48] <perlmonkey> how things turned eh
[3:49] <zGrr> But the racial concept of the nazis have it's roots in imperial Germany.
[3:49] <perlmonkey> Mussolini was begging Hitler to help him, his country was being bombed and overrun, he was in fear of his life, the Nazi's had to come and take control
[3:49] <perlmonkey> they put him in a safe house
[3:49] <perlmonkey> yeah that's what separated them clearly eh
[3:50] <perlmonkey> Hitler's ideology was complex and weird
[3:50] <perlmonkey> based on unsound science, in an era before genetics etc
[3:50] <zGrr> and self-contradicting.
[3:50] <perlmonkey> yeah
[3:51] <perlmonkey> you can understand how they came to get these beliefs
[3:51] <perlmonkey> of racial purity and superiority, and the pursuit of these goals
[3:51] <perlmonkey> because they did not know there was only human race, the human genome had not been mapped yet
[3:51] <perlmonkey> *one
[3:52] <perlmonkey> had they known it, all their science and beliefs would have been smashed
[3:52] * lost_soul (~noymfb@cpe-67-246-98-246.twcny.res.rr.com) Quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[3:53] <perlmonkey> you know that shrunken head in the Nuremberg trials?
[3:53] <zGrr> shrunken head?
[3:53] <perlmonkey> the Jewish man who they claimed had been charged with going into a German woman's house after dark
[3:53] <zGrr> and?
[3:54] <perlmonkey> yeah one of the main exhibits at the trial was the supposed shrunken head of a Jewish man kept at a concentration camp as a paper weight
[3:54] <perlmonkey> it turns out, the head was from the 19th century, of a Spanish man most likely, captured by a tribe in South America
[3:56] <perlmonkey> if you think that's barbaric tho, how about this..
[3:56] <perlmonkey> in the UK in late 19th century, two men, Burke and Hare killed people to sell their bodies to medical universities
[3:56] <perlmonkey> these two were captured and put on trial
[3:57] <zGrr> Some south pacific people did that to their enemies.
[3:57] <perlmonkey> Burke I think was offered a deal, to turn Kings witness in return for freedom, and Hare...
[3:58] <perlmonkey> his punishment for the 20 odd murders was this...
[3:58] <zGrr> What's so special about that?
[3:58] <zGrr> It was common practice.
[3:59] <perlmonkey> the judge said, you will be hanged, and then your body will be taken to the medical university and used for dissection, and when that's done, all your organs will be prepared for medical science, and your skeleton bleached and articulated and displayed
[3:59] <perlmonkey> gruesome
[4:00] <perlmonkey> but it gets worse..
[4:00] <perlmonkey> not only did they do all that, but they made wallets and keepsakes from his skin, and sold them
[4:00] <perlmonkey> the other guy, Burke..
[4:01] <perlmonkey> the public found out where he was, and physically chased him out of Scotland and then England, and then burned down the uni who bought the bodies, and the house of the dean/professor, raised it down to the ground
[4:01] <perlmonkey> 30,000 people, even the army couldn't stop them
[4:03] <perlmonkey> such was the scale of grave robbing, that people had grave guards, all manner, even physical guards (men) in the graveyards all night, and also houses built reinforced with steel doors to house coffins while they decayed before burial
[4:04] * taza (~taza@unaffiliated/taza) Quit ()
[4:05] <perlmonkey> one of the wallets of that Hare, was just sold last week
[4:05] * diederik (~quassel@dhcp-077-251-173-228.chello.nl) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[4:05] <perlmonkey> made from his own skin
[4:05] <perlmonkey> at public auction
[4:06] <perlmonkey> someone...
[4:07] <perlmonkey> well 3 guys, at the behest of an MP (member of parliament) who lived near my town, had Shakespears tomb opened and the skull stolen for money but then refused to pay and the skull is now hidden under the tombs of an ancient 800 year old church in my town
[4:08] <perlmonkey> someone went there to see if it was true or folklore, and found the skull
[4:08] <perlmonkey> that church is well known to be haunted, the tomb
[4:09] <perlmonkey> someone wrote a book anonymously in 19th century describing in detail how Shakespears skull was stolen, from start to end
[4:10] <perlmonkey> its believed a vicar of the church, or a local dr
[4:10] <zGrr> things like that happens even today.
[4:10] <perlmonkey> but he knew the MP and the men who drug the grave up
[4:11] <perlmonkey> yeah I wrote to a guy (in prison) who stole a woman's body and held it ransom cuz her family were breeding rabbits or dogs for medical science
[4:12] <perlmonkey> a deceased woman, he drug her up and moved the body a long distance
[4:12] <perlmonkey> and hid it in some woods
[4:12] <zGrr> There was a scandal in Poland when paramedics and the doctors killed patients to sell their bodies to funeral companies.
[4:12] <perlmonkey> :-O
[4:12] <perlmonkey> when was that?
[4:13] <zGrr> early 2000s
[4:13] <zGrr> It was discovered in 2002
[4:13] <perlmonkey> do you know of that Dr in UK (Shipman) was the biggest serial killer in history of the world? He killed about 200-300 people, by lethal morphine or heroin
[4:13] <perlmonkey> and that was in 1990s
[4:14] <perlmonkey> thats quite recent, how terrible to kill people they're supposed to save
[4:14] <perlmonkey> the people who people trusted eh
[4:15] <zGrr> I think Vasili Blokhin should be regarded as biggest serial killer despite being classified as executioner.
[4:15] <perlmonkey> Shipman was so cocky with the police at the interview, he had covered all his tracks even falsified all the computer and medical records
[4:16] <perlmonkey> he felt because he was a dr they shouldn't even be questioning him, and were beneath him intellectually
[4:16] <zGrr> Blokhin killed tens of thousands of people with his own hands.
[4:16] <zGrr> He was able to kill up to 250-300 people every day.
[4:16] <perlmonkey> but then they said, we have one of your recent patients exumed and another dr has found something, and suddenly he crumbled like a child
[4:17] <perlmonkey> who was Bolkin?
[4:17] <perlmonkey> I never heard of him, that far surpasses Shipman
[4:18] <zGrr> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasili_Blokhin
[4:18] <perlmonkey> I watched an interesting film of the Russians who had to find that psycho serial killer during the USSR era, one man was assigned to do it and it nearly caused him to have a nervous breakdown
[4:19] * teran (~teran@ Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[4:19] <perlmonkey> in the end, he asked for the help of the FBI, unprecedented in the 1970s soviet era
[4:20] <zGrr> Imagine, he killed 7000 people, personally with his own hands in two weeks time.
[4:20] <zGrr> With the pistol.
[4:21] <perlmonkey> Blokhin's most infamous act was the April 1940 execution by shooting of over 7,000 Polish prisoners interned in the Ostashkov prisoner of war camp
[4:21] <perlmonkey> that guy was pure evil
[4:21] <perlmonkey> worse than Hitler
[4:22] <perlmonkey> see these Russians were seen as allies, by they had done some real bad stuff to innocent Polish and blamed it on the Nazi's
[4:22] <perlmonkey> I saw some faked pics with clearly Russians using Nazi uniforms off dead soldiers, and Nazi weapons, but they made a few mistakes
[4:22] * bigmac_ (~bigmac@c-71-231-89-72.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) has joined #raspbian
[4:22] <perlmonkey> propaganda pics
[4:23] <perlmonkey> I always said the Russians were a worse enemy than the Germans
[4:23] <perlmonkey> and Britain armed the Russians
[4:24] <perlmonkey> and trained them and gave them money, in the years after Germany invaded
[4:25] <perlmonkey> lets see what happened to this Russian guy
[4:25] <perlmonkey> if there is a hell, he must surely be there now
[4:26] <perlmonkey> He reportedly sank into alcoholism, went insane, and died on 3 February 1955 with the official cause of death listed as "suicide".[11][15][21]
[4:27] <perlmonkey> karma caught up with him
[4:27] <zGrr> He had suitcase full of Walther pistols, he was killing people with.
[4:28] <perlmonkey> shocking and what has happened about this now we know, in Poland and Russia?
[4:28] <perlmonkey> he should be dug up and moved to unmarked grave in unholy ground
[4:29] <perlmonkey> thats how we treat criminals and murderers in UK
[4:29] <zGrr> Russians should burn the mummy first to cut with the past.
[4:30] <perlmonkey> yeah and pay compensation to each of the 7,000 Polish families
[4:30] <perlmonkey> from all their oil and gas profits
[4:31] <perlmonkey> its clear that guy was addicted to killing and a psychopath
[4:31] <zGrr> Burn the mummy and scatter it's ashes to the ocean.
[4:31] * Climuffff (~Climufff@ip1f13e07a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de) Quit (Quit: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de)
[4:31] <perlmonkey> and the Russians allowed him to have his rank, and even praised his career
[4:31] <zGrr> International waters is the best resting place for the leader of international revolution.
[4:32] <perlmonkey> good idea
[4:32] * feeshon (~feeshon@ool-45731607.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[4:32] <perlmonkey> something needs to be done, I didn't even know about this until you told me
[4:32] <perlmonkey> its an outrage
[4:32] * feeshon (~feeshon@ool-45731607.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspbian
[4:32] <perlmonkey> the Russians have much blood on their hands
[4:34] <zGrr> In China people are nowadays commonly killed for organs.
[4:35] <zGrr> Ever heard of Bo Xilai?
[4:35] <perlmonkey> I didn't know this, but I knew they sold organs and also that the Chinese State announces and shows the death penalty of people on TV
[4:35] <perlmonkey> no
[4:36] <zGrr> He was a prominent chinese polititian.
[4:36] <perlmonkey> what did he do?
[4:37] <zGrr> He made himself famous for persecuting Falun Gong peope - harmless chinese sect targeted by the authority for no obvious reason.
[4:37] <perlmonkey> :(
[4:37] <zGrr> He was ruthless. Killing them even outside communist chinese legals system.
[4:38] <perlmonkey> he was one of the elite I see, who's father was one of the founders
[4:38] <zGrr> his wife was selling the bodies (or rather organs) with the help of British businessman Neil Heywood.
[4:38] <perlmonkey> :-O
[4:39] <zGrr> Falung Gong were perfect source of organs.
[4:39] <zGrr> They maintained healthy lifestyle as part of their beliefs.
[4:40] <zGrr> Heywood was selling organs to the west.
[4:40] <perlmonkey> they killed Heywood
[4:40] <zGrr> He even managed to sell the rest of corpses after removing organs.
[4:41] <perlmonkey> well the heck did they do with the empty corpses?!
[4:41] <zGrr> He sold them to von Hagen!
[4:42] <perlmonkey> there's no mention on wikipedia the chinese must be altering it
[4:43] <zGrr> There are plenty of Chinese sources on that.
[4:44] <perlmonkey> the Chinese are seen to do the right thing, they sentenced his wife to death for killing Heywood
[4:44] <zGrr> not exactly
[4:45] <zGrr> they called it "suspended death sentence"
[4:46] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[4:46] <perlmonkey> oh yes
[4:49] <perlmonkey> Al Qaeda has killed another US hostage 2 days ago and 1 French
[4:49] <perlmonkey> even when the US Navy Seals were moving on them
[4:50] <perlmonkey> that 'British' terrorist who cut the heads off US and UK hostages has been bombed up severely by US
[4:51] <zGrr> how severely? any colateral damage?
[4:51] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[4:51] <perlmonkey> he's either dead or severely wounded they said, to the point of clinging on for life, with cries on the mosques for blood donors
[4:52] <zGrr> good
[4:52] <perlmonkey> the US hit them real hard, found their base with a big bounty reward and bombed it up with tons of bombs
[4:52] <perlmonkey> a meeting was there and he was there
[4:52] <zGrr> or they say so.
[4:52] <perlmonkey> no evidence has yet emerged of the site or the victims
[4:53] <perlmonkey> but that has not stopped the UK media reporting front page
[4:53] <perlmonkey> GOT HIM!
[4:53] <perlmonkey> it was rumoured...
[4:54] <perlmonkey> well not rumoured, common knowledge here..
[4:55] <perlmonkey> among those in the know, that the SAS were tasked with getting that guy and the CIA and the SAS counter-parts, Delta-Force had flown into UK a big delegation and a task force of some 20 elite soldiers were in position to get that guy, and the UK gov and US gov were taking 'all options on table'
[4:55] <perlmonkey> we were expecting some big diversion tactic, cuz it was like mission impossible, the guy sleeps with a dozen body guards etc
[4:57] <zGrr> I wonder who gave them money?
[4:57] <perlmonkey> the SAS would likely draw them out by blowing up a building nearby
[4:57] <perlmonkey> them terrorists?
[4:58] <zGrr> Them islamic state or whoever is in charge of the revolution there
[4:58] <perlmonkey> Sudia Arabia, Iran, Pakistan
[4:58] <zGrr> oh
[4:58] <zGrr> no way.
[4:58] <perlmonkey> they are known sponsors of terrorism according to MI6 and CIA
[4:58] <perlmonkey> primary ones
[4:59] <zGrr> if it's Iran than it cannot be Saudi Arabia. If it's Saudi, then it cannot be Iran.
[4:59] <perlmonkey> why so?
[4:59] <perlmonkey> cuz those guys are not friends I know, Saudi picked up Iran's oil embargo
[4:59] <perlmonkey> against their threat
[5:00] <perlmonkey> but they have a common enemy in the West
[5:00] <perlmonkey> Saudi is more subtle, they found extremism
[5:00] <perlmonkey> Iran provides weapons and training
[5:00] <perlmonkey> Pakistan provides a safe haven and money laundering
[5:00] <perlmonkey> *fund
[5:01] <perlmonkey> its said..
[5:01] <zGrr> I don't know.
[5:01] <zGrr> Pakistan is the best friend of China.
[5:01] <perlmonkey> nearly all extremist teaching in UK mosques and muslim outlets in UK has its origins in Saudi or Saudi money is involved
[5:01] <perlmonkey> yeah
[5:01] <zGrr> They might have some secret arrangements with the Saudis, but nobody knows for sure.
[5:01] <perlmonkey> Pakistan has big probs with terrorism
[5:02] <perlmonkey> but that country is not normal or clear cut, its divided and the military has power
[5:02] <zGrr> That country consists of for major nations.
[5:02] <perlmonkey> where was bin laden, in Pakistan eh, living there in a big mansion
[5:02] <zGrr> I mean pakistan.
[5:03] <perlmonkey> yeah
[5:03] <perlmonkey> the most prosperous region is run by an exiled politican known as the 'Godfather' in UK
[5:04] <perlmonkey> who is involved in drugs, prostitution, trafficking, murder, you name it.. and he openly threatens the Pakistan gov, he's been linked to scores of murders in Pakistan
[5:04] <perlmonkey> UK granted him asylum
[5:05] <perlmonkey> he even threatened the UK gov/prime minister here
[5:05] <zGrr> They must have had their reasons.
[5:05] <perlmonkey> the cops raided him after and seized all his money
[5:05] <perlmonkey> he's still free tho
[5:06] <perlmonkey> its believed..
[5:06] <zGrr> I think, the UK has very stupid immigration policy.
[5:06] <perlmonkey> the Pakistan gov wants him he here, not there, and not in prison here, else people will die in Pakistan
[5:06] <perlmonkey> it is
[5:06] <zGrr> Probably all of Europe has stupid counterproductive immigration policy.
[5:06] <perlmonkey> what should we do?
[5:07] <perlmonkey> 2015 if Tories get elected in UK, the people will finally vote on EU membership in a simple in/out referendum
[5:07] <perlmonkey> the result is expected to be a landslide
[5:08] <zGrr> I wouldn't bet on that.
[5:08] <perlmonkey> the Tories have not done any radical politics since their coalition gov
[5:08] <perlmonkey> to keep favourable for the election
[5:09] <perlmonkey> fox hunting has not been repealed for example, they promised it to their donators
[5:09] <perlmonkey> but they do allow hunting with hounds and look the other way, even tho its illegal
[5:09] <zGrr> You have problems that cannot be solved by the formal political system.
[5:10] <zGrr> You will have immigrants anyway.
[5:10] <perlmonkey> Cameron's deal to the EU is impossible for the EU to except or even negotiate on next year, he's been told by Germany already
[5:10] <perlmonkey> so the referendum is coming
[5:10] <perlmonkey> all EU immigrants will have to go
[5:10] <zGrr> First you have to decide whether you prefer to have legal or illegal immigrants.
[5:10] <perlmonkey> they better start packing now
[5:11] <perlmonkey> i tell you..
[5:11] <zGrr> There are two kinds of immigrants.
[5:11] <zGrr> Good immigrants and bad immigrants.
[5:12] <zGrr> UK systems seem to prefer bad immigrants over good immigrants.
[5:12] <zGrr> For whatever reason.
[5:12] <perlmonkey> if the Tories get power and that looks very likely cuz Labour is not electable with no EU referendum pledge, they will stop at nothing to get illegal immigrants and immigration under control, they won't have any of the legal or human rights constraints of the EU on them if the EU goes how its expected to go
[5:12] <perlmonkey> they will adapt a US approach, fly them out fast daily
[5:13] <zGrr> Rubbish.
[5:13] <perlmonkey> wanna bet?
[5:13] <perlmonkey> Labour is not electable, that much I guarantee you, everyone is expecting and demanding the EU referendum, its the main feature next year
[5:14] <zGrr> Ammericans only pretend to be flying them daily.
[5:14] <perlmonkey> Labour has made no offer of a referendum and is committed to continued further EU integration
[5:14] <perlmonkey> which flies in the face of mainstream public politicis
[5:14] <perlmonkey> meanwhile..
[5:15] <perlmonkey> Tories, have had a very good 2 years, no problems in gov and are doing all the right moves and noises the public expects, especially getting tough on Europe and drawing a red line
[5:15] <perlmonkey> Cameron said not one penny, when EU said UK must pay more because we have more economic growth
[5:16] <perlmonkey> UK praised him highly
[5:16] <zGrr> I think they are just as bad as Labour.
[5:16] <perlmonkey> his rating is sky high
[5:16] <perlmonkey> they are like..
[5:17] <perlmonkey> two mad men, when each gets in power, he spends most his time and effort/resources, reversing what the other has done for last 4+ years
[5:17] <perlmonkey> they undo each others laws and policies
[5:17] <zGrr> I'd love to discuss bit longer, but i've just finnished my work and have to go home.
[5:17] <zGrr> byebye
[5:18] <perlmonkey> Labour can only turn this around if they do something on EU big and say ok referendum
[5:18] <perlmonkey> ok
[5:18] <perlmonkey> bye for now, thanks for chat
[5:23] * zGrr (~grr@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
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[6:54] <Guest39633> i don't see archlinux on the downloads page
[6:55] <Guest39633> is there any advantage to a beginner using arch linux instead of raspbian ?
[7:00] * teran (~teran@broadband-109-173-61-206.nationalcablenetworks.ru) has joined #raspbian
[7:04] <skyroveRR> Guest39633: every distro has its own pros and cons, you can google them.
[7:05] * yehnan (~yehnan@118-161-100-160.dynamic.hinet.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[7:10] <Guest39633> sorry, bad question
[7:10] <Guest39633> but i can't seem to locate the archlinux on the downloads page
[7:12] <skyroveRR> It was removed months back.
[7:12] * mike_t (~mike@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[7:13] <Guest39633> oh
[7:13] <skyroveRR> There might be a torrent though.
[7:26] * Guest39633 (63f4e292@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
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[7:55] <TheSnide> archlinux has docker. else than that..
[7:58] * jpg__ (jpg_@gateway/shell/elitebnc/x-yruvmondhspguugo) has joined #raspbian
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[8:55] <TheSnide> ... it is mostly like ice flavoring ;-)
[9:06] * NicoHood (~Thunderbi@p50856E68.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspbian
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[10:44] <hid3> Hello
[10:44] <hid3> anyone using their RPis to play internet stream radios?
[10:45] <hid3> I'm having a problem playing a stram with 'mpd' player
[10:45] * lapide_viridi (~lapide_vi@ti0097a400-0813.bb.online.no) has joined #raspbian
[10:45] <hid3> the stream url is this: http://stream2.loveradio.ru/9_top40_56?type=.flv&UID= <---- here you must append the uid, and for getting uid, this is the command (UID is unique per IP address): wget -q -O - "http://www.loveradio.ru/player/2610.htm" | grep -i uid | awk -F uid:\ \' '{print $2}' | awk '{print $1}' | sed "s/'//g" | sed 's/,//g'
[10:45] <hid3> anyone willing to try it with MPD, VLC or any other media player?
[10:46] <hid3> when trying to play, I'm getting this error: ERROR: problems decoding "http://stream2.loveradio.ru/9_top40_56?type=.flv&UID=2EFDF007813CF2DF80EF7CA50A7F830F"
[10:47] * heroux (sandroco@50708355.static.ziggozakelijk.nl) has joined #raspbian
[10:48] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[10:49] <hid3> Anyone?
[10:51] <lapide_viridi> Give it some time. People tend to answer after some time has gone.
[10:52] * teran (~teran@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[10:52] * teran (~teran@ has joined #raspbian
[10:53] <skyroveRR> Hmm.. haven't tried the URL, but VLC should open a .flv file without problems..
[10:53] * teran_ (~teran@broadband-109-173-61-206.nationalcablenetworks.ru) has joined #raspbian
[10:53] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[10:53] <hid3> it's not FLV I guess, it's just named like that
[10:54] <skyroveRR> What's the actual file type then?
[10:54] <hid3> no opportunity to test that url under Linux/VLC. I'm having problems playing it with 'mpd'. On Windows and VLC it works OK....
[10:55] <hid3> if I go to codec information, I see it's 'MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)'
[10:57] * teran (~teran@ Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[11:03] * ciborg (sid5739@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-vcktouefjeykcqdm) has joined #raspbian
[11:10] <lapide_viridi> I have my raspberry on a headless setup, controlling it from my computer via SSH. I have disabled boot to desktop and reduced the memory available to the GPU.
[11:10] <lapide_viridi> Is there anything else I can do to increase its resources? I've overclocked it to turbo.
[11:14] <skyroveRR> Disable unnecessary background services.
[11:14] <lapide_viridi> Remove stuff like Minecraft Pi? Not sure why that is there, though.
[11:15] <lapide_viridi> I am curious. Even though I disable boot to desktop, isn't the desktop active in the background?
[11:15] <skyroveRR> Nope.
[11:15] <lapide_viridi> Only if it is connected to an monitor?
[11:16] <skyroveRR> Yup.
[11:16] <lapide_viridi> Interesting!
[11:16] <skyroveRR> But that's usually the framebuffer, it'll eat like... a few kilobytes of RAM when you connect a monitor to it.
[11:16] * Veksi (54f94d78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspbian
[11:17] <skyroveRR> run htop and find out the processes.
[11:17] <lapide_viridi> What was the filetransfer via SSH called?
[11:17] <skyroveRR> scp.
[11:17] <lapide_viridi> Thanks
[11:17] <lapide_viridi> Tried command htop, not found.
[11:18] <skyroveRR> apt-get install htop
[11:20] * tytan (~textual@p4FEA83D1.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: Textual IRC Client: www.textualapp.com)
[11:20] * wiiguy (fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) has joined #raspbian
[11:23] <lapide_viridi> Oh, very nice, thanks!
[11:24] <lapide_viridi> Can I run SCP from within SSH?
[11:24] <skyroveRR> Erm..
[11:25] <skyroveRR> scp runs on top of SSH, so you basically are copying OVER SSH.
[11:26] <lapide_viridi> Got it. Thus, I can use the SHH window?
[11:27] <skyroveRR> Sorry?
[11:29] <skyroveRR> What are you trying to do?
[11:30] <lapide_viridi> Transferring some files to my raspberry, without the usb drive
[11:30] <skyroveRR> Ok
[11:30] <skyroveRR> When you use scp, you are invoking ssh automatically.
[11:31] <wiiguy> lapide_viridi get winscp
[11:31] <skyroveRR> wiiguy: he's trying to understand what scp is.
[11:31] <lapide_viridi> Oh, so not the other way around.
[11:31] <skyroveRR> Right.
[11:31] <lapide_viridi> Yeah, and maybe do it later.
[11:32] <wiiguy> skylite sry i interfered :p
[11:32] <lapide_viridi> So I'll need a own program, like winscp, to make it run.
[11:32] <skyroveRR> You need winscp if you use windows..
[11:32] <skyroveRR> You don't need it if you use another linux computer.
[11:32] <skyroveRR> You can simply run scp from the linux console.
[11:33] <lapide_viridi> Ah, get it.
[11:33] <lapide_viridi> I presume that I can run SSH from winscp?
[11:34] <skyroveRR> Yes.
[11:34] <skyroveRR> lapide_viridi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SSH <- read that.
[11:36] <skyroveRR> I like to call it "Secure Hell". ;)
[11:36] <lapide_viridi> Already been there. Just had to make sure of some facts.
[11:36] <lapide_viridi> Heh, thanks alot.
[11:36] <skyroveRR> You seem to be accessing the pi using windows, am I right?
[11:37] <lapide_viridi> Yeah, with putty.
[11:37] <skyroveRR> Cool.
[11:37] <lapide_viridi> Havenæt gotten my linux setup up yet.
[11:37] <skyroveRR> What do you plan to do with your pi?
[11:40] <lapide_viridi> Webhosting
[11:41] <skyroveRR> It'll be able to host small web pages well, but if you are looking to host some pretty dynamic and loaded content, you would want to overclock, or better yet, buy a real computer.
[11:41] * mingtsay (uid27779@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-cmkbxoaqsnnfidyu) has joined #raspbian
[11:44] <lapide_viridi> I've setup a few wordpress sites on a testserver.
[11:44] <lapide_viridi> At ran quite smoothly after I got the pages cached.
[11:45] * w00die (~anton@broadband-109-173-124-250.nationalcablenetworks.ru) has joined #raspbian
[11:47] * supermike___ (sid7360@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-bacoswvscubedkat) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[11:53] * w00die (~anton@broadband-109-173-124-250.nationalcablenetworks.ru) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[11:59] <lookshe> skyroveRR: your comment is a bit too general. it depends on the used software. nginx with php and perl run very well on the pi. apache is of course a bit too much. also a database could be a bit too much for the pi, but i think sqlite will work fine
[11:59] <skyroveRR> :)
[12:00] * blkaway is now known as blkhawk
[12:00] <lapide_viridi> Will try that later. Caching works fine for now.
[12:02] * Dagger (~dagger@sawako.haruhi.eu) Quit (Excess Flood)
[12:02] * Dagger2 (~dagger@sawako.haruhi.eu) has joined #raspbian
[12:04] * Dagger2 is now known as Dagger
[12:04] <lapide_viridi> What is fastest to write onto and read, a SD card or USB drive?
[12:07] <skyroveRR> In terms of SD cards, it depends on the class..
[12:07] <lapide_viridi> Yeah, but we'll have to talk generally, since I can
[12:07] <lapide_viridi> 't take it out
[12:08] <skyroveRR> In terms of USB, it depends on the version.. like version 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0
[12:08] <lapide_viridi> I think my USB is 2.0. Should be the most normal one, shouldn't it?
[12:09] <skyroveRR> In case of speeds, USB 3.0 is the fastest compared to a class 10 SD card.
[12:09] <skyroveRR> A normal one will usually be 2.0, it'll usually have a lower write speed compared to a class 10 SD card.
[12:09] <lapide_viridi> The raspberry has usb 2.0, if I'm not wring.
[12:09] <skyroveRR> Yes.
[12:11] <lapide_viridi> Then I think I'll kep raspbian on the SD card.
[12:12] <lapide_viridi> That is the only benefit, isn't it?
[12:13] <skyroveRR> Yup.
[12:14] * teran (~teran@ has joined #raspbian
[12:14] <perlmonkey> lapide: i was researching your very question and found conclusions
[12:15] <perlmonkey> USB drive is by far faster than SD media for writing in general, SD media the speed/class does make a difference but not in the way you might expect, SLOWER = better, for Linux, so higher class, i.e. SD 10 is not good for raspi
[12:15] <perlmonkey> that said, I am using a class 10 8GB microSD running Raspbian and its performance whilst nowhere near comparable to USB stick is adequate
[12:16] <lapide_viridi> Slower is better?
[12:16] <perlmonkey> yes, oddly that's the official verdict from Raspberry
[12:16] * teran_ (~teran@broadband-109-173-61-206.nationalcablenetworks.ru) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[12:16] <skyroveRR> perlmonkey: I use an even slower, class 4 SD card, and I'm ok with its speed.
[12:17] <skyroveRR> :D
[12:17] <lapide_viridi> I've got a class 10 which I used for testing purposes. It was quite slow.
[12:17] <perlmonkey> they recommend class 4-6 but not lower or higher
[12:17] <skyroveRR> True.
[12:17] <perlmonkey> 4-6 has been tested to be optimal
[12:17] <perlmonkey> 10 shows degraded write performance but faster read maybe
[12:17] <perlmonkey> writing is where it matters due to the large chunks being written
[12:18] <perlmonkey> but you can optimise a linux fs and there are choices and tweaks to make the write size smaller and system faster, but naturally its always a trade-off between read and write performance, and then if you write lots of small/large files, or need to stream video etc
[12:19] <perlmonkey> you need to consider how you use the filesystem
[12:19] <lapide_viridi> The SD class only gives you information on the reading speed?
[12:19] <skyroveRR> lapide_viridi: read as well as write.
[12:20] <lapide_viridi> OK, I've got a 16 GB class 10, which according to you guys is too good=
[12:20] <perlmonkey> in a device like a camera, class 10 shows big performance gain over slower SD media cuz its optimised to write data a certain way
[12:21] <perlmonkey> yeah i mean it will work fine, i have 10 too, you wont notice much difference really the gain is only slight IMO if you move down to 4-6, but its measurable
[12:21] <perlmonkey> it does depend how you use the raspi tho and in some cases that difference could be significant
[12:22] <perlmonkey> one tip..
[12:22] <skyroveRR> It all comes down to for what purpose you are using it. And how you are using it.
[12:22] <lapide_viridi> Yeah, I think I get it.
[12:22] <perlmonkey> dont format SD media on Linux, use the official SD media formater app in Windows, it optimises the SD format and makes sure its done properly
[12:22] <perlmonkey> ie dont use Windows either, down that app
[12:22] <lapide_viridi> Now, how can it be that it is so much faster on the 16 GB SD, than on the 8 GB. THey're both class 10.
[12:23] <perlmonkey> windows does a poor job at formatting SD apparently
[12:23] <lapide_viridi> I use the tool they provide, but it's good to know
[12:23] <perlmonkey> that's interesting lapide, did you find that from experience?
[12:24] <perlmonkey> i think in the SD world, there's a lot of variation in quality and speeds, what you see is not necessarily what you get, unless you buy a good brand and its made by them in their factory etc, the Chinese can be tricky eh
[12:25] <perlmonkey> I've had SD media branded as such and such, and it was total crud, it fell apart and was an unknown make, the SD app said it was 56mb! it was 8GB card
[12:25] <lapide_viridi> Heh
[12:26] <perlmonkey> same for USB sticks
[12:26] <lapide_viridi> Yeah, i noticed by using the Pi for resource intensive tasks.
[12:26] <perlmonkey> some have real bad chips and circuits inside
[12:26] <perlmonkey> that's interesting, maybe one is just a bad card, or did you buy good makes?
[12:26] <lapide_viridi> I could browse the internet on a normal speed, wheras the old vcard would only lag the system.
[12:26] <perlmonkey> also..
[12:27] <lapide_viridi> Just standard SD cards. Nothing special.
[12:27] <lapide_viridi> But they are from different producers.
[12:27] <perlmonkey> one thing to consider is the filesystem itself, in any PC/device, over time that becomes more segregated and harder to access data
[12:27] <perlmonkey> the larger the data store is and more times its written to
[12:28] <perlmonkey> Linux is better at this with its journaling and better fs then windows, but still
[12:28] <perlmonkey> they say its better to turn off journalling tho on SD media in raspi, swings and roundabouts eh
[12:29] <perlmonkey> or use a non-journalled fs
[12:30] <perlmonkey> more work should be done on the fs and optimal setups I think for raspi, with SD and USB, its hard to find one approach that suits everyone I guess, but they could offer a selection of common scenarios
[12:31] <perlmonkey> I think a combo is best, using class 4-6 ideally 8GB for SD boot media, then a USB stick of 32-64GB for writing to mostly
[12:32] <perlmonkey> i would not have swap on the SD if its possible (not checked that yet)
[12:33] <perlmonkey> a NFS might be interesting to try in raspi too, cuz it has benefits over USB and similar speeds maybe for some tasks
[12:35] <perlmonkey> maybe an optimal system would be: 4-6 class 8GB SD, USB 64GB good make with swap partition, then a NFS mounted on a SSD or SATA
[12:35] <perlmonkey> the SD would get minimal use, just to load the sys into RAM and its done, all logging and writing is on USB
[12:36] <perlmonkey> so maybe a smaller size SD card would be ok
[12:37] * perlmonkey has been running TinyCore Linux on an ITX system and this sys runs almost entirely in memory its very fast
[12:37] <perlmonkey> it would be good if it could go on raspi
[12:38] <lapide_viridi> Hmm, so you are saying that a combo of SD and USB would be optimal?
[12:38] * Zbyshek (~neo@silentic.zbyshek.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[12:38] <perlmonkey> it seems to me, on a sys like raspi, making max use of ram drive and a minimal OS / desktop approach makes more sense, using Debian makes not much sense to me
[12:38] <lapide_viridi> Still it is somewhat overkill for a raspberry, I believe
[12:39] * mingtsay (uid27779@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-cmkbxoaqsnnfidyu) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[12:39] * ciborg (sid5739@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-vcktouefjeykcqdm) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[12:39] <perlmonkey> yeah for sure, that would be the minimum for an optimal working system I think
[12:39] <perlmonkey> unless your raspi is not getting much use as a working system
[12:39] <perlmonkey> in a PC style manner I mean
[12:40] <perlmonkey> USB sticks are so cheap too now, check on eBay 32GB is only 3 quid delivered
[12:40] <perlmonkey> unbranded of course, but warranted and easy to do backups at this price
[12:40] * supermike___ (sid7360@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-kvwguhpsyvzwhmhp) has joined #raspbian
[12:41] * Zbyshek (~neo@silentic.zbyshek.net) has joined #raspbian
[12:41] <lapide_viridi> Yeah, true that
[12:41] <Odie_> in what sense are the usb flash stuff better than sd cards?
[12:41] <perlmonkey> for writing data and size
[12:41] <Odie_> you can get cheaper replacement after one dies?
[12:41] <perlmonkey> yes easy
[12:42] <perlmonkey> you could buy 3 for 10 quid/$15 USD (3x32GB) so have backups of your sys
[12:43] <perlmonkey> but the ideal scenario is the sys is stable and on the SD, its never messed with and not written to much
[12:43] <perlmonkey> USB does the real filesystem work and data storage
[12:43] <perlmonkey> so your sys can't really go down if the USB goes down, but data could be lost and some apps maybe
[12:44] <perlmonkey> i would do updates on the SD, no logging, no writing for data storage of any kind, no swap partition
[12:44] <perlmonkey> basically a system partition
[12:45] <perlmonkey> and /home and log dirs, swap partitions, all that goes on USB stick
[12:45] * _yoy_ (~YoY@ltl56-2-88-169-169-201.fbx.proxad.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving...)
[12:45] <perlmonkey> i would run rynsc and make a mirror image of the usb stick and keep both sticks in
[12:46] <perlmonkey> could be done on cron once per day, or several times so the data is in sync
[12:46] <perlmonkey> *rsync
[12:46] * _yoy_ (~YoY@ltl56-2-88-169-169-201.fbx.proxad.net) has joined #raspbian
[12:47] <perlmonkey> so then in a worse case scenario, one USB stick dies or the fs gets hosed, and you just unplug and mount the 2nd
[12:47] <perlmonkey> and put your 3rd clean USB in as a new mirror
[12:47] * osxdude|MBP (~osxdude@unaffiliated/osxdude) Quit (Quit: Smell ya later. Time to sleep. Hold the phone. Don't dial the emergency number.)
[12:48] <perlmonkey> that would minimise the risk of SD media failure/total sys downtime and give optimal performance
[12:49] <perlmonkey> having a model B raspi works well for this rsync mirror 2xUSB stick approach, but i guess you could use a powered hub on model A
[12:49] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[12:49] <perlmonkey> this assumes running headless as i do, with VNC and remote raspi access
[12:50] <perlmonkey> else you might need those ports or a hub ;-)
[12:50] <perlmonkey> i find very little performance difference running over VNC (wired) than actual desktop
[12:50] <perlmonkey> surprisingly
[12:51] <lapide_viridi> wow, you really did research this
[12:51] <perlmonkey> :-)\
[12:51] <perlmonkey> i been using Linux since like 1997 I think so I learned a bit along the way I guess
[12:51] <lapide_viridi> In which context, if I may ask?
[12:51] <perlmonkey> raspi is not like a new thing to me really
[12:52] <perlmonkey> hosting and server admin, i ran all kinds of networks and hardware, from early SCSI and IDE raids
[12:52] <perlmonkey> to later NFS, and now cloud
[12:52] <lapide_viridi> Hrh
[12:53] <perlmonkey> are you new to Linux world?
[12:53] <lapide_viridi> Well, thank you for a very enlightening conversation. It was appreciated.
[12:53] <lapide_viridi> Yeah, we got some raspberries at school.
[12:53] <lapide_viridi> Too bad I'm the only one who uses them.
[12:53] <lapide_viridi> I want to really get into it, but who has the time?
[12:54] * teran (~teran@ Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[12:54] <lapide_viridi> So I just follow instructions on how to do thinks on the internet.
[12:54] <lapide_viridi> Like my server, for instance.
[12:54] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[12:55] <Veksi> I wonder, has anyone experience on picking a suitable step-down converter fro m24 V DC battery source to something that suits RPI B+ well? I was thinking something like http://www.riorand.com/automotives/riorandtm-dc-dc-8-24v-to-5v-3a-buck-module-step-down-power-converter-3-meter-cable-with-micro-usb-head.html .
[12:56] <Veksi> But I'm not sure if it's too easy to get brownouts by just picking up something on the shelf that says 24 V DC to 5 V DC on the tin.
[12:57] * supermike___ (sid7360@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-kvwguhpsyvzwhmhp) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[12:57] <Veksi> off the shelf...
[13:00] * jjido (~jjido@dab-far1-h-1-2.dab.02.net) has joined #raspbian
[13:04] * DianNaoMao (~Icedove@p5B31662B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspbian
[13:05] * gorhgorh (~gorhgorh@ Quit (Quit: gorhgorh)
[13:06] * saint-ron (~rons@bb219-74-71-79.singnet.com.sg) has joined #raspbian
[13:06] * HD|Laptop (~Marco@ has joined #raspbian
[13:06] <HD|Laptop> hello all
[13:07] <HD|Laptop> how are the raspbian SD images built?
[13:07] <HD|Laptop> I want to reproduce the infrastructure to provide my own SD images (in essence, just a pure debian with a custom omxplayer and vlc package)
[13:08] * teran (~teran@broadband-109-173-61-206.nationalcablenetworks.ru) has joined #raspbian
[13:09] <jjido> Why don't you start from raspbian then remove the extra fat?
[13:11] <HD|Laptop> jjido, because I don't want to do this for 10+ units individually
[13:11] <HD|Laptop> this is just a prototype run, if it works OK I want to make a marketable product
[13:12] <jjido> Creating an image from an install is quite easy
[13:12] * teran (~teran@broadband-109-173-61-206.nationalcablenetworks.ru) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[13:14] <HD|Laptop> How? Just dd?
[13:15] <HD|Laptop> That messes with multiple machines and the same hostname :/
[13:16] <jjido> First hit in Google : http://www.pendrivelinux.com/create-your-own-live-linux-cd-or-usb-distribution/
[13:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> you setup one machine, pull the SD card and copy the image off it.
[13:18] <jjido> That's not exactly based on a live install though. I'm quite sure it's possible
[13:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> you can use DD to make the copy.
[13:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> err.
[13:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> dd
[13:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> it being case sensitive and all.
[13:19] <lapide_viridi> HD|Laptop, man, you just missed a creat conversation on SD cards.
[13:19] <HD|Laptop> huh?
[13:19] <HD|Laptop> anyways what about the raspi-config that is spawned with the official raspbian images upon first boot? how is that done?
[13:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> there is a configure program that runs to set that up..you can run it again later even.
[13:20] <jjido> N00bs?
[13:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> raspi-config
[13:21] <lapide_viridi> HD|Laptop, if you are interested, check the logs from 12:04 at http://plugwash.raspbian.org/logs/index.php?date=2014-12-07
[13:22] * jjido (~jjido@dab-far1-h-1-2.dab.02.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[13:23] <HD|Laptop> Hmm, the idea of keeping just a base system on the SD and the rest of the OS on a real HDD is not bad
[13:24] <HD|Laptop> format the HDD and instantly have a factory reset
[13:28] * Veksi (54f94d78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[13:42] * Veksi (54f94d78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspbian
[13:43] * ciborg (sid5739@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-uztjlpenhzosqcqf) has joined #raspbian
[13:51] <perlmonkey> ya
[13:51] <perlmonkey> good idea HD
[13:52] <perlmonkey> you could even use a smallish inexpensive laptop sized 2.5 hdd or a small ssd if your budget can stretch
[13:52] <perlmonkey> i have found an adaptor (very cheap on eBay) which turns SATA into USB
[13:52] <perlmonkey> so you could run a SATA HDD off the raspi USB
[13:53] <perlmonkey> i think you would still need a 12v psu tho for the hdd presume, as 5v wont be enough for a HDD eh
[13:53] <perlmonkey> the adaptor has TWO USB plugs and one SATA/IDE side
[13:53] * supermike___ (sid7360@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-utydvtrfqitdcmto) has joined #raspbian
[13:54] <Lambda_Aurigae> watch for those with two USB plugs...they need the power from 2 USB ports, probably approaching 800mA or so.
[13:54] <Lambda_Aurigae> I have a small external harddrive that has only one USB connector and runs fine from the rPI.
[13:54] <perlmonkey> ya I'm lucky to have loads of microUSB PSU one is 2amps
[13:55] <perlmonkey> Lambda how do you handle power to the HDD?
[13:55] <Lambda_Aurigae> through the USB connection.
[13:55] <Lambda_Aurigae> that's all it needs.
[13:55] <perlmonkey> is it feasible to power a HDD's SATA 12v from a wall-socket style adaptor 12v regulated?
[13:55] <Lambda_Aurigae> there is no external power.
[13:55] <perlmonkey> wow really?
[13:56] <perlmonkey> I thought all HDD's needed 12v
[13:56] <Lambda_Aurigae> no 12V needed on some of the small harddrives.
[13:56] <perlmonkey> phew
[13:56] <perlmonkey> awesome
[13:56] <Lambda_Aurigae> in fact, 2.5 inch drives shouldn't need 12V at all.
[13:56] * riot is now known as riot___
[13:56] <perlmonkey> is that a normal SATA laptop sized, or SSD?
[13:56] <Lambda_Aurigae> that's just for the main drive motor on 3.5inch drives.
[13:56] <perlmonkey> ahh
[13:56] <Lambda_Aurigae> normal 2.5 inch sata laptop drive.
[13:56] <perlmonkey> cool I have 4 of those drives here =)
[13:56] <perlmonkey> surplus
[13:57] <Lambda_Aurigae> some drives do pull more current than others.
[13:57] <perlmonkey> one is 250GB
[13:57] <perlmonkey> interesting
[13:57] <Lambda_Aurigae> all depends on make and model.
[13:57] <perlmonkey> i wonder if a smaller capacity one is better or a newer model
[13:57] <perlmonkey> yes
[13:57] <Lambda_Aurigae> I tried putting a different drive in my enclosure than what came with it...wouldn't work.
[13:57] <perlmonkey> you know...
[13:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> and,,the one that came in it is a 1TB drive..the one I tried is only 160GB.
[13:58] <perlmonkey> Toshiba laptops have even smaller unique? drives I think (SATA) smaller than 2.5, i discovered this recently
[13:58] <perlmonkey> some do
[13:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> there are smaller drives.
[13:58] <perlmonkey> made by Toshiba themselves
[13:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> I have a 1 inch drive.
[13:58] * w00die (~anton@broadband-109-173-124-250.nationalcablenetworks.ru) has joined #raspbian
[13:58] <perlmonkey> thats it
[13:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> it's only 5GB.
[13:59] <perlmonkey> i couldn't believe how tiny it was, that was used in Toshiba's ground breaking R500 dunno if you remember that
[13:59] <Lambda_Aurigae> came out of an mp3 player from 7 or 8 years ago.
[13:59] <Lambda_Aurigae> I also have a CF harddrive.
[13:59] <Lambda_Aurigae> 1GB compact flash spinning platter harddrive.
[13:59] <Lambda_Aurigae> sucked the batteries in my camera horribly.
[13:59] <perlmonkey> it was at the time the lightest and thinnest laptop in the world, with many world first innovations, Toshiba famously demonstrated the ultra thin screen flexibility and seemingly indestructability of it
[14:00] <perlmonkey> 'we make round rounder, fast faster' etc
[14:00] <perlmonkey> :D
[14:00] <Lambda_Aurigae> I remember them but never had one.
[14:00] <perlmonkey> i had that, and it had a MAJOR flaw
[14:01] <perlmonkey> it was a beautiful and stunning looking machine, which looked alien-tech, but it got incredibly hot, very fast, due to the ultra-thin magnesium alloy housing which didn't conduct heat well, the low-profile meant the fan was blocked on anything other than a table
[14:01] * riot___ (~riot@eris.hackerfleet.org) Quit (Quit: leaving)
[14:01] <perlmonkey> they then brought out the R400 which was another radical first, a hybrid tablet and laptop which I have here
[14:02] <perlmonkey> this is like something off the set of Starwars, has a retro kind of plastic piano white and black look, very modern, with an integrated stylus and big flat screen
[14:02] <perlmonkey> it does not get hot, but its sloooow with a centrino
[14:02] <perlmonkey> even with 4GB ram
[14:03] <Lambda_Aurigae> hehe.
[14:03] <perlmonkey> :)
[14:03] <Lambda_Aurigae> centrino...the processor with wifi built in.
[14:03] <perlmonkey> oh really, i didnt know that
[14:03] <Lambda_Aurigae> that's how it was marketed, more or less.
[14:04] <Lambda_Aurigae> intel centrino wireless
[14:04] <Lambda_Aurigae> it was the combo of the cpu and chipset that had wifi/wimax built into it.
[14:04] <perlmonkey> its actually a very good laptop, cuz the screen twists 360 and you can make it fold flat over the keyboard, and its touch screen, transflective LCD, the keyboard is good and doesn't wear (another major flaw on the R400, those keys wore off in WEEKS)
[14:04] <perlmonkey> *R500
[14:05] <Lambda_Aurigae> so learn to touchtype!
[14:05] <Lambda_Aurigae> it's not a flaw..it's a design feature to teach touch typing.
[14:05] <perlmonkey> oh you can't touch the screen physically like a normal tablet, it has a unique stylus
[14:05] * mike_t (~mike@ has joined #raspbian
[14:05] <perlmonkey> my best computer of all is still my Nokia N810, ever seen one? it was years/decades ahead
[14:06] <Lambda_Aurigae> seen but never used.
[14:06] <perlmonkey> this is actually a raspi, done well
[14:06] <Lambda_Aurigae> the slide keyboard is interesting.
[14:06] <perlmonkey> but of course, this is intended as a real tablet/pocket PC, and raspi is what is, for hobbyists and projects etc, not really comparable
[14:07] <perlmonkey> yes, very good, its like Nokia thought of everything on the design, the screen auto adjusts from a light sensor, the keyboard lights up, it has GPS and wifi and BT, but not SIM
[14:08] <perlmonkey> power seems to last ages, and it runs VERY VERY fast
[14:08] * taza (~taza@unaffiliated/taza) has joined #raspbian
[14:08] <perlmonkey> like those Casiopedia hand-helds with Windows CE, instant-on, I have every model of those
[14:08] <perlmonkey> i collected the full range *geek*
[14:09] <Lambda_Aurigae> wish I had the money for those things.
[14:09] <perlmonkey> nothing is faster than that and it runs off SD, but the embedded OS on ROM and RAM drive makes a massive difference eh
[14:09] <perlmonkey> the SD is purely for data backup and storage
[14:09] <perlmonkey> they're sooo cheap now on eBay, people regularly sell them for giveaway prices, like 5 quid / $10 each or less
[14:10] <perlmonkey> in full working order, often boxed with all accessories
[14:10] * mingtsay (uid27779@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-jylaslpxuddkikji) has joined #raspbian
[14:10] <perlmonkey> the processors and computer power is pretty awesome for the era 1990s, and also, they all have a unique and handy feature the Cassiopeias
[14:11] <Lambda_Aurigae> I buy enough toys as it is that I don't use.
[14:11] <perlmonkey> there's an instant voice memo record, which does extremely good recordings onto the SD, in very efficient wav compression with high quality sound and the mic will record a fone convo or meeting/interview, or you can just use it to record your ideas/thoughts or websites you see out and about etc
[14:11] <perlmonkey> very handy cuz pocket size
[14:12] <Lambda_Aurigae> my phone has that, more or less.
[14:12] <perlmonkey> and all the recordings are indexed and named etc, playback thru the nice speaker
[14:12] <perlmonkey> ya i guess smartfones have this now, i have an app that records fone convos automatically
[14:12] <perlmonkey> i record them all routinely then delete each week
[14:13] <perlmonkey> i just collect the tech really, i dont use it, except 1 or 2 devices as password databases
[14:13] <Lambda_Aurigae> ok..gotta go..wife can't do math
[14:13] <perlmonkey> i dont believe in storing databases/passwords on mobiles or PC's for security etc, i prefer something offline
[14:13] <perlmonkey> and SD backups
[14:13] <perlmonkey> i use little 32MB cards =)
[14:14] <perlmonkey> ok
[14:15] <Lambda_Aurigae> back
[14:15] <Lambda_Aurigae> she was measuring the kitchen with a yardstick.
[14:15] <Lambda_Aurigae> somehow she came up with 9 feet for a 16 foot measurement
[14:15] <perlmonkey> lol
[14:15] <perlmonkey> women eh
[14:16] <perlmonkey> you're using imperial, are you in USA or Oz?
[14:16] <Lambda_Aurigae> USA.
[14:16] <Lambda_Aurigae> Oz went metric some time back.
[14:16] <Lambda_Aurigae> it was metric when I was there in 87.
[14:16] <perlmonkey> we seldon use imperial now for measurements like this, its gradually disappearing
[14:17] <perlmonkey> oh
[14:17] <Lambda_Aurigae> not long before I was there though...some cars still had imperial only on the dash.
[14:17] <perlmonkey> i wonder why US doesnt go metric, you seem to hate all things from UK/Empire days
[14:17] <perlmonkey> metric is an EU thing eh
[14:17] <Lambda_Aurigae> never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
[14:17] <Veksi> I'll chime in for a bit to this HDD discussion... I'm thinking to store CAN Bus data on a RPI B+ SD card and then send it periodically (every second or so) via a GSM modem. Does anyone have experience of such a system? Should I be aware of something? I see a real HDD would be bigger, just in case. :)
[14:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> specially humans in large groups.
[14:18] <perlmonkey> we resisted it for ages, but we still stubbornly use imperial for all liquids, except milk
[14:18] <perlmonkey> oh and beer
[14:18] <perlmonkey> in cans, but not draft
[14:18] <perlmonkey> gas for cars is imperial
[14:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> Veksi, just remember, constant writes to the SD can wear it out...make sure you have one with good wear leveling.
[14:19] <perlmonkey> yeah exactly, thats why I say, SD is not the media of choice really for the main drive eh, it should be an OS flash card only, and some USB drive approach used alongside
[14:19] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, yeah...get a pint o beer...not a litre.
[14:19] <perlmonkey> i think it makes sense on a working system
[14:19] <perlmonkey> yup, no litres of beer here
[14:19] <perlmonkey> unless you go supermarket and by 2x500ml cans
[14:20] <perlmonkey> *buy
[14:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> hmm...we should put together a 1GB usb ramdisk.
[14:20] <perlmonkey> awesome
[14:20] <perlmonkey> good idea indeed
[14:20] <perlmonkey> it makes total sense having RAM drive on such a small sys for massive performance boost
[14:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> for those times when you need to write lots of data lots of times but don't care if you keep it for extended periods....like /tmp
[14:21] <perlmonkey> and an OS like TinyCore Linux that can run entirely in ramdrive
[14:21] <perlmonkey> full desktop even
[14:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> I could easily do a 1MB usb ramdrive with what I have sitting around here.
[14:22] <perlmonkey> this is why and how the devices i mentioned worked so well, and despite the passage of time, 20 odd years, are still faster than modern PC's and very usable
[14:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> 1GB would require lots more work.
[14:22] <perlmonkey> they're using ROM and RAM drive approach
[14:22] <perlmonkey> nothing is faster than RAM drive eh
[14:22] <perlmonkey> there literally is no boot time on my devices
[14:22] <perlmonkey> zero boot time
[14:23] <perlmonkey> the desktop is there when you switch it on
[14:23] <Lambda_Aurigae> very little on this machine.
[14:23] <Lambda_Aurigae> desktop in 8 seconds from full power off.
[14:23] <perlmonkey> compare that to your average laptop, and its a yawn, it seems to take an age
[14:23] <perlmonkey> heh
[14:23] <Lambda_Aurigae> linux in bios
[14:23] <perlmonkey> especially windows
[14:24] <perlmonkey> 8 secs is very good, you really optimised it well
[14:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> home grown version
[14:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> yeah.
[14:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> between the linux in bios and the high speed SSD I get a login in 8 seconds.
[14:24] <perlmonkey> there's a load of bloat and unnecessary slowness in PC's in general and Linux eh
[14:24] <perlmonkey> you can cut it down to the essentials and optimise the filesystem and partition arrangement/media type
[14:24] <HD|Laptop> well thats the price you pay for compatibility
[14:24] <perlmonkey> yes
[14:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> Veksi, post in here so everybody can see it....or did you and my client is just being stupid?
[14:25] <HD|Laptop> if I'm not mistaken you are still able to run old DOS games on plain DOS on a core i7 or whatever
[14:25] <perlmonkey> they just assume you want everything and functionality over performance
[14:25] <Veksi> Maybe there is a way to direct the CAN Bus shield to write in memory and send to the GSM module from there, and write to the disk only if the modem connection fails for a reason or another (and memory consumption grows).
[14:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> HD|Laptop, yes...I can...and have..and do.
[14:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> only, on a 64bit athlon.
[14:25] <Veksi> It was probably me messing with IRC commands.
[14:26] * perlmonkey has some very old mobo's, including pre pentium
[14:26] <Veksi> I used "/ Notice".
[14:26] <perlmonkey> and pentium I, II, III, 4, and alot of AMDs
[14:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, I have a fully functioning IBM PC/XT...complete with dual 5.25 inch floppies and 10MB hardcard!
[14:26] <perlmonkey> now I'm playing with a VIA sys
[14:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> and EGA monitor!
[14:26] <perlmonkey> :D
[14:26] <perlmonkey> my oldest PC is...
[14:27] <Lambda_Aurigae> my oldest is a commodore vic-20...that still works.
[14:27] <Lambda_Aurigae> great for playing games on my projector too!
[14:27] <Lambda_Aurigae> pixels are over 2cm across.
[14:27] <Lambda_Aurigae> 12 foot diagonal projection.
[14:27] <perlmonkey> an Apricot Xi which also 10MB winchester hdd, very little ram, kb I think... mono 10'' green screen, unknown CPU custom I think
[14:28] <perlmonkey> its running a hybrid DOS made by MS for Apricot
[14:28] <perlmonkey> which has a kind of early GUI
[14:28] <perlmonkey> this was a direct competitor to macs and was a market leader in UK and EU in early 1980s all the banks had them
[14:28] <Veksi> Lambda_Aurigae, That's a good point. Basically what I'm trying to achieve in the vehicle is described at http://www.cowfishstudios.com/blog/canned-pi-part1 .
[14:29] <perlmonkey> the keyboard has an LCD on it heh
[14:29] <Veksi> Like that, I suppose, the beginning part re-posted. :-P
[14:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> apricot used an 8086 with an 8087 math co
[14:29] <perlmonkey> thats it 8086
[14:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> wikipedia for the win.
[14:29] <perlmonkey> I also have the Apricot portable version which is very ahead of its time, matrix LCD, voice recognition, cordless keyboard
[14:30] <perlmonkey> very heavy tho and not a true portable, no battery, needed mains
[14:30] <perlmonkey> my earliest portable is a beautiful Toshiba luggable with vivid orange plasma LCD and Dos with GUI, 3.5 and no HDD
[14:30] <Veksi> I wonder if the oldest computer I have here is the Excito B3 or this PC... Hmm, probably this PC by a few years.
[14:31] <Veksi> I just take everything to recycling when I don't need stuff anymore. :)
[14:31] <perlmonkey> nooo
[14:31] <Lambda_Aurigae> I take stuff to the basement when I don't need it anymore.
[14:31] <perlmonkey> you have to preserve it, for future generations!
[14:31] <perlmonkey> its muesum tech
[14:31] <perlmonkey> ;-)
[14:32] <perlmonkey> imagine your grandchilds or theirs, finding these treasures
[14:32] <Veksi> That's something I complain to my wife about. :-P
[14:32] <perlmonkey> it would be like finding antiques from 1800s now
[14:32] <perlmonkey> tomorrows today, and todays, is tmw's antiques
[14:32] <Veksi> I want to toss everything out. A matrix, table, a chair and a PC and some other utilities and we would be good.
[14:32] <Veksi> Well, a microwave oven too.
[14:32] <perlmonkey> im sure as it gets more scarce there will be rising values and collectors in the distant future
[14:32] <perlmonkey> *tech
[14:33] <Veksi> Something for the kids to play... And so one gets stuff accumulated.
[14:33] <perlmonkey> yeah there has to be a limit, I'm getting overrun now
[14:33] <perlmonkey> I even have to take out storage hire!
[14:34] <perlmonkey> but i cant bare to part with this stuff and i keep seeing bargains i cant resist, like 3 quid for an Apricot, no bidders heh
[14:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> I'm thinking of getting rid of 6 of my 8 c-64 boxes.
[14:34] <perlmonkey> I have a ton of BASIC games and a ZX Spectrum
[14:34] <Veksi> perlmonkey, Recycle. Think that someone has to save the world. Act now!
[14:34] <perlmonkey> i never used that
[14:34] <perlmonkey> yeah I should really
[14:35] <perlmonkey> my bro says life is too short and clutter complicates it and takes up valuable room
[14:35] <perlmonkey> he likes everything minimal and tidy, one device etc
[14:35] <Veksi> perlmonkey, Yeah, I'm with him here. :)
[14:35] <perlmonkey> but i thrive in clutter and chaos
[14:36] <Veksi> Ah, brings in mind Babylon 5.
[14:36] <Veksi> Isn't there a new movie coming in a few years?
[14:36] <perlmonkey> creative types often like cluttered environments
[14:36] <perlmonkey> but for more practical thinkers, its not good
[14:36] <perlmonkey> it can cause stress
[14:37] <perlmonkey> so..
[14:37] <perlmonkey> do you guys have any interesting usages of your raspi's yet, or any projects planned?
[14:37] <perlmonkey> does anyone have the cam module?
[14:38] <perlmonkey> that looks very good value at 10 quid and high res for such a small cam, like a smartfone
[14:38] <perlmonkey> i like the idea of doing some time lapse photography or security/CCTV setup
[14:38] <perlmonkey> or just a fun office webcam
[14:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> think I might build an rPI controlled hunter-seeker robot.
[14:39] <perlmonkey> I found one of those small cameras from something, it looks exactly the same but i doubt its high res or even compatible with raspi
[14:39] <perlmonkey> Lambda wow
[14:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> need to finish my milling machine first so I can make the tracks and other associated parts out of wood easily.
[14:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> make my own Dalek!
[14:39] <perlmonkey> what would your robots purpose be?
[14:39] * soypirate (~soypirate@ has joined #raspbian
[14:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> with a nerf canon.
[14:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> to hunt down people(or cats) in my house and attack with nerf.
[14:40] <perlmonkey> there's a dalek in my local hospital, in the yard area! I was astonished to see it there, looks like a real prop from BBC
[14:40] <perlmonkey> i foto'd it
[14:40] <Veksi> perlmonkey, Yes!
[14:40] <perlmonkey> Lambda haha thats wicked
[14:41] <Lambda_Aurigae> I have all the sound bytes.
[14:41] <Lambda_Aurigae> my phone has the doctor who theme music for incoming calls.
[14:41] <perlmonkey> there's so many things you can do with a robot eh, it could spray something or do ultrasonic alarm for pests etc
[14:41] <Lambda_Aurigae> and exterminate for incoming emails.
[14:41] <perlmonkey> lol
[14:41] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, do you know what nerf guns are?
[14:42] <Veksi> I have a huge, industrial machine that has a 24 V DC battery and a CAN Bus. I have a change to connect to it and send some pre-selected data to my own server. I get only a few values, but this makes a good project.
[14:42] <perlmonkey> i will have to send your the darlek pic if I can find it
[14:42] <perlmonkey> its a good background foto big res
[14:42] <perlmonkey> it looks surreal in the hospital
[14:42] <Veksi> I just hope the CAN Bus standard is something one of the available boards can read, e.g. 2.0b or somesuch.
[14:42] <perlmonkey> nerf guns, no way?
[14:42] <perlmonkey> like shock?
[14:43] * plugwash (~plugwash@97e5befb.skybroadband.com) has joined #raspbian
[14:43] * ChanServ sets mode +o plugwash
[14:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> http://www.amazon.com/Nerf-N-Strike-Vulcan-EBF-25-Blaster/dp/B003H9MTJ6
[14:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> rubber tipped foam darts.
[14:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> there are dozens of different nerf guns out there.
[14:43] <perlmonkey> woah
[14:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> nerf rocks!
[14:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> look at the third picture down on there.
[14:44] <Veksi> That's why I'm going through some parts, such as http://www.aliexpress.com/item/USB-Buck-Converter-DC-8-22V-12V-to-5V-3A-Synchronous-Rectifier-Power-Micro-Usb-Cable/1628715309.html and considering how to arrange the power and other stuff to make this happen.
[14:44] <perlmonkey> soon you will have the US military/CIA knocking on your door, saying build us that but put these guns on it
[14:44] <perlmonkey> we'
[14:44] <perlmonkey> going after Al Queda
[14:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> hehe.
[14:45] <perlmonkey> i heard they got a lucky strike 2 days ago and took 2 more of those killers out who killed 2 US hostages
[14:45] <perlmonkey> they were trying to rescue the hostages due to be murdered, the US Navy Seals elite, but unfortunately the terrorists shot them before the Seals shot them
[14:46] <Lambda_Aurigae> I will probably go with a rubberband gun rather than nerf as it is cheaper...can make it myself.
[14:46] <Lambda_Aurigae> yeah..that was on the news this morning.
[14:46] <perlmonkey> that guy (UK citizen but Egytian) who cut off the US guys heads and Brit, has been bombed up by US
[14:46] <perlmonkey> we think he's dead
[14:47] <Veksi> They had a bit flawed logic when they declared that "the West and the U.S." shouldn't come there to disrupt their peaceful ways of living with their warmachines. What? Peaceful? They are slaughtering people! It's like watching across the street people getting mugged and thinking, should I do something? Of course one should!
[14:47] <perlmonkey> exactly Veksi! such is the low intelligence of these cretins eh
[14:47] * Hopper (~Hopper@ has joined #raspbian
[14:47] <perlmonkey> they think violence is ok for religion and we won't or shouldn't act
[14:48] <perlmonkey> until everyone is free from that, we wont stop going after them
[14:48] <Lambda_Aurigae> if we would drop all the political crap and let the military do what they are trained to do then this whole al quaeda and isil thing could be done in a couple months at most...
[14:48] <perlmonkey> they're criminals and terrorists, plain and simple, there's no discussion or reasoning with them
[14:49] <Lambda_Aurigae> a full scale military incursion from the US military could end it....but due to political bullshit we can't do it right.
[14:49] <perlmonkey> i think so too, the SAS and Delta Force could wipe out these people if they had gloves off to speak
[14:49] <perlmonkey> that would cause a lot of collateral damage sure, but save a lot of money and lives in long term
[14:49] <Lambda_Aurigae> I was in the USAF during desert storm.
[14:49] <perlmonkey> these guys are trained to do this, to deal with terrorists
[14:50] <Lambda_Aurigae> we knew where Saddam was every minute of every day of that war...we could have taken him down at any time in a matter of minutes.
[14:50] <perlmonkey> but they need the freedom to say ok, all options are open, go in there and get those guys shutdown
[14:50] <perlmonkey> wow
[14:50] <Lambda_Aurigae> hell, we had at least 2 people that I know of on his personal staff!
[14:50] * perlmonkey praises Lambda
[14:50] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[14:50] <perlmonkey> much kudos
[14:50] <Lambda_Aurigae> but due to politics, we couldn't take him down and be done with it.
[14:50] <perlmonkey> its one think to talk, another to be there and do it
[14:50] * w00die (~anton@broadband-109-173-124-250.nationalcablenetworks.ru) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[14:51] <perlmonkey> :(
[14:51] <Lambda_Aurigae> now,,,if we had that during the first gulf war time....tell me that we didn't have it during the second goround...
[14:51] <perlmonkey> like Bin Laden eh, he was harboured in Pakistan for ages, everyone knew he was there and Pakistan gov certainly did
[14:51] <Lambda_Aurigae> there is no flippin way we didn't know where he and his brothers were the whole time....when he "got away"
[14:51] <perlmonkey> yet the US and UK couldnt use drones
[14:52] <Lambda_Aurigae> I would bet a month's pay that we knew where Bin Laden was the whole time....
[14:52] <Lambda_Aurigae> hell, WE TRAINED HIM!
[14:52] <perlmonkey> me too
[14:52] <perlmonkey> he was in a huge mansion! all the local pak generals knew he was there
[14:52] <perlmonkey> its impossible our intelligence didnt know
[14:52] <Lambda_Aurigae> the US government trained Bin Laden and his group when they were fighting the USSR incursion into Afganistan!
[14:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> we provided CIA trainers, money, and weapons to Bin Laden and his group!
[14:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> it's documented, and the documents are public knowledge.
[14:53] <perlmonkey> thats right, we created these monsters eh, Saddam too and Iran went to republic mode and we lost the oil, so we backed Saddam
[14:53] <Veksi> Hmm, I read one of the reasons ISIS had such a strong start for their campaign was that the local security structure collapsed over-night in many places when the local, sleeping cells activated. Basically it was hundreds of young, angry men up in arms over night, some were even moles in local police, and security apparatus.
[14:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> yup.
[14:54] <perlmonkey> you know..
[14:54] <Lambda_Aurigae> Veksi, yes yes...
[14:54] <Veksi> Going that route would mean killing a lot of people, killing fathers would bring angry sons etc.
[14:54] <perlmonkey> ive discovered shocking stuff, it runs a lot deeper than politics, its largely about oil control and oil funded, BP is a major operator in middle east and other US oil majors, they fund the gov's military!! and even regimes etc
[14:54] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[14:55] <perlmonkey> these oil corps have immense power
[14:55] <Lambda_Aurigae> now, personally, I don't feel bad about the religious missionaries going into places they KNOW to be war zones and getting themselves killed.
[14:55] <perlmonkey> people dont know the half of it, BP and CIA worked together, then against each other
[14:55] <perlmonkey> in 1960s and 1970s
[14:55] <Veksi> Everyone understands when money talks. It's the one universal language.
[14:56] <perlmonkey> BP is now allied to Russia eh
[14:56] <perlmonkey> in some very dodgy deals and people
[14:56] <perlmonkey> cuz US has shunned BP
[14:56] <perlmonkey> and BP felt vunerable to a takeover
[14:56] <Veksi> Energy equals money, for the time being energy is a lot about oil.
[14:56] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, BP pissed off the USA with the big oil spill in the gulf a few years back.
[14:56] <perlmonkey> BP has enough oil reserves to provide the entire world alone for 1 day it says
[14:57] <Lambda_Aurigae> pissed off a lot of american people, not just the government.
[14:57] <perlmonkey> and that 60 billion fine US did to break BP's back, was just 1/5th of their annual profits
[14:57] <perlmonkey> the biggest fine in history
[14:57] <perlmonkey> and BP just shrugged it off
[14:57] <Lambda_Aurigae> and it's hurting their sales across the country....we have BP owned gas stations across the country and they are closing down constantly because people refuse to go to them.
[14:58] <Veksi> Appropriately nerdy and naturally off-topic links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kondratiev_wave .
[14:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> now, people still buy their other products without realizing they are made by BP, but,,,
[14:58] <perlmonkey> BP is really badly tainted in US now, but their position was always ambiguous being British oil mayor with British in the name!
[14:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> yeah.
[14:58] <perlmonkey> formerly gov owned and its rumoured still partially gov owned, they re-branded in US immediately to Beyond Petroleum
[14:59] <perlmonkey> British in their name would be toxic in US
[14:59] <Lambda_Aurigae> if they changed name by starting a sub company or something they would be back in here in force.
[14:59] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, it's still BP on the signs though...and the logo hasn't changed...so everybody associates it with the old name.
[14:59] <perlmonkey> I think they will, maybe takeover US corps smaller or else diversify
[15:00] <perlmonkey> they cant be the same power in US they once were, but now they're funding the UK military to take oil off the falklands coast, theres rumoured to be a massive reserve there
[15:00] <perlmonkey> its strange how..
[15:00] <Lambda_Aurigae> our fuel prices just dropped massively.
[15:01] <Lambda_Aurigae> from 3.45 USD per gallon down to 2.45 USD per gallon in just about 2 weeks.
[15:01] <perlmonkey> UK gov says its broke like US, and all these cut-backs, yet UK orders 3 60,000 ton carriers, the biggest ever, 3 new nuclear subs with a brand new better tridant nuclear weapon system, and 1,000, yes, 1,000 eurofighters
[15:01] <perlmonkey> if that is not preparing for war, i dont know what is
[15:01] <perlmonkey> the UK does not need all that, its funded by BP to protect their off-shore activities in South Atlantic from Argentina invasion threats
[15:01] <kingi> that's not rpi talk
[15:01] <perlmonkey> sorry
[15:02] <Lambda_Aurigae> kingi, if you have rPI talk...TALK!
[15:02] <Veksi> Recession in the EU and China probably has a lot to do with it. The Russians, of course, speculate the massive drop in crude oil price is Western scheme.
[15:02] <Lambda_Aurigae> hehe
[15:02] <perlmonkey> the UK military is now 2nd only to US again
[15:02] <Lambda_Aurigae> we are just filling dead air time.
[15:02] <perlmonkey> in power and spending, but there's no threat or war on horizon
[15:03] <perlmonkey> i bet you BP is writing some of the cheques
[15:03] <perlmonkey> its in their interests to have a powerful UK military, especially as BP goes into North Antartic with Russia to look for more oil
[15:04] <perlmonkey> with 7 countries competing/claiming rival areas
[15:04] <Veksi> kingi, Ah, I see, there's a rule to speak mostly about RPI... Long time ago, when I spent more time in IRC, I remember the signal-to-noise ratio was quite low. :) In any event, I did ponder about RPI. Especially to having a suitable step-down regulator from 24 V DC (probably can spike to 28 V DC max., I'm not sure) to what, 5 V suitable for a RPI B+, I gather.
[15:05] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, here's something really stupid for you to consider...one of the guys I work with is one of these religious fundie idiots...he said we need to stop drilling for oil on the earth and instead start drilling for oil on the moon!
[15:05] <perlmonkey> lol
[15:05] <perlmonkey> bizarre
[15:05] <Lambda_Aurigae> more like idiot...doesn't realize how oil is formed...refuses to accept any idea but the "fact" that god put it there.
[15:05] * perlmonkey needs a step down regulator from 40v to 12v, hard to come by
[15:06] <perlmonkey> I have some mega bright 12v LED's, surface mount, bright as car lamps
[15:06] <Lambda_Aurigae> not hard to come by...just a bit pricy.
[15:06] <perlmonkey> ya
[15:06] <perlmonkey> it has to be stable, cuz its gonna run with raspi
[15:06] <perlmonkey> and an e-bike controller
[15:06] <Veksi> perlmonkey, Hmm, I think I saw something that operated on a lot wider scale, but one of the combinations was that...
[15:06] <Lambda_Aurigae> but wouldn't be too difficult to make a buck converter to do it.
[15:07] <Veksi> So, though I don't have link, I'd say it exists. :-P
[15:07] <perlmonkey> Veksi cool I would like to see, i better look on eBay
[15:07] <perlmonkey> most ive seen stop short of 40v, usually 35-37-39
[15:07] <perlmonkey> heh
[15:07] <perlmonkey> i need a margin of error, im using a 40v li-on battery with massive current, 10Ah
[15:08] <perlmonkey> it puts out 36v
[15:08] * kohadon (~kohadon@ADijon-654-1-169-102.w92-130.abo.wanadoo.fr) has joined #raspbian
[15:08] <perlmonkey> i wonder how long that would power a raspi if downed to 5v ;-)
[15:08] <perlmonkey> weeks? months>?
[15:08] <Veksi> http://www.pololu.com/category/131/step-down-voltage-regulators
[15:08] <Lambda_Aurigae> depends on how it's converted perlmonkey
[15:09] <Veksi> It was that kind of charts I was looking at.
[15:09] <perlmonkey> we're all into sustainability now eh, in our thinking and projects
[15:09] <perlmonkey> and having power resilience and uptime is good advantage
[15:10] <Lambda_Aurigae> nice little buck converters there.
[15:10] <perlmonkey> we could use solar trickle to charge, i have 24v10ah batteries li-on costing 90 quid
[15:10] <perlmonkey> about 130 USD
[15:10] <Veksi> But don't listen to me me too closely here. I have only superficial knowledge of this stuff (being a SW guy). And I can even mess up some terms when translating from Finnish to English. :D
[15:10] <kohadon> Hi there, I will buy a Raspberry pi B+ for christmas, I wonder which is the best store to get a starter kit in France...
[15:11] <perlmonkey> you probably know more than me! I have only minor background in electronics industry, no formal qualifications, I worked for Omron and programmed EPROMS on their EPOS systems
[15:11] <Lambda_Aurigae> farnell maybe?
[15:11] <perlmonkey> and eventually became quality control manager
[15:11] <Lambda_Aurigae> I just fix copiers for a living..
[15:11] <perlmonkey> I have a farnell account, they do free delivery even on a 3p resister, awesome
[15:11] <perlmonkey> no minimum spend in UK
[15:11] <gordonDrogon> perlmonkey, my 15Ah battery pack powers a Pi model B for about 24 hours.
[15:12] <perlmonkey> Lamdba cool, i knew a guy who did that and made a good living taking broken ones and recycling and then leasing out
[15:12] <perlmonkey> i even leased one off him back in the day
[15:12] <Lambda_Aurigae> I take parts from broken ones to use in robotics work.
[15:12] <perlmonkey> interesting
[15:12] <Veksi> Hmm, I studied some electronics and stuff at the Uni, just some mandatory stuff. Life's so short and there's a lot of interesting stuff around. I'd like to delve in algorithms more, but then again, electronics would make a good hobby too. :)
[15:12] * Mogwai (~mogwai@ has joined #raspbian
[15:12] * feeshon (~feeshon@ool-45731607.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[15:12] <Lambda_Aurigae> all the motors and solenoids and steppers are 24V though.
[15:13] <perlmonkey> its amazing what parts you can salvage eh and how they can used for stuff in raspi... for example, i have a crappy chinese webcam, the wifi type on stepper motors remote movable
[15:13] <Lambda_Aurigae> but lots of high power mosfets to play with too!
[15:13] <perlmonkey> the camera sensor is terrible
[15:13] <perlmonkey> so i may open it up and recycle it
[15:13] * feeshon (~feeshon@ool-45731607.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspbian
[15:13] <Lambda_Aurigae> I have a shed full of PIECES
[15:14] * Hopper (~Hopper@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[15:14] <Lambda_Aurigae> and a few parts too.
[15:14] <Veksi> I would think you guys know more than me. For sake of just doing something and I see you have functioning brains that absorb knowledge.
[15:14] <perlmonkey> I have collected loads of stepper motors out of things, as i know how expensive these can be new bigger ones
[15:14] <kohadon> farnell is the worst site to search something...
[15:14] <perlmonkey> it really is bad I agree
[15:14] <perlmonkey> farnell to fix that
[15:14] <Lambda_Aurigae> Veksi, I've been doing electronics since I was 8..computers since I was 12.
[15:15] <kohadon> May I ask where you buy your Rasp ?
[15:16] <Lambda_Aurigae> newegg.com for me.
[15:16] <Lambda_Aurigae> but I'm in the USA.
[15:16] <perlmonkey> Lamdba my first job in electronics was fresh from school aged 16 as a trainee, and i worked for a small company that specialised in covert security, and we had a contract with MI6 and the secret services/special forces and cops, all sorts of interesting characters would come, and we worked on James Bond style radio kits and cordless earpieces etc
[15:16] <perlmonkey> back in late 80s
[15:16] <Lambda_Aurigae> hehe.
[15:16] <Lambda_Aurigae> I went into the USAF straight out of school....military intel.
[15:17] <perlmonkey> they would bring in kit all smashed up and i'd go, what the hell do you do with this stuff, and the guy was like.. best you dont ask
[15:17] <Lambda_Aurigae> "I could tell you but I would have to kill you first."
[15:17] <perlmonkey> can you fix it? i'd say no
[15:17] <perlmonkey> lol
[15:17] <perlmonkey> yeah that sort of thing, official secrets act in UK
[15:17] <perlmonkey> they're sworn to it
[15:17] <Lambda_Aurigae> that was our unofficial motto...was up on the wall in the vault where I worked for a while.
[15:17] <perlmonkey> lol
[15:18] <perlmonkey> did you get to fly any of the jets in the USAF?
[15:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> I wasn't a pilot.
[15:18] <perlmonkey> but like passenger
[15:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> have to have a 4 year degree to become an officer and have to be an officer to be a pilot.
[15:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> yeah..I got to fly in several.
[15:19] <Lambda_Aurigae> but not pilot them.
[15:19] <perlmonkey> that amazes me how those guys can stand the G forces and the turns they do, its seems super-human ability
[15:19] <Lambda_Aurigae> science dude...science.
[15:19] <perlmonkey> they must be so fit and well trained, not to vomit or black out
[15:19] <Lambda_Aurigae> g-suit!
[15:19] <perlmonkey> they go like 1,300 mph eh, a normal jet passenger is like 400mph top
[15:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> going 1300mph is nothing.
[15:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> TURNING at 1300mph, however,,,that's something.
[15:20] <perlmonkey> i live right near the RAF and SAS bases, i see the eurofighters and tornados fly over sometimes
[15:20] <perlmonkey> they make your belly vibrate
[15:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> got to go up in the nav seat in an F-15 once.
[15:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> was at an air show..
[15:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> had the full g-suit on and everything..
[15:21] <perlmonkey> wow
[15:21] <perlmonkey> did you experience the G forces?
[15:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> got in and the pilot told me, "If you puke in my plane you are cleaning it."
[15:21] <perlmonkey> lol
[15:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> my reply was, "I haven't eaten since lunch yesterday." he said, "Good man!"
[15:21] <perlmonkey> good start
[15:21] <perlmonkey> did you gut wrench tho?
[15:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> as we were taxiing out to take off he radios to the tower and asks for permission for "Radical vertical ascent"
[15:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> yeah.
[15:22] <perlmonkey> oh man
[15:22] <perlmonkey> its just not natural eh, on your body, your brain goes wtf is happening
[15:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> when he said that I said, "No way!" and he said, "yup" and punched it.
[15:22] <perlmonkey> lol
[15:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> we were a couple hundred feet off the runway and he turned the thing nose straight up and hit full throttle and afterburners..
[15:22] <perlmonkey> shit
[15:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> the F-15, at the time, was the only fighter jet in the world that could ACCELERATE Vertically
[15:23] <Lambda_Aurigae> 2.1 to 1 power to weight ration I do believe.
[15:23] <perlmonkey> did you feel the rapid altitude change?
[15:23] <perlmonkey> how was it like?
[15:23] <Lambda_Aurigae> oh yeah.
[15:23] <Lambda_Aurigae> from 100 feet to 10000 feet in nothing flat.
[15:23] <perlmonkey> even at 40k feet dropping suddenly to 20k you feel it bad eh
[15:23] <Lambda_Aurigae> like getting punched in the chest by a mac truck.
[15:23] <perlmonkey> i cant even imagine those vertical jet ascents and descents in fighter jets
[15:24] <perlmonkey> damn
[15:24] <perlmonkey> thats some serious stress on the body eh
[15:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> we did a couple of 4G turns and some fun rolls and such.
[15:24] <perlmonkey> did they check you for heart health etc?
[15:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> I blacked out twice.
[15:24] <perlmonkey> :-O
[15:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> oh, yeah..had to go through full flight medical before and after.
[15:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> the worst was the red out.
[15:25] <perlmonkey> i would LOVE to try the eurofighter but i would say, no fancy stuff, just fly straight line, full speed
[15:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> when we pulled negative 3G.
[15:25] <perlmonkey> that would do me ;-) im a whimp
[15:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> all the blood flows to your head.
[15:25] <perlmonkey> maybe a slower asscent would be fun to the max and then a low fly over
[15:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> flying straight and level, roll it upside down and push it over in an outside loop.
[15:25] <perlmonkey> upside down, NO WAY
[15:26] <perlmonkey> i'd say, fuk dat, let me out
[15:26] <perlmonkey> lol
[15:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> we flew upside down as much as right side up during that flight.
[15:26] <perlmonkey> is upside down more likely to make you vomit
[15:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> but when you are upside down and they push the stick forward and you do an outside loop it is like you are being pulled out of your seat.
[15:26] <perlmonkey> cuz all your body is just, well wrong
[15:26] * skarn (skarn@unaffiliated/skarn) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[15:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> only if you have food in your stomach.
[15:26] <perlmonkey> upside down with all forces
[15:27] <perlmonkey> does the seat move to compensate for the forces?
[15:27] <Lambda_Aurigae> http://www.rc-airplane-world.com/image-files/rc-outside-loop.gif
[15:27] <Lambda_Aurigae> no...you have a 5 point harness holding you in.
[15:27] <perlmonkey> oh
[15:28] <perlmonkey> thats strange, I'd have thought they would invent a seat on rails that moves and has springs eh to go up and down and moves around a lot
[15:28] <Lambda_Aurigae> over both shoulders, around the waist from both sides, and one between your legs.
[15:28] <perlmonkey> but maybe that adds in extra layers of risk
[15:28] <perlmonkey> in a 160 million dollar plane eh
[15:28] <Lambda_Aurigae> the plane moves and bounces around enough as it is.
[15:29] <perlmonkey> the amount of tech in those jets is fairly overwhelming too eh
[15:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> yup.
[15:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> afterwards I went back to flying my 60 million dollar satellites.
[15:29] <perlmonkey> its like you need to be a puter pro and scientist, and air pilot and super fit, all rolled into one
[15:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> safe in my vault.
[15:29] <perlmonkey> :D
[15:30] <perlmonkey> im scared of heights, terrified right..
[15:30] <Lambda_Aurigae> me too.
[15:30] <Yohio> is it normal that after plugging in a WLAN dongle (while wired network is plugged in as well) irssi + screen on RPi feels laggier?
[15:30] <Lambda_Aurigae> but I learned to work around it.
[15:30] <Lambda_Aurigae> Yohio, I haven't experienced that.
[15:30] <perlmonkey> and i was scared of flying, always put it off.. i was sure i'd freak out, but once i was in the plane I LOVED it, from takeover, to 40k, i was gazing out the window in wonder, i enjoyed the flight more than the actual holiday!
[15:30] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:31] <Yohio> I've had this setup for a while and yesterday I plugged in the wlan dongle and got it working
[15:31] <perlmonkey> the landing in Gibraltar was a BITCH tho, my ears never hurt so bad before and took a week to recover, apparently its normal every landing is bad there
[15:31] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, my way to work out my fear of heights....I jumped out of a few perfectly good airplanes with a piece of silk and a few hundred feet of string between me and certain death.
[15:31] <perlmonkey> due to two oceans on either side and extreme pressure
[15:31] <Yohio> top doesn't show anything CPU-related going on
[15:31] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) has joined #raspbian
[15:31] <Lambda_Aurigae> Yohio, very strange.
[15:31] <Yohio> and the funny thing is the loads are pretty normal too
[15:31] * DianNaoMao (~Icedove@p5B31662B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: DianNaoMao)
[15:32] <Yohio> it is
[15:32] <Veksi> Lambda_Aurigae, Ah, that's interesting. My military background is the quite ordinary one year. In armoured recoissance. :)
[15:32] <perlmonkey> Lambda brave man
[15:32] <Veksi> Had take a break, children making ruckus and then being quiet (it's a sign they are up to something)...
[15:32] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, not really...first time you jump is easy
[15:32] <perlmonkey> i hope I never get pressed into the military
[15:32] <Lambda_Aurigae> the second time is a bitch!
[15:32] <Lambda_Aurigae> I volunteered.
[15:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> 5 years.
[15:33] <Yohio> i wouldn't mind otherwise but I'm planning on dropping the ethernet connection completely at some point, as I don't wired internet near the place where I'm placing the RPi
[15:33] <perlmonkey> my grandfather used to tell me stories of WWII he volunteered aged 20
[15:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> Yohio, mine is wireless only and I have no problems with it.
[15:33] <Yohio> i guess I could try disconnecting the ethernet and rebooting
[15:33] <perlmonkey> he said the army was best years of his life, and the worse hell ever imaginable
[15:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, my grandfather was at perl harbor when it was attacked...and my father volunteered for 2 tours in vietnam doing search and rescue for downed aircrews...and my son is an army ranger.
[15:34] <perlmonkey> :-O you have a proper military family background eh
[15:34] <perlmonkey> like a tradition
[15:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> great grandfather was in the mounted cavalry.
[15:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> yup.
[15:34] <perlmonkey> did your great grandfather fight in the civil war or against the Mexicans?
[15:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> against mexicans I would think.
[15:35] <perlmonkey> Mexico extended as far as California and Texas eh, hard to imagine
[15:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> his grandfather was a medicine man who rode with sitting bull.
[15:36] <perlmonkey> that battle in Texas, was like the ...drift one in Africa with the British v Zulus
[15:36] <Lambda_Aurigae> my great grandfather was also a texas ranger after he got out of the cavalry...and he died in prison for murder.
[15:36] <perlmonkey> massively out numbered, impossible odds, but they formed a column and just continuously fired and held the fort
[15:37] <Lambda_Aurigae> he came home from work as a ranger one day,,,found his wife and best friend in bed together...shot them both in bed with his service revolver...then turned himself in and confessed.
[15:37] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, you are talking about the battle of the alamo.
[15:37] <perlmonkey> yes
[15:37] <perlmonkey> was it like I said?
[15:37] <Lambda_Aurigae> 150 or so men against 3000.
[15:37] <Lambda_Aurigae> yeah.
[15:37] <perlmonkey> few US against massive Mexican force
[15:37] <perlmonkey> woah
[15:37] <Lambda_Aurigae> finally got overrun and killed to a man.
[15:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> after like 7 days or something like that.
[15:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> my history is a bit rusty.
[15:38] * pi1 (~pi@ Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[15:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> 13 days.
[15:38] <perlmonkey> but if a well trained army unit, even with musket rifles forms a column, it can be devastating, its like a human-maxim gun eh
[15:38] <perlmonkey> the one row fires over the other row, and so on, 10 deep
[15:38] * rela (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela) has joined #raspbian
[15:38] <perlmonkey> continous hail of bullets
[15:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> yup.
[15:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> a fortified location can be held by a few men if it is done right.
[15:39] <perlmonkey> yeah, they said in Africa, the 200 or so British soldiers left the fort with few casualities, and the zulu dead was piled several feet high
[15:40] <perlmonkey> a sea of dead bodies, some still half alive
[15:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> the alamo was overrun...
[15:40] <perlmonkey> the men were saddened
[15:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> "Most eyewitness accounts reported between 182 and 257 Texians dead, while most historians of the Alamo agree that around 600 Mexicans were killed or wounded."
[15:40] <perlmonkey> but they went around with revolvers and finished them off
[15:40] <perlmonkey> it was the only kind thing to do
[15:40] <perlmonkey> a priest was there
[15:41] <perlmonkey> and he said, its an ungodly thing I'm seeing, what we've done
[15:41] <perlmonkey> he prayed to god on his knees for mercy
[15:41] * CEnnis91 (uid3543@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-rkbhjblqbvgsxxzl) has joined #raspbian
[15:42] <perlmonkey> what happened to the alamo I thought they held it and reinforcements came?
[15:42] <perlmonkey> its still standing eh, a scared monument
[15:42] <perlmonkey> *sacred
[15:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> there is a nice detailed wikipedia article on it.
[15:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> part of it is still there...
[15:43] <perlmonkey> did the Mexicans have rifles? the Zulu's did against the British but couldn't fire more than once and they didn't like them and said its not a warriers weapon
[15:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> they had rifles and cannon.
[15:43] <perlmonkey> woah
[15:43] <perlmonkey> they used mortar on the fort eh
[15:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> anyhow...time to go do something that looks like work.
[15:44] <perlmonkey> ok
[15:44] <perlmonkey> thanks for the chat
[15:45] <perlmonkey> Lambda, before I go..
[15:45] <perlmonkey> puzzling question, maybe having a military background and history you might understand better
[15:45] * Natch (~Natch@c-0ecce155.25-4-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[15:47] <perlmonkey> you know from history how Britain and France had the long standing battles over centuries, major battles in the field with musket riflemen, in the 1700s mostly... well the French strategy was always the same, a line... to march in a straight line, whilst the British was very different, always to form a tight column with the aim of breaking the French line
[15:47] <perlmonkey> the French would always run once the line was broken or firing started, why didnt they adapt and use columns too? it seems illogical strategy to march into a column in a straight line
[15:48] <perlmonkey> like horizontal line I mean
[15:48] <perlmonkey> I think the French thought, if they could get past the column and surround/flank it, they could form columns then maybe>?
[15:49] <perlmonkey> and attack from the rear also
[15:50] <perlmonkey> Wellington would say to his men before the battle as the drums beat from the French line... 'stand firm and hold your position, the French will not stand!'
[15:52] <ShorTie> blaaa, dist-upgrade breaks jessie
[15:52] <perlmonkey> if the French used cavalary first as they often did, the British would break the column formation quick and form a line like the French
[15:52] <perlmonkey> or a curve
[15:53] <perlmonkey> ShortTie your SD is dead?
[15:53] <perlmonkey> what is jessie?
[15:53] <perlmonkey> dist-upgrades make me VERY nervous, so many times in past its hosed a perfectly good system
[15:53] <perlmonkey> esp nvidia driver issues
[15:53] <perlmonkey> im reluctant to do it now, I'd sooner keep an older version
[15:54] <ShorTie> no, sdcard is fine
[15:54] <perlmonkey> oh just the app got messed?
[15:54] <ShorTie> jessie is the testing version of raspbian i guess
[15:55] <perlmonkey> oh the entire distro got hosed??
[15:55] <ShorTie> will not boot after upgrade
[15:55] <perlmonkey> :(
[15:55] <ShorTie> ya, really, lol.
[15:55] <perlmonkey> did you install the boot manager
[15:55] <perlmonkey> lilo or the other
[15:56] <ShorTie> boot manager ??
[15:56] <perlmonkey> and is that card bootable
[15:56] <ShorTie> it twas
[15:56] <perlmonkey> oh sorry im getting confused, im thinking in general Linux terms not raspbian
[15:56] <ShorTie> think it's dbus
[15:57] <perlmonkey> well its no biggie I guess, you can format that with the SD format app and reflash this card eh
[15:57] <perlmonkey> but if the distro is bad, maybe thats an issue, it is testing tho
[15:57] <ShorTie> just reflashing works
[15:57] <perlmonkey> oh
[15:57] <perlmonkey> just not the upgrade eh
[15:57] <ShorTie> Yuppers ... :)
[15:57] <ShorTie> just broke in the last couple of days
[15:57] <ShorTie> last weekend was fine
[15:57] <perlmonkey> it prolly worked but didnt do something needed to make it boot, ive had that before
[15:58] <perlmonkey> it took some minor manual intervention, one command
[15:58] <perlmonkey> what do you use your raspi for?
[15:58] <ShorTie> oh well, back to the chicks, got some heaters to get workin
[15:59] * perlmonkey is pleased to know the 2.5'' HDD can run off USB alone with no external PSU
[16:00] <perlmonkey> VNC is still running good too
[16:01] * perlmonkey wonders how long before the Chinese clone the raspi or do something similar and cheaper if they havent already
[16:01] <perlmonkey> and why doesn't raspi have the Queen's Award for Enterprise and Innovation
[16:02] <perlmonkey> if a project is ever more deserving, its this one
[16:02] <Veksi> I agree.
[16:02] <perlmonkey> she gives out those awards to all kinds of crap companies
[16:02] <lapide_viridi> Does anyone remember a comic strip where someone drops their table and it disappears? Can't find it anymore.
[16:03] * vagrantc (~vagrant@freegeek/vagrantc) has joined #raspbian
[16:03] * ChanServ sets mode +o vagrantc
[16:03] <Veksi> This does wonders for startups which do not have a lot of cash to disperse around. I can already see my path from RPI to Arduino, I needed, perhaps Beaglebone too. :-P
[16:04] * perlmonkey has a bicycle (electric) which is like the Tardis in reverse
[16:04] <perlmonkey> it goes from big to mega small
[16:04] <perlmonkey> in a way that doesn'
[16:04] <perlmonkey> t seem physically possible
[16:05] <perlmonkey> now if I can get a raspi on it with BT and python code to Android, i'll be asking the queen for the award myself
[16:06] <perlmonkey> the bike is being done out with mock police livery signage this week and one being delivered for trial
[16:06] <perlmonkey> if the cops like this, their CSO volunteers, and im sure they will, it could be a huge contract for 100s
[16:08] * perlmonkey has decided 24v is not sufficient for the cops, 36v is better
[16:08] * oberstet (~quassel@ppp-88-217-43-161.dynamic.mnet-online.de) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:09] <perlmonkey> max speed is 12mph on 24v and 15mph on 36v and 20-22 pedalling
[16:09] <Veksi> perlmonkey, You'll become a bicycle tycoon and save the world -- for a nominal fee that allows you to have a decent (tycoonish) life.
[16:09] <perlmonkey> :D yes!!
[16:09] <perlmonkey> i dont want to make much money or profit, i formed a non-profit company
[16:10] <perlmonkey> just a reasonable income and saving the tax-payers money is enough for me
[16:10] <perlmonkey> i have idea for an industrial trike tho for Royal Mail and warehouses, which could be profit
[16:10] <Veksi> There must be a high-paying CEO somewhere that complains now you have ruined a perfectly profitable arrangement with that one.
[16:11] <perlmonkey> hehe yes i expect so, its hard to compete with non-profit orgs
[16:12] <perlmonkey> the cops (my force in this county) have a budget of 300 million GBP, about $450 USD million
[16:12] <perlmonkey> but next year, they been told, to cut that budget by 1/3
[16:13] <perlmonkey> the cops say its impossible without compromising police service and public safety
[16:13] <perlmonkey> but i have the solution for them
[16:13] <Veksi> Mm, it seem to be your timing is good.
[16:14] <perlmonkey> they told me they cant retain CSO's these volunteer police officers, they have a high turnover which costs money in training etc, but these CSO does the vital community police patrolling
[16:14] <Veksi> perlmonkey, But then there's someone, the one who gets to decide, thinking that this isn't something that have done before, so it can't be done now. Safer to just reduce people or save on pens and paper or something.
[16:14] <perlmonkey> what better incentive to get more and retain them, than a police e-bike they can use at home too!
[16:14] <Veksi> Saving money, not spending, sounds always better.
[16:14] <perlmonkey> im prepared to lease the bikes to the cops over 3 years, for just 350 quid a year
[16:14] <perlmonkey> then they owned them after year 3
[16:15] <perlmonkey> yeah, i have to package this so it saves money
[16:15] <Veksi> :D
[16:15] <perlmonkey> first if they have e-bikes, they need less cars, or less use of cars
[16:16] <perlmonkey> and they will have more CSOs and CSO's capable of covering bigger distances, doing more hours work, and emergency call outs
[16:16] <perlmonkey> due to the power of e-bikes over pedal power alone
[16:16] * Crabby (~Crabby@ has left #raspbian
[16:16] <perlmonkey> the force also has a unique challenge ontop of the budget cutback one
[16:17] <perlmonkey> it is the 2nd largest rural force area in UK and has the smallest manpower size in all of the large rural forces, only 10k officers
[16:17] <perlmonkey> the size in UK terms is immense area to police and much of it hard to reach by car
[16:17] <Veksi> Yeah, you need a good story to tell the one who looks at the balance sheet and sees the CAPEX, OPEX, CTC etc.
[16:18] <perlmonkey> yes exactly, its got to be a real proper financial presentation not just the practical side of the bike and its advantages
[16:18] <perlmonkey> i need a lot of data and help
[16:18] * Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
[16:18] <perlmonkey> i will consult with the FSB, im a member, federation of small businesses
[16:19] <Veksi> I see you are doing it right.
[16:19] <perlmonkey> it has huge resources, 10s of millions, 85 full time lawyers, they offered me a job
[16:19] <Veksi> As far as I can see it from here.
[16:19] <perlmonkey> thanks Veksi, there is a weak link tho
[16:21] <Veksi> perlmonkey, Probably plenty ones. Do you know to whom to call to make a contact? What if someone is just having a bad day and you won't get a proper audience (after which you are just the guy who won't understand "not interested") etc. etc.
[16:21] <perlmonkey> the bicycle manufacturer, a British firm... the bike is great, but the firm is not.. they wont agree to any written proper manufacturing/supply agreement, their stock is limited to 100 bikes, and they said the bike is phased out of production now, but promised it could be resumed for me exclusively, in production runs as small as 50 bikes at a fixed price... now they u-turned, and said they sold the patents to Japanese firm and its up to
[16:22] <Veksi> They aren't interested in money, I see.
[16:22] <perlmonkey> i met with the police already..
[16:23] <perlmonkey> showed them a bike
[16:23] <perlmonkey> it was a CSO tho, not a senior officer..but I did speak and write to seniors, they said.. the way the police works is this..
[16:24] <perlmonkey> we cant even sit on that bike, trial it, endorse it in any way, or do anything, without approval from the Chief Constable, he's the man at the top who runs the force and you must see him and put your proposal to him, but the Police Commissioner also has some influence over the Chief, so you can try him first maybe
[16:25] <perlmonkey> yeah the firm who makes the bikes said..
[16:25] * kohadon (~kohadon@ADijon-654-1-169-102.w92-130.abo.wanadoo.fr) has left #raspbian
[16:26] <perlmonkey> it had poor sales, they have wiped their hands of it, would be glad to give me exclusive contract and agreed a price, 400 gbp per bike, with credit terms for a police contract over 3 years
[16:26] <perlmonkey> so it was all looking sweet and good, until they dropped the bomb shell last week and u-turned
[16:27] <perlmonkey> i can still offer the police 100 bikes tho and maybe more if the Japs agree, so i will go ahead
[16:27] <perlmonkey> 100 bikes = 40-120k revenue
[16:28] <perlmonkey> sometimes..
[16:29] <perlmonkey> i think is it worth it? maybe I should make life simple, and just do an ordinary job, or become a PC/internet tutor and repair/upgrade guy, alongside my hosting biz
[16:29] <perlmonkey> im studying for 2 degrees at Uni distance learning
[16:29] <perlmonkey> which takes up half my time
[16:29] <perlmonkey> and I have a bad disease like cancer
[16:30] <perlmonkey> which came last year
[16:31] <perlmonkey> but i would like to do something big and lasting, i started this venture called CycleCharge in 2010 to get public charge points in local businesses free to use and it was going well, we got 140 points across the UK
[16:31] <perlmonkey> now the site is down and im under pressure to make a new version
[16:31] <perlmonkey> and expand CycleCharge to battery sales as well as charging
[16:32] <perlmonkey> i took on too much the Dr said cuz i had two seizures 3 weeks ago, sudden collapses and loss of consciousness for many hours, leaving my memory and coordination impaired still
[16:33] <perlmonkey> i never had seizures or blackouts in my life before so it was quite scary
[16:33] <perlmonkey> i almost broke my back too as i fell on a chair :-S and could not move for hours, an ambulance had to lift me off the floor
[16:33] <perlmonkey> *crew
[16:34] <perlmonkey> i could not even fone the ambulance, it was not nice, just laying there helpless wondering if i could get up the next day or the next, my back was not working at all, every time i tried to get up, it was immense pain and no muscle action
[16:35] <perlmonkey> like paralysed :-/
[16:36] <perlmonkey> this events and accidents put life into prospective eh, and make you realise how important time and life is
[16:36] <perlmonkey> we're none of us getting any younger
[16:37] <perlmonkey> time to eat and do some work
[16:38] <perlmonkey> the raspi is working as well as it can be, until i get a usb stick, now i will turn my attention to my server and restoring cyclecharge using a diferent lighter httpd server to apache
[16:39] <perlmonkey> this time last year, i was sitting on the top of the Rock of Gibraltar, surrounded by monkey's in glorious hot sun
[16:39] <perlmonkey> and a baby monkey ate my shoe
[16:39] <perlmonkey> 430 meters above sea, higher than the empire state building
[16:40] <perlmonkey> i could see morocco/african coast in distance
[16:40] <perlmonkey> what an adventure that was
[16:41] <perlmonkey> the cable car scared the life out of me, but walking down that far was not an option, going up was fine, but coming down was scary as hell, you had to walk off the Rock along a ropey gang-way 430 suspended in the air, i nearly fainted
[16:42] <perlmonkey> the Spanish man was kind and said, close your eyes bro and put your hand on my shoulder, stay close and we'll be in the cable car soon
[16:43] <perlmonkey> else i would not have been able to walk across that gang way, it was swinging and the wind was fierce
[16:43] * Paradisee (~quassel@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:43] * Paradisee (~quassel@ has joined #raspbian
[16:45] <perlmonkey> paradise is an island called Gibraltar, where theres no tax and monkeys, and the sun shines all year round
[16:47] * trumee (~parul@2601:e:1580:799::c64) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[16:47] * trumee (~parul@2601:e:1580:799::c64) has joined #raspbian
[16:51] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[16:51] * NicoHood (~Thunderbi@p50856E68.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: *poof*)
[16:52] * Climuffff (~Climufff@ip1f13e07a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de) has joined #raspbian
[16:55] * trumee (~parul@2601:e:1580:799::c64) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[16:56] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[16:56] <Veksi> perlmonkey, Just a quick note for my abrupt disappearance: kids and putting food on the table (responsibilities)...
[17:02] <perlmonkey> no probs, i have a tendency to talk far too much anyways
[17:03] <perlmonkey> just ignore me ;-)
[17:03] <perlmonkey> kids, how many do you have?
[17:03] <perlmonkey> I wish I had son or a daughter, maybe one day
[17:05] <perlmonkey> Veksi i have found an old Cassiopeia EM500 which is broken (screen) but I'm sure it must still boot
[17:05] <perlmonkey> I wonder if it could be used for something, only thing is, it has WinCE embedded on chips
[17:06] <perlmonkey> 32MB RAM, SD slot, no video out of any kind, USB interface to PC for data sync only
[17:07] <perlmonkey> oh well probably eBay is the best place for this to recycle for scrap
[17:07] <vagrantc> just a freindly reminder, this is a channel dedicated to raspbian, and while there are no draconian rules about on-topicness, it might be good to stay at least somewhat on-topic :)
[17:10] * Pappaduck (~Pappaduck@cpc6-lewi15-2-0-cust67.2-4.cable.virginm.net) has joined #raspbian
[17:12] * perlmonkey will do his upmost
[17:13] * arpad_______ (20320@ninthfloor.org) has joined #raspbian
[17:13] <PhotoJim> perlmonkey: or your utmost :)
[17:13] <perlmonkey> yeah Jim, that too
[17:13] * perlmonkey sucks at English, and Math
[17:13] <perlmonkey> but managed to study at Uni
[17:14] <perlmonkey> i failed math with a F I think
[17:14] <perlmonkey> or D
[17:14] <perlmonkey> and English literature C or D
[17:15] <perlmonkey> the teacher liked my English language presentation tho on ghosts and gave me a B
[17:15] <perlmonkey> ok here's an idea..
[17:15] <perlmonkey> a raspi ghost detector!!
[17:16] <perlmonkey> ghosts hunters believe paranormal activity is associated with increased electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere which is measurable, a charged atmosphere
[17:17] <perlmonkey> that little matrix LCD and some sensors, simple circuit I have, could be used to measure this
[17:17] <perlmonkey> you could also use a similar principle with skin resistance to make a lie detector or scientology e-emeter which may prove popular on eBay!
[17:17] <perlmonkey> imagine all the wives buying that to test their cheating lying husbands
[17:18] <perlmonkey> on the LCD it could say.. 'possibly lying, question future'
[17:18] <perlmonkey> lol
[17:18] <perlmonkey> *further
[17:19] * jeet (63f4e292@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspbian
[17:19] <perlmonkey> such a project could display stats of divorces v sales, broken marriages or mended marriages
[17:19] <perlmonkey> down to the raspi lie detector machine
[17:20] <perlmonkey> a more advanced e-meter for scientologists would not only do the measurement, but give text info on the LCD about the engram
[17:20] <perlmonkey> ie this is a high importance event, question further'..... 'engram not cleared..40%'
[17:22] <perlmonkey> the raspi ouiji board
[17:22] <perlmonkey> in the centre is the raspi, it automatically reads out vocally and by text/stored the message, as the thingy people put their fingers on, moves over wired sensors for the alphabet and letters
[17:23] <perlmonkey> fun times
[17:23] <jeet> i wish to get irc going on my PI, i am using raspbian, any convenient ideas ?
[17:23] <perlmonkey> pidgin
[17:23] <jeet> ok
[17:24] <perlmonkey> nice GUI, supports multiple servers and easy login if required, also other chat services and protocols, like ICQ
[17:25] <perlmonkey> but it does log, so make have the logging config go to non-SD media if its available
[17:25] <perlmonkey> or switch off logging
[17:25] * saint-ron (~rons@bb219-74-71-79.singnet.com.sg) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:26] * perlmonkey has need for a robot that can dispense salt in bags
[17:26] <perlmonkey> could raspi control stepper motors
[17:26] <perlmonkey> and relays
[17:27] * perlmonkey can picture the robot but perhaps someone has a better idea of how to do it
[17:29] <jeet> i think u need intermediate circuit
[17:30] <jeet> but i'm not 100%
[17:30] * trumee (~parul@2601:e:1580:799::c64) has joined #raspbian
[17:30] <perlmonkey> two large round wheels, parallel, with holes in the top wheel and the bags are clipped below the holes... a large funnel above one of the holes filled with salt with a level sensor inside and a stepper motor on the bottom of funnel, that stops/starts the salt flow based on a 555 timer circuit or something... timed by program would be good to allow different filling weights and speeds.. the wheel rotates around the funnel, as each hole is
[17:32] <perlmonkey> a large vessel could be attached to the funnel with a support frame, to hold a lot of salt
[17:33] <perlmonkey> the limitations here are the number of bags it could fill, maybe 20 or so.. the potential for lumps in the salt to block the funnel spout and flow, and the fact bags need removing and manually sealing
[17:33] <perlmonkey> but it seems otherwise, a good simple approach and low cost to make
[17:34] <perlmonkey> it would save time, since filling manually would be eliminated
[17:34] <perlmonkey> the time saving would be compounded by the production run or bags filled each day
[17:36] <perlmonkey> if there is a lump in the salt.. you could have blades inside the funnel like a mixer/blender, that rotates briefly and the machine halts to do that if flow of salt stops the sensor triggers that event
[17:36] <perlmonkey> but then you wouldn't know how much salt is in the bag at that point, and one bag would be partially filled, you'd have to skip it and move to next
[17:37] <perlmonkey> else the blades could be moving all the time to stop the salt getting lumpy
[17:37] <perlmonkey> while its filling but not when its moving between bags
[17:38] * bigmac_ is now known as i8igmac
[17:38] <vagrantc> perlmonkey: hey, um, "< perlmonkey> no probs, i have a tendency to talk far too much anyways"
[17:38] * arpad_______ (20320@ninthfloor.org) Quit (Quit: Lost terminal)
[17:38] <vagrantc> perlmonkey: you might work on changing that
[17:38] <perlmonkey> i think a raspi might be overkill for this robot
[17:38] <perlmonkey> vagrantc believe me, I've tried
[17:38] * NicoHood (~Thunderbi@p50856E68.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #raspbian
[17:38] * feeshon (~feeshon@ool-45731607.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[17:39] <vagrantc> perlmonkey: it's not like you're saying anything offensive or anything, but essentially it feels to me like you're spamming the channel
[17:39] <perlmonkey> a suggestion would be to use the ignore command
[17:39] * feeshon_ (~feeshon@ool-45731607.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #raspbian
[17:39] <perlmonkey> then you wouldn't have to see anything I type at all
[17:40] <vagrantc> while that may be true... it really shouldn't be necessary.
[17:41] <perlmonkey> neither should narrowly sticking to one topic rigidly or controlling how many words a person types, in a free society, one would think
[17:41] <Odie_> barking to the people with @ is always a good idea
[17:42] <perlmonkey> barking/expressing an opinion
[17:42] <Odie_> I think you'll learn soon enough
[17:42] <vagrantc> perlmonkey: please, just scale back a bit... there are plenty of irc channels
[17:43] <perlmonkey> I've purchased a raspi, ive just set it up 24 hours ago, im excited about the projects i can do with it and discussing different options in the hope someone will have ideas too or suggestions
[17:43] <perlmonkey> i'm also a very experienced Linux user and here to offer any help inbetween, and have been doing so for the last 24 hours
[17:44] <perlmonkey> ok\
[17:44] <perlmonkey> Odie_ you can't teach and old dog new tricks
[17:44] <vagrantc> i'm glad you're excited, and i'm glad you're helping people, but since i've rejoined this channel about an hour and a half ago, you've flooded the channel.
[17:44] <perlmonkey> that's something you'll learn
[17:45] <perlmonkey> *an
[17:45] <perlmonkey> I type a lot because I have a lot to say, you call it flooding, I call it discussion
[17:45] <perlmonkey> but you think I talk too much, so I will try to talk less
[17:46] <vagrantc> thank you.
[17:46] * pi1 (~pi@ has joined #raspbian
[17:46] <perlmonkey> welcome
[17:50] * mike_t (~mike@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[17:53] <lapide_viridi> Why are some files and folders blue in the terminal?
[17:53] <lapide_viridi> Do they need root access?
[17:54] * andatche (~andatche@mule.andatche.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[17:55] <vagrantc> lapide_viridi: probably directories or symlinks?
[17:58] <perlmonkey> directories yes, symlinks are usually highlighted and lighter blue I think
[18:00] * dougiel (~doug@S0106744401495b56.wp.shawcable.net) has joined #raspbian
[18:00] <perlmonkey> you can change your bash_rc options to make the ls command behave in certain ways like use options by default
[18:01] <lapide_viridi> k, thanks
[18:01] * dougiel (~doug@S0106744401495b56.wp.shawcable.net) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:02] * asciich_ch (~quassel@89-184.104-92.cust.bluewin.ch) has joined #raspbian
[18:02] <perlmonkey> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 Sep 9 09:07 mtab -> /proc/mounts
[18:02] <perlmonkey> that's how a symlink looks, the mtab is in light/cyan blue
[18:03] <perlmonkey> see it's just like a virtual directory or shortcut in windows, that points to /proc/mounts
[18:03] <perlmonkey> you can make them easily with ln -s /destination_path /shortcut_name
[18:04] * andatche (~andatche@mule.andatche.com) has joined #raspbian
[18:05] * wiiguy (fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) Quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
[18:07] <perlmonkey> hmmm I can copy in VNC shell on raspi, but it doesn't appear to go onto paste, I can't paste it
[18:07] * perlmonkey has never used VNC before
[18:09] * Climuffff (~Climufff@ip1f13e07a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:09] <perlmonkey> does anyone know if NGINX the lightweight web server has any issues or obstacles with using WordPress with it, or perl scripts
[18:10] * Climuffff (~Climufff@ip1f13e07a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de) has joined #raspbian
[18:10] <perlmonkey> I noticed the raspi doc makes reference to Apache and NGINX but only mentions WordPress on the Apache page
[18:12] * perlmonkey will try NGINX and see what happens
[18:13] <lapide_viridi> My flash drive doesn't seem to mount automatically anymore.
[18:13] <lapide_viridi> It worked this morning.
[18:14] <lapide_viridi> ls /media/A60C-6ADC/ doesn't display anything
[18:14] <perlmonkey> is it in fstab?
[18:14] <lapide_viridi> /dev/sda1/mnt doesn't work
[18:14] <perlmonkey> oh
[18:14] <lapide_viridi> fstab?
[18:15] <lapide_viridi> *mount /dev/sda1/mnt doesn't work
[18:15] <perlmonkey> fstab is where auto mounting takes place at boot time
[18:15] <perlmonkey> you need a mount point don't forget
[18:15] <perlmonkey> like mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
[18:15] <lapide_viridi> Surely I don't have to reboot in order to mount it?
[18:15] <perlmonkey> no
[18:15] <perlmonkey> you left the space out is all I think on /mnt
[18:16] <perlmonkey> you can force fstab to reload and re-mount or do mount -all
[18:16] <perlmonkey> without a reboot
[18:16] <lapide_viridi> OK, ran that command with a space
[18:16] <perlmonkey> :)
[18:17] <lapide_viridi> Nope, ls /media/A60C-6ADC/ still doesn't list anything
[18:17] <perlmonkey> what does ls /media show?
[18:18] <perlmonkey> and ls /mnt
[18:18] <lapide_viridi> A60C... and SETTINGS
[18:18] <perlmonkey> A60C folder is empty?
[18:19] <perlmonkey> sda1 should be mounted now on your /mnt folder
[18:19] <perlmonkey> so if you ls /mnt you should be seeing something there, assuming sda1 has a filesystem
[18:20] <perlmonkey> type mount by itself and see what's mounted
[18:20] * jeet (63f4e292@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
[18:20] <perlmonkey> you will see a lot of info, the filesystem type, and other options
[18:21] <perlmonkey> for each mounted partition or device
[18:21] <lapide_viridi> Oh,, ls mnt gave me all mys tuff
[18:21] <perlmonkey> :)
[18:21] <lapide_viridi> But why wasn't it at /media/A60C... anymore?
[18:22] <perlmonkey> because you mounted it manually I think with mount, if you auto-mounted it, it would be put on a media mount
[18:23] <perlmonkey> sometimes just plugging in a USB device makes it appear on media auto mounted
[18:23] <lapide_viridi> Well, seems like this is farwell, automount
[18:23] <lapide_viridi> Strange though.
[18:23] <perlmonkey> yeah
[18:24] <perlmonkey> its best to use fstab for a permanent mount that mounts at boot up
[18:24] <lapide_viridi> Well, it isn't intended to be permanent, or that violent.
[18:25] <perlmonkey> Oh I see
[18:25] <perlmonkey> sometimes just unplugging and plugging in again will do the trick
[18:25] <lapide_viridi> I did, several times.
[18:25] <lapide_viridi> Actually, I had this issue a week ago.
[18:26] <perlmonkey> i find auto mount on USB a bit tempramental, especially if a another device has used it or an unclean mount etc
[18:26] <lapide_viridi> Didn't find anything, checked in Windows, went back and it was there
[18:26] <perlmonkey> dmesg may have some clues if you plug that in
[18:26] <lapide_viridi> A dude from #techsupport said "I don't know of raspian, but in debian atleast sda1 is your system partition, you don't want to mount it in /mnt".
[18:26] <lapide_viridi> He made me double check here
[18:27] <perlmonkey> yeah he's right
[18:27] <lapide_viridi> Erm, did I just unmount the system?
[18:27] <perlmonkey> I was gonna say, sda1 is the sys partition normally, but you have a hard disk im guessing and SD card for sys?
[18:27] <perlmonkey> I don't think so
[18:28] <lapide_viridi> It is still responding over SSH, so I don't think so either.
[18:28] <lapide_viridi> Yep, SD for sys
[18:28] <perlmonkey> you probably see this in fstab then:
[18:28] <perlmonkey> /dev/mmcblk0p5 /boot
[18:28] <perlmonkey> /dev/mmcblk0p6 /
[18:29] <perlmonkey> that's your SD card sys dir mounting
[18:29] <perlmonkey> very different to a typical Linux /dev/sda1
[18:29] <lapide_viridi> Permission denied, even with as a sudoer
[18:29] <lapide_viridi> How did you even remember that?
[18:30] <perlmonkey> oh I just pasted it from vi /etc/fstab
[18:31] <perlmonkey> if you type 'mount' you will see the last partitions look similar as above to my SD card
[18:31] <lapide_viridi> Oh, yeah
[18:36] * UniOn (~UniOn___@5419C81A.cm-5-2d.dynamic.ziggo.nl) has joined #raspbian
[18:38] <perlmonkey> a cool thing to do is aliases in Linux for bash shell
[18:38] * OldParr (~wayuu@unaffiliated/oldparr) has joined #raspbian
[18:39] <lapide_viridi> Sorry, didn't quite get you there.
[18:39] <perlmonkey> ok...
[18:40] <perlmonkey> in your shell (linux in ssh) the behaviour and common features are stored in .bashrc a file in your /home/pi directory (or whatever username you have)
[18:40] <perlmonkey> in that file, you'll see entries like this:
[18:40] <perlmonkey> alias ls='ls --color=auto'
[18:41] <perlmonkey> alias is a command which means when ls is used, do the command inside ''
[18:41] <perlmonkey> so above, the ls command is now an alias for the ls with --colour option to display all files and folders in glorious colour
[18:42] <perlmonkey> you could make an alias to do anything, like: alias games='cd /home/pi/games'
[18:42] <perlmonkey> typing games would then take you straight to your games folder
[18:42] <lapide_viridi> Oh, that's nice!
[18:43] <perlmonkey> and to take it further..
[18:43] <lapide_viridi> Can I bundle some commands together, so that one alias runs several commands?
[18:43] <perlmonkey> alias games='cd /home/pi/games && ls' you can stack up commands like that with &&, so that alias would now take you to games AND list the contents in colour, as per previous alias
[18:43] <perlmonkey> hehe yeah
[18:44] <perlmonkey> these aliases can save a lot of time if you have long paths or repetitive tasks to do
[18:44] <perlmonkey> what I do also..
[18:45] <perlmonkey> say you have services like apache that need restarting often, you can make an alias like apache-r so you know -r means restart, and it would be like... alias apache-r='/etc/init.d/apache2 restart'
[18:46] <perlmonkey> apache-r just does the restart of apache
[18:46] * wiiguy (fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) has joined #raspbian
[18:46] <perlmonkey> add little codes to your alias names and get creative ;-)
[18:47] <lapide_viridi> Well, thanks a lot!
[18:47] <perlmonkey> :)
[18:47] <lapide_viridi> Copied this little chat into a .txt for later use
[18:48] <Lambda_Aurigae> "Linux for Dummies"
[18:48] <Lambda_Aurigae> best little book for beginner linuxians ever.
[18:48] <perlmonkey> yeah you can learn a lot that way, i learned perl from a big book, perl for beginners or something
[18:49] <perlmonkey> and just playing/hacking perl code on a shell
[18:49] <perlmonkey> and then i was soon writing 40,000 line programs heh
[18:49] * Paradisee (~quassel@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:49] <Lambda_Aurigae> that book encourages playing around with things too.
[18:49] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, masochist, are ya?
[18:49] * Paradisee (~quassel@ has joined #raspbian
[18:49] <perlmonkey> and then later releasing its best not to do that and learned object-style programming :P
[18:50] * HD|Laptop (~Marco@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[18:50] <Lambda_Aurigae> I just write massive programs in C for the fun of it.
[18:50] <Lambda_Aurigae> to heck with OO programming languages.
[18:50] <perlmonkey> yeah sometimes its best I think, just to do it, then refine it later, like work back to front
[18:51] <perlmonkey> some people like to do stuff all tidy at the start and say it makes less work, each to their own I guess
[18:51] <Lambda_Aurigae> I learned programming from BASIC to Assembly to PASCAL to FORTRAN to C...then things went to hell in a handbasket from there.
[18:51] <Lambda_Aurigae> you can do tidy in C!
[18:52] <perlmonkey> I don't like using perl modules much, unless its common ones, like i won't reinvent the wheel in programming
[18:52] <Lambda_Aurigae> and in ASM too for that matter.
[18:52] <perlmonkey> but i dont trust or like being app modules
[18:52] <perlmonkey> i prefer to write my own
[18:52] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[18:52] <perlmonkey> perl -v
[18:53] <perlmonkey> type that
[18:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> one job I worked at, the official programmers with degrees were trying to write a parsing program in perl...three of them worked on it for several weeks but it never worked right.
[18:53] <perlmonkey> perl is at the heart of linux
[18:53] <perlmonkey> so many processes in the OS depend on perl
[18:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> I wrote the program in 2 hours in C.
[18:53] <perlmonkey> wow
[18:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> ray@rayws:~$ ~perl -v
[18:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> No command '~perl' found, did you mean:
[18:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> Command 'perl' from package 'perl-base' (main)
[18:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> Command 'eperl' from package 'eperl' (main)
[18:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> Command 'iperl' from package 'libapp-repl-perl' (universe)
[18:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> ~perl: command not found
[18:53] <perlmonkey> you must be good and will pick up Linux quickly
[18:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> don't even have it installed on my linux box.
[18:54] <perlmonkey> and Linux orientated languages I bet
[18:54] <Lambda_Aurigae> will pick up?
[18:54] <lapide_viridi> Well, I'm learning Ruby atm
[18:54] <Lambda_Aurigae> I've been using linux since,,,,1998.
[18:54] <lapide_viridi> Linux for dummies sounds good, though
[18:54] <perlmonkey> where is your perl??
[18:54] <Lambda_Aurigae> perl is not needed for linux.
[18:54] <gordonDrogon> Linux runs fine without perl.
[18:54] <lapide_viridi> Installed for the use of Circos (google it)
[18:54] <perlmonkey> oh almost as long as me
[18:54] <gordonDrogon> or python for that matter.
[18:54] <Lambda_Aurigae> I was running freebsd from 1995 to 1999.
[18:55] * perlmonkey has perl and didn't install it
[18:55] <Lambda_Aurigae> and linux exclusively since 2000...no windows in my computers.
[18:55] <perlmonkey> i never had a linux sys that never had perl on
[18:56] <perlmonkey> I ran debian from 1996/1997
[18:57] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[18:57] <gordonDrogon> sure - they come with perl, but nothing that's needed to run a basic system, even with X *needs* Perl.
[18:57] <Lambda_Aurigae> I played with slackware back in the 90s then went on to redhat...switched to debian around 2004 or so and never looked back.
[18:57] * cha0s_ (~p00p@unaffiliated/builder) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[18:57] <perlmonkey> a few years later I moved to Ubuntu and never ran anything else since
[18:57] <Odie_> how interesting
[18:58] <perlmonkey> I run different variations on Ubuntu tho like on my laptop Lubuntu
[18:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> anything that can be done in Perl can be done in assembly, so, I do it in C.....not like that makes any sense, but,,
[18:59] <perlmonkey> with xfce4 and gnome on desktop usually, but now xfce4 there too due to probs with nvidia still
[18:59] <gordonDrogon> you find that stuff like gimp needs a perl module (or pithon these days), so it all gets pulled in.
[18:59] <perlmonkey> in latest ubuntu
[18:59] <lapide_viridi> Oh, free pdf!
[18:59] <lapide_viridi> Really want it in paper, but amazon doesn't ship to norway.
[18:59] <lapide_viridi> Deal Extreme has, in contrary, opened a warehouse here.
[18:59] <Lambda_Aurigae> so print it out.
[19:00] <lapide_viridi> Good idea
[19:00] <Lambda_Aurigae> ok..off to make sawdust!
[19:00] <lapide_viridi> But I'd have some problems with the stapler
[19:00] <lapide_viridi> Lambda_Aurigae, what?
[19:01] <lapide_viridi> Wait, we have a machine to make booklets at school. I'll just steal that
[19:01] <perlmonkey> needs a long-arm stapler?
[19:02] <perlmonkey> hehe
[19:02] <lapide_viridi> Isn't that book about 200 pages?
[19:02] <perlmonkey> gosh
[19:02] <lapide_viridi> No, wait
[19:02] <lapide_viridi> 576
[19:02] <perlmonkey> thats half a tree, why not use pdf
[19:02] <perlmonkey> on a tablet
[19:03] <Yohio> I'm on the market for 20x4 LCD screen, would this one work? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2004-204-20x4-Character-LCD-Display-Module-HD44780-Controller-WST-Blue-Backlight-/131282437497?
[19:03] <lapide_viridi> Yep, think I'll go for that
[19:03] * perlmonkey has 2 such LCD's Yohio
[19:03] <gordonDrogon> have you tried to flick through some online catalogues? They're just not as good as printed ones - yet.
[19:03] <Odie_> which book?
[19:04] <Yohio> i heard there's a chance those screen use a backlight that draws too much power but I assume that one is okay?
[19:04] <perlmonkey> Yohio that would work fine I'm sure, it's the same as in the Linux hit, but you would have to do some soldering
[19:04] <Yohio> since it's so commonly bought
[19:04] <perlmonkey> *hit = kit
[19:04] <perlmonkey> yeah very common for PC use
[19:04] <Yohio> alright, thanks
[19:04] <perlmonkey> for media PC stations and such like, can work off USB or Parallel port
[19:04] <Yohio> i can solder so that's not a problem
[19:04] <perlmonkey> cool
[19:05] <Yohio> i already checked some tutorials and it didn't look that hard
[19:05] <perlmonkey> very simple I made a circuit myself for that LCD and parallel port on a MythTV box
[19:06] <perlmonkey> the circuit diagram is widely available and needs only a few inexpensive components
[19:06] <perlmonkey> the system does most the work
[19:06] <Yohio> are you controlling the contrast too? there was some talk that people use a variable resistor for that but a diode setup would be better
[19:06] <perlmonkey> I can look up the documentation I have if you can't find it
[19:07] <perlmonkey> for Linux, two versions, USB and parallel port, but obviously for raspi it would be different with the header Pins
[19:07] <perlmonkey> that's right yes
[19:10] * perlmonkey wonders what performance is like on CF drives or media v USB sticks
[19:10] <perlmonkey> IBM made a CF microdrive as I recall
[19:11] <perlmonkey> nearly all of the early hand-held PC's used CF and many digital cameras, but then SD took over
[19:13] * perlmonkey sees the big SATA drives can even take +5v if you give more current :->
[19:13] <perlmonkey> I didn't know this, thought everything was 12v, that must be from IDE days?
[19:14] <Lambda_Aurigae> lapide_viridi, make sawdust...use a saw to cut large pieces of wood into smaller ones for the purpose of making things....woodworking.
[19:14] <perlmonkey> the smell of freshly cut wood mmm
[19:14] <lapide_viridi> Oh, so you make wooden stuff?
[19:14] * OldParr (~wayuu@unaffiliated/oldparr) has left #raspbian
[19:14] <Lambda_Aurigae> yes.
[19:15] <Lambda_Aurigae> furniture and cabinets and toys and such.
[19:15] <Lambda_Aurigae> hobby
[19:15] <perlmonkey> someone made a lovely wooden housing for the raspberry tablet style with a touch lcd
[19:15] <Lambda_Aurigae> is cold in the shop so I turned on the heater and came back here.
[19:15] <Lambda_Aurigae> I'm building a small CNC machine so I can machine custom keycaps and cases for keyboards.
[19:16] <Lambda_Aurigae> turn plastic keyboards into nice wooden ones.
[19:17] <perlmonkey> Lambda I could use your skills! I have a 19th century copy of an 18th century queen anne cabinet which has legs falling off and needs repairs, also some veneer coming away, and a 1905 chair that got busted on one leg and my bro says needs pinning
[19:17] <Lambda_Aurigae> didn't say I was good, just that I did it.
[19:17] <Lambda_Aurigae> I make functional, not real pretty.
[19:18] <perlmonkey> well anyone has to be better than me :P I tried to fix it and made it worse
[19:18] <perlmonkey> using wood glue
[19:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> and I avoid veneer at all costs...much like I avoid microsoft products.
[19:18] <perlmonkey> these things have existed for centuries undamaged, give them to me, i damage them in first year
[19:19] <perlmonkey> veneer is common in antiques biz tho, beautiful flame mahogany my cabinet is, serpent shape
[19:19] <perlmonkey> i have walnut veneered serpent table too
[19:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> that's why I don't make antiques.
[19:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> I make things like oak dining room tables that I can stand in the middle of.
[19:20] <perlmonkey> it amazes me how they make the legs on these things, like a ladies legs, all shaped
[19:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> and I weigh 250 pounds.
[19:20] <perlmonkey> and the carving on my 1905 chairs is incredible, roses carved
[19:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> all hand carved that.
[19:21] <perlmonkey> yes
[19:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> beyond me by far.
[19:21] <perlmonkey> you know what I like which is popular here..
[19:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> no clue
[19:21] <perlmonkey> the big simple wooden items, like wide frame mirrors, simple block style tables and chairs in dark wood
[19:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> http://hackaday.com/2014/12/07/an-expanding-wooden-table/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+hackaday%2FLgoM+%28Hack+a+Day%29
[19:22] <perlmonkey> thats very fashionable now and very expensive
[19:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> considering buying the plans to make that.
[19:22] <perlmonkey> the Indians turn it out
[19:24] <perlmonkey> Lambda: http://cltr.viralnova.com/man-works-on-attic/
[19:24] <perlmonkey> amazing work that guy did, but he came in for a lot of criticism in the comments
[19:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> ok..back to the shop.
[19:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> should be warm by now.
[19:27] <perlmonkey> :)
[19:28] * perlmonkey smokes his e-cig and ponders what to cook for dinner
[19:28] * H4ndy (~H4ndy@77-64-182-145.dynamic.primacom.net) has joined #raspbian
[19:38] * \mSg (~mSg@unaffiliated/msg/x-4576342) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:40] * wiiguy (fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) Quit (Quit: I just broke my connection, but no worries, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.)
[19:41] * wiiguy (fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) has joined #raspbian
[19:45] * rela (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[19:46] * \mSg (~mSg@unaffiliated/msg/x-4576342) has joined #raspbian
[19:47] * perlmonkey installed nginx
[19:47] <perlmonkey> 2,133 kB in 7 secs 279 kB/s
[19:49] <perlmonkey> interesting, ngnix has similar dir structure to apache
[19:49] <perlmonkey> but php and fastcgi appear to be integrated
[19:57] * rela (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela) has joined #raspbian
[19:57] * justmiles (~miles.mad@ has joined #raspbian
[19:59] * bogus- (~bogus@cl-1363.ams-05.nl.sixxs.net) has joined #raspbian
[20:02] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:02] * rela (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela) Quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[20:02] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) has joined #raspbian
[20:02] * teran (~teran@broadband-109-173-61-206.nationalcablenetworks.ru) has joined #raspbian
[20:09] * lapide_viridi (~lapide_vi@ti0097a400-0813.bb.online.no) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[20:10] * teran_ (~teran@ has joined #raspbian
[20:11] * teran (~teran@broadband-109-173-61-206.nationalcablenetworks.ru) Quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[20:12] * justmiles (~miles.mad@ Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[20:13] * justmiles (~miles.mad@ has joined #raspbian
[20:13] * rela (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela) has joined #raspbian
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[20:24] * hecatae (~hecatae@host-92-28-14-12.as13285.net) has joined #raspbian
[20:28] * i_ron (~ES@2001:41d0:52:300::5b0) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[20:31] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:32] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) has joined #raspbian
[20:34] <TheSnide> perlmonkey: you should run php off fastcgi anyway, mod_php is ....
[20:34] <TheSnide> /off/on/
[20:35] * Hopper (~Hopper@ has joined #raspbian
[20:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> bah..just write all your cgi stuff in C and compile it!
[20:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> heck with php and perl junk!
[20:51] * funky1 (~funky@ip51cf100e.direct-adsl.nl) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:51] * funky1 (~funky@ip51cf100e.direct-adsl.nl) has joined #raspbian
[20:53] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[20:57] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[21:01] <tpw_rules> is there a way to automatically zero GPIO when a process using it exits? including things like kill -9 etc
[21:02] * osxdude|MBP (~osxdude@unaffiliated/osxdude) has joined #raspbian
[21:05] <shiftplusone> tpw_rules, probably, but that sounds like a solution to a non-existent problem.
[21:05] <Lambda_Aurigae> probably not.
[21:05] <shiftplusone> I can think of a way, but sure as hell am not keen on implementing it.
[21:05] <tpw_rules> i'm using it on a robot and the e-stop is connected to the gpio. ideally, if the controller process dies, the gpio output should go off too
[21:06] <shiftplusone> ah, well that's a different question now.
[21:06] <Lambda_Aurigae> sounds like a job for a watchdog.
[21:06] <tpw_rules> i'm using python and i have an exit handler, but the bestestest solution would probably be a 555 that's toggled every half second or so
[21:06] <tpw_rules> s/toggled/reset/
[21:07] <shiftplusone> you can also add a sigterm handler, for example.
[21:07] <shiftplusone> oh... python.....
[21:07] * shiftplusone backs away
[21:07] <Lambda_Aurigae> I would have a script that starts the main app and a watchdog...if the watchdog sees that the main app is no longer running, do whatever is necessary to turn things off.
[21:07] <tpw_rules> lol
[21:08] <shiftplusone> I've always been taught to leave snakes alone, so I don't touch python.
[21:08] <tpw_rules> :P
[21:08] <tpw_rules> Lambda_Aurigae: yeah, that's probably the best sans external hardware
[21:08] <shiftplusone> (that was terrible, sorry)
[21:08] <Lambda_Aurigae> tpw_rules, so you don't like Boa Constructor?
[21:09] <tpw_rules> are you talking about the snake or is there some package i'm unaware of that does what i want
[21:09] * MIR100 (~MIR100@c-76-16-58-23.hsd1.il.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:09] <Lambda_Aurigae> it's a python IDE
[21:09] <Lambda_Aurigae> oops.
[21:09] <tpw_rules> oh. ehh i like sublime
[21:09] <Lambda_Aurigae> sorry..
[21:09] <Lambda_Aurigae> meant that for shiftplusone
[21:09] * shiftplusone groans
[21:10] <shiftplusone> Haven't used anything but geany in a long time.
[21:10] * HD|Laptop (~Marco@ has joined #raspbian
[21:10] * cocomberrr (~antonios@ has joined #raspbian
[21:11] <cocomberrr> Hi all. Can anyone please help me as I'm getting the following error when I try to update/upgrade?
[21:11] <cocomberrr> Err http://raspberrypi.collabora.com wheezy Release
[21:11] <cocomberrr> W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: http://raspberrypi.collabora.com wheezy Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2
[21:11] <cocomberrr> W: Failed to fetch http://raspberrypi.collabora.com/dists/wheezy/Release
[21:11] <cocomberrr> W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
[21:11] <cocomberrr> 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 17 not upgraded.
[21:12] * lazy_prince (~killer_pr@ Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[21:14] <vagrantc> cocomberrr: maybe a transient network error?
[21:15] <vagrantc> cocomberrr: i'm able to download those files directly
[21:16] <vagrantc> cocomberrr: although once you have that part working, you'll need to add the apropriate key to your apt keyring
[21:19] * cocomberrr (~antonios@ Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[21:23] * asciich_ch (~quassel@89-184.104-92.cust.bluewin.ch) Quit (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)
[21:25] * asciich_ch (~quassel@89-184.104-92.cust.bluewin.ch) has joined #raspbian
[21:27] * s7r (~s7r@openvpn/user/s7r) has joined #raspbian
[21:32] * NicoHood (~Thunderbi@p50856E68.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) Quit (Quit: *poof*)
[21:33] * cocomberrr (~antonios@ has joined #raspbian
[21:33] * Veksi (54f94d78@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[21:34] <perlmonkey> vegrantc is this better?
[21:35] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:36] * perlmonkey is trying to become a well adjusted and contributing member of the raspi community
[21:36] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) has joined #raspbian
[21:36] <perlmonkey> that doesn't flood the chatroom
[21:37] <cocomberrr> Does anyone know if using pyfirmata on a Pi to communicate with an Arduino, what (or if) specific code needs to be uploaded on the Arduino?
[21:38] * Lambda_Aurigae is only well adjusted after a visit to the chiropractor.
[21:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> never heard of pyfirmata
[21:39] * troyt (~troyt@2601:7:6202:211:44dd:acff:fe85:9c8e) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:39] * Hopper_ (Hopper@ has joined #raspbian
[21:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> http://raspberrypi-aa.github.io/session3/firmata.html
[21:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> but you might look at pi firmata
[21:39] <perlmonkey> Lambda :-) did you make anything in your shop?
[21:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> it looks like there is some software for the ardweeny.
[21:40] * perlmonkey is trying to identify what appears to be a voltage down regulator
[21:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, just some shelves for a big cabinet in the kitchen.
[21:40] <perlmonkey> :)
[21:40] <perlmonkey> do you do this as a business, side-line to your main job or just as a hobby?
[21:41] * perlmonkey paints and draws, but hasn't for a while now.. i used to sell copies of picasso and other famous artists to Americans
[21:41] <perlmonkey> heh
[21:41] <Lambda_Aurigae> hobby
[21:41] <cocomberrr> Lambda_Aurigae: Step 1: Click File->Examples->Firmata->StandardFirmata - Can't find the example, I'm only using the CLI. So I suppose specific code needs to be uploaded on the Arduino.
[21:42] * Hopper (~Hopper@ Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[21:42] <Lambda_Aurigae> cocomberrr, yes...it appears to be there on that site, how to do it...although I'm guessing you have to download and install something...never used that software...nor do I ever touch arduino.
[21:42] <perlmonkey> its good to have a creative hobby eh, takes your mind off lifes worries and its nice to create some stuff
[21:42] <Lambda_Aurigae> horrible junk software is arduino...just horrible I say!
[21:42] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, I have several.
[21:42] * perlmonkey never touched arduino either looks a bit pricey for me
[21:43] <perlmonkey> what else do you do?
[21:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> electronics, microcontrollers, programming, robotics, hiking, canoing, camping.
[21:43] <perlmonkey> isn't arduino an italian project?
[21:43] * justmiles (~miles.mad@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:43] <perlmonkey> wow quite a lot, where do you find all the time? you work full time still or retired now?
[21:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> work full time fixing copiers.
[21:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> I just do bits here and there.
[21:44] <perlmonkey> oh yes you said
[21:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> arduino started out as an italian thing I think...
[21:44] * dk (~dk@mail.dkaiser.org) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.sourceforge.net)
[21:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> it is a very porrly implemented set of libraries and crap IDE on top of a great microcontroller set.
[21:44] * perlmonkey used to be into jogging and exercise heavily, and long walks, but my joint disease in knee put paid to that :-/
[21:45] <perlmonkey> now i do cycling on electric bicycles
[21:46] <perlmonkey> other hobbies are perl programming, messing with PC hardware, antiques collecting, interfering in the local and national gov, doing biz, forex trading, reading and studying, i do a new subject every year with the open uni
[21:47] <Lambda_Aurigae> and I cook.
[21:47] <Lambda_Aurigae> aaaand,,,supper is ready!
[21:47] <perlmonkey> me too, thats one thing I love
[21:47] <Lambda_Aurigae> TacoZagna!
[21:47] <perlmonkey> mine is still cooking, typical English Sunday roast
[21:47] <perlmonkey> with gravy and mint sauce
[21:47] <perlmonkey> yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes
[21:48] <Lambda_Aurigae> layers of taco meat, cheese, and flour tortillas in a casserole dish.
[21:48] * jonasl (jonas@gateway/vpn/mullvad/x-tnpancxaldzvvczb) Quit (Quit: ...)
[21:48] <perlmonkey> I love tortillas and spicey foods, quite fond of a lot of American style southern spicey foods and the BBQ sauces etc, and Jack Daniels of course, I found some JD BBQ sauce here
[21:48] <cocomberrr> Lambda_Aurigae: Thanks, I'll have a look.
[21:49] <perlmonkey> sorry going off-topic again
[21:49] <Lambda_Aurigae> cocomberrr, you might check with the arduino people on that software.
[21:49] <perlmonkey> better shut up and let you get supper
[21:49] <cocomberrr> I can'
[21:49] <Lambda_Aurigae> eating it now perlmonkey
[21:49] <perlmonkey> :)
[21:49] <cocomberrr> Lambda_Aurigae: Can't find any with pyfirmata experience.
[21:49] <Lambda_Aurigae> there is an #arduino channel on freenode.
[21:49] <Lambda_Aurigae> then ask whoever created the software.
[21:49] * teran (~teran@broadband-109-173-61-206.nationalcablenetworks.ru) has joined #raspbian
[21:50] <Lambda_Aurigae> and it is pifirmata, not pyfirmata
[21:50] <perlmonkey> there's a channel for everything on freenode nearly, its a great network
[21:50] * jonasl (~jonas@unaffiliated/jonasl) has joined #raspbian
[21:51] * perlmonkey has taken apart the Moto Elite Slither completely now and can see the battery and full circuit
[21:51] <perlmonkey> dunno who I was asking me about this
[21:51] <Lambda_Aurigae> at least, pifirmata has google hits where pyfirmata doesn't.
[21:51] * Hopper_ (Hopper@ Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[21:52] <perlmonkey> this damaged one could be repaired I think, or used for something, as only the ear-piece speaker appears to be broken off, the rest is intact
[21:52] * teran_ (~teran@ Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[21:53] <perlmonkey> Lambda your electronics is better than mine prolly, any suggestions on how to safely test this voltage regulator if indeed it is one?
[21:53] <perlmonkey> shall I take a pic and upload?
[21:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> no clue what you are talking about, but, sure.
[21:53] <perlmonkey> i checked all the many numbers on it on Google, nothing coming up
[21:54] <perlmonkey> it came out of a Toshiba laptop and was I think connected to the LCD backlight which took 12v
[21:54] <perlmonkey> ok see what you think it might be
[21:54] <perlmonkey> brb
[21:58] * kilian_ (~kilian@neu67-3-82-239-81-116.fbx.proxad.net) Quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[22:00] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:01] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) has joined #raspbian
[22:01] * Climuffff (~Climufff@ip1f13e07a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
[22:01] * Climuffff2 (~Climufff@ip4d17eeaf.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de) has joined #raspbian
[22:01] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:fd9f:507b:ed53:b3dd) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:02] * hanfm (~Thunderbi@koln-4db4779a.pool.mediaWays.net) has joined #raspbian
[22:02] * Anakat (~Anakat@ has joined #raspbian
[22:05] * troyt (~troyt@2601:7:6202:211:44dd:acff:fe85:9c8e) has joined #raspbian
[22:06] * hanfm (~Thunderbi@koln-4db4779a.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[22:08] * PasNox (~pasnox@2a01:e34:ee42:d070:ed7c:c1c5:7dcb:a0b0) Quit (Quit: Leaving - Cross platform IDE http://monkeystudio.org)
[22:09] * killer_prince (~killer_pr@ has joined #raspbian
[22:09] * killer_prince is now known as lazy_prince
[22:11] * asciich_ch (~quassel@89-184.104-92.cust.bluewin.ch) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:13] * i_ron (ES@2001:41d0:52:300::5b0) has joined #raspbian
[22:17] <perlmonkey> Lambda_Aurigae: http://imgur.com/8blTNDU sorry for delay, had tech probs
[22:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> fire your tech.
[22:18] * sjefen6 (~sjefen6@ti0098a400-1726.bb.online.no) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:18] <Lambda_Aurigae> so, looks like power feed in from the top, out from the bottom.
[22:19] <perlmonkey> well it was Google being nasty, they bought Picasa and wouldn't let me use Linux to upload, OS not supported
[22:19] <perlmonkey> agreed
[22:19] <Lambda_Aurigae> some kind of oscillator I would guess..looks like a boost converter maybe but not sure.
[22:19] * blkhawk (~blkhawk@ms014.moonshot.fastwebserver.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[22:19] <perlmonkey> so not a voltage downregulator then as I hoped
[22:19] <perlmonkey> down stepper I mean
[22:19] * sjefen6 (~sjefen6@ti0098a400-1726.bb.online.no) has joined #raspbian
[22:19] <Lambda_Aurigae> no way to tell really...it could be a buck converter(downconverter)
[22:20] <perlmonkey> oh
[22:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> but with the big transformer there it looks more like an inverter for a backlight.
[22:20] <Lambda_Aurigae> no diodes for it to be a boost converter.
[22:20] <perlmonkey> yeah that's where it came out so it makes sense, the backlight plugged into that socket I think or some circuit connected to backlight
[22:21] <perlmonkey> it was a big 12v style tube thing
[22:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> so I would bet a slice of pizza that it is a backlight inverter.
[22:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> I bet it is a fluorescent bulb.
[22:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> puts out a couple hundred volts.
[22:21] <perlmonkey> yeah it was, very bright like in scanners, i still have it somewhere
[22:21] <perlmonkey> woah
[22:21] <Lambda_Aurigae> AC, real low current.
[22:22] <perlmonkey> so this circuit would be no good for taking 40v dc and making 12v dc
[22:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> top part above the transformer is just an oscillator that feeds low voltage AC into the transformer...out the other side comes high voltage AC.
[22:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> definitely not.
[22:22] <perlmonkey> i guess i need something precise anyway with a trimmer to get it exact and test output
[22:22] <Lambda_Aurigae> more like good for taking 19V to 190V
[22:22] <perlmonkey> wow
[22:22] <perlmonkey> opposite eh
[22:23] <Lambda_Aurigae> yup.
[22:23] * blkhawk (~blkhawk@ms014.moonshot.fastwebserver.de) has joined #raspbian
[22:23] <perlmonkey> you could use it to take a battery and power a household appliance for a short-while? or electrocute someone fire a stun-gun or electric door handle?
[22:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> it would shock the heck out of you..that's about it.
[22:24] <perlmonkey> lol
[22:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> won't power an appliance.
[22:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> nowhere near enough current.
[22:24] <perlmonkey> but it needs AC not DC input?
[22:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> it's made for driving a small fluorescent light bulb.
[22:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> DC input, AC output.
[22:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> hence the name,,,inverter
[22:24] <perlmonkey> ok got it
[22:24] <Lambda_Aurigae> but that won't handle enough current to drive much of anything.
[22:25] <perlmonkey> see its tiny, that coin next to it is our 10p, about same size as your dimes
[22:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> you MIGHT be able to drive a 250mA phone charger but I doubt it.
[22:25] <perlmonkey> interesting
[22:25] <Lambda_Aurigae> not sure even what the output voltage is without testing it.
[22:25] <perlmonkey> yeah
[22:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> it's a very application specific circuit.
[22:26] <perlmonkey> and we dont even know which output terminal is which eh, it could be dangerous
[22:26] <perlmonkey> but i have a multimeter somewhere
[22:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> could guess if we looked at the underside.
[22:26] <Lambda_Aurigae> I'm guessing the two outside pins though.
[22:27] * Pappaduck (~Pappaduck@cpc6-lewi15-2-0-cust67.2-4.cable.virginm.net) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:27] <perlmonkey> I think I will put this aside and buy a voltage down regulator off eBay which is rated 40v or higher with a trimmer
[22:27] * i_ron (ES@2001:41d0:52:300::5b0) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in)
[22:28] <Lambda_Aurigae> http://imgur.com/gallery/C0hQbLL can you say,,,OW?
[22:28] * i_ron (ES@2001:41d0:52:300::5b0) has joined #raspbian
[22:28] <perlmonkey> wtf? he headbutted a hedgehog?
[22:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> porcupine
[22:29] <perlmonkey> oh yeah! you guys don't have hedgehogs do you
[22:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> not in the wild.
[22:29] <perlmonkey> but those porcupines are similar
[22:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> porcupine is much worse.
[22:29] <perlmonkey> that looks very painful
[22:29] <perlmonkey> those are way sharper than hedgehogs
[22:29] <Lambda_Aurigae> you can pick up a hedgehog and hold it in your hand.
[22:30] <Lambda_Aurigae> you do NOT do that with a porcupine.
[22:30] <perlmonkey> I knew this cute US girl once who was obsessed with hedgehogs she never seen one in real life and wanted me to send her one as a PET!
[22:30] * blkhawk is now known as blkaway
[22:30] <Lambda_Aurigae> the quills are barbed...so when you pull them out, they rip out flesh..and they work in slowly over time.
[22:30] <perlmonkey> she was a crazy chic, i told her they're wild and wont make good pets they just curl up in a ball and spike you
[22:30] * i_ron (ES@2001:41d0:52:300::5b0) Quit (Client Quit)
[22:31] * i_ron (ES@2001:41d0:52:300::5b0) has joined #raspbian
[22:31] <perlmonkey> here we have hedgehog flavoured crisps
[22:31] <perlmonkey> but nobody eats hedgehogs
[22:31] <perlmonkey> crisps = chips
[22:31] <Lambda_Aurigae> I know what they are.
[22:32] <Lambda_Aurigae> I have traveled.
[22:32] <perlmonkey> thats good, most Americans get confused when I say chips or crisps
[22:32] <perlmonkey> you know chips are fat fries then right in UK?
[22:33] <perlmonkey> fries are something different to chips here
[22:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> yup.
[22:33] * gramb (~quassel@2001:1608:12:1:23:33:22:101) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
[22:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> and I know you put vinegar on shit that shouldn't have vinegar on it!
[22:33] <perlmonkey> I love MCD's fries
[22:33] <perlmonkey> yeah we do
[22:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> and aussies put gravy on their chips.
[22:33] <perlmonkey> like roast dinner has vinegar on, in the mint sauce
[22:34] <perlmonkey> we do too, its very popular especially in north of England
[22:34] <perlmonkey> the Scottish like fried mars bars too
[22:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> but the scottish like scotch whiskey too.
[22:34] <perlmonkey> so do I :P
[22:34] <Lambda_Aurigae> and wear skirts,,,err,,kilts
[22:35] <perlmonkey> but JD is way better than any Scotch
[22:35] <perlmonkey> even double malt aged
[22:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> if I have to drink, rum or some variation thereof.
[22:35] * lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
[22:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> or good aussie beer.
[22:36] <perlmonkey> i cant drink beer anymore, instant hangovers, i used to love brown ale
[22:36] <perlmonkey> now i drink champagne, JD or rum/vodka
[22:36] <Lambda_Aurigae> with the meds I'm on, alcohol is a big nono....it can cause me to bleed out through my stomach and intestines.
[22:36] <perlmonkey> :-S
[22:36] <perlmonkey> I'm not supposed to either on my meds, but i only take a little
[22:37] * sinfallas (~sinfallas@unaffiliated/sinfallas) has joined #raspbian
[22:37] <perlmonkey> JD 5% in coke
[22:37] <Lambda_Aurigae> JD with a splash of coke for flavor.
[22:37] <perlmonkey> yaa
[22:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> or rum and coke in even quantities.
[22:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> or, malibu and milk over ice...
[22:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> malibu being coconut flavored rum
[22:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> or, my favorite, the italian rootbeer.
[22:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> tall glass, ice, shot of galliano, shot of khaluah, shot of amaretto, fill with milk and stir.
[22:38] <perlmonkey> I make some fake JD with all my empties, using diluted coke in salted water, gonna see if anyone buys it on eBay for props, and the bottles are distinctive eh for collectors maybe
[22:38] * p0rt_ (~p0rt@89-67-103-101.dynamic.chello.pl) has joined #raspbian
[22:39] <p0rt_> Hello
[22:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> tastes like an old fashioned rootbeer float....but with one heck of a kick.
[22:39] <perlmonkey> i got the colour exactly right
[22:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> hello p0rt_
[22:39] <p0rt_> I have a problem with /dev/root
[22:39] <perlmonkey> p0rt_ 'sup?
[22:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> what problem?
[22:39] <p0rt_> It's 3.4 gb
[22:39] <p0rt_> And used in 98%
[22:40] <p0rt_> And i don't know wh
[22:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> because it's full?
[22:40] <p0rt_> why
[22:40] <perlmonkey> don't know why its nearly all used?
[22:40] * i_ron (ES@2001:41d0:52:300::5b0) Quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.in)
[22:40] * i_ron (ES@2001:41d0:52:300::5b0) has joined #raspbian
[22:40] <perlmonkey> you can run a command which shows how the space is being used, but it escapes me
[22:40] * tfiodorov (~tom@host-78-149-18-160.as13285.net) has joined #raspbian
[22:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> it is df
[22:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> or
[22:41] <Lambda_Aurigae> df -h
[22:41] * cocomberrr (~antonios@ Quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[22:41] <Lambda_Aurigae> for human readable version.
[22:41] <perlmonkey> no something more specific
[22:41] <p0rt_> Kk, but what is /dev/root?
[22:41] <perlmonkey> its like top, shows dir by dir, how much apps are using etc
[22:41] <p0rt_> What is it used for?
[22:41] <perlmonkey> from the biggest to smallest in a list
[22:41] <Lambda_Aurigae> perlmonkey, you mean du
[22:42] <perlmonkey> thats it, thanks
[22:42] <Lambda_Aurigae> du --max-depth=1 | sort -n
[22:42] * wiiguy (fake@unaffiliated/wiiguy) Quit (Quit: I just broke my connection, but no worries, we can rebuild it. We have the technology.)
[22:42] <perlmonkey> p0r_ run what Lambda said
[22:42] <p0rt_> $ df -h
[22:42] <perlmonkey> and then see whats eating all your space
[22:42] <p0rt_> Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
[22:42] <p0rt_> rootfs 3.4G 3.1G 84M 98% /
[22:42] <p0rt_> /dev/root 3.4G 3.1G 84M 98% /
[22:42] <p0rt_> devtmpfs 195M 0 195M 0% /dev
[22:42] <p0rt_> tmpfs 41M 216K 41M 1% /run
[22:42] <p0rt_> tmpfs 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock
[22:42] <p0rt_> tmpfs 82M 0 82M 0% /run/shm
[22:42] <p0rt_> /dev/mmcblk0p7 60M 19M 41M 32% /boot
[22:43] <perlmonkey> no the du one
[22:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> ok..
[22:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> /dev/root is the root filesystem mounted at /
[22:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> it is the same as rootfs actually...it is your main filesystem.
[22:43] <perlmonkey> something on /dev/root is eating up a lot of space, du will tell you
[22:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> on your sd card there are 2 partitions
[22:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> they are / and /boot
[22:44] <tfiodorov> I am trying to emulate a bluetooth keyboard with the pi. Managed to pair up and establish the connection. However the HID input reports are ignored by my laptop (empty output of cat /dev/input/eventX). Is there anyone who has managed to do something similiar?
[22:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> /dev/root is the / partition where everything is stored except the stuff in /boot which is stored on another partition.
[22:44] * perlmonkey has a BT kb working perfect on raspi
[22:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> 3.1GB used is the operating system...all the files that make up raspbian linux.
[22:44] <p0rt_> ~ $ du --max-depth=1 | sort -n
[22:45] <perlmonkey> it was PnP worked out of box even tho its a cheapo eBay Chinese make (TEXET) and only cost a few quid
[22:45] <p0rt_> 4 ./.gconf
[22:45] <p0rt_> 4 ./.gpe
[22:45] <p0rt_> 4 ./.gvfs
[22:45] <p0rt_> 4 ./.pulse
[22:45] <p0rt_> 8 ./.dillo
[22:45] <p0rt_> 8 ./.gstreamer-0.10
[22:45] <p0rt_> 8 ./.idlerc
[22:45] <p0rt_> 8 ./.ssh
[22:45] <p0rt_> 12 ./.dbus
[22:45] <Lambda_Aurigae> p0rt_, you don't need to do that....
[22:45] <p0rt_> 16 ./cpp
[22:45] <p0rt_> 32 ./.q3a
[22:45] <p0rt_> 48 ./indiecity
[22:45] <Lambda_Aurigae> don't post it here!
[22:45] <Lambda_Aurigae> sheesh.
[22:45] <perlmonkey> damn
[22:45] <perlmonkey> >.<
[22:45] <p0rt_> Sorry...
[22:45] <Lambda_Aurigae> /dev/root is the filesystem where EVERYTHING that is raspbian linux resides.
[22:45] <Lambda_Aurigae> that's why it is using 3.1GB.
[22:45] <p0rt_> So it's mounted on '
[22:46] <Lambda_Aurigae> it is mounted on /
[22:46] <p0rt_> /
[22:46] <perlmonkey> ya so probably just installed too much apps, use apt-get to purge all the downloaded archived files for a start
[22:46] <p0rt_> Ok
[22:46] <Lambda_Aurigae> it is the second partition on the SD card.
[22:46] <Lambda_Aurigae> like I said.
[22:46] <perlmonkey> apt-get clean?
[22:46] <p0rt_> Wow, raspbian is big
[22:46] <Lambda_Aurigae> p0rt_, with all the addons and stuff, yeah, it's not tiny.
[22:46] <perlmonkey> but it downloads a lot of stuff you dont need really and you can remove much of it
[22:46] <perlmonkey> if its not being used
[22:47] <Lambda_Aurigae> you still have 3.4GB of the SD card free.
[22:47] <Lambda_Aurigae> I would recommend you not start removing things because you don't think you need them though.
[22:47] <tfiodorov> @perlmonkey: I am trying to get the pi to be the keyboard
[22:47] <perlmonkey> yeah really an 8GB card is the minimum size and it should leave you with 3GB or more free space
[22:48] <perlmonkey> tfiodorov oh
[22:48] <p0rt_> After clean i have 0.5gb more space /dev/root 3.4G 2.9G 266M 92% /
[22:48] <Lambda_Aurigae> tfiodorov, getting a bluetooth host unit to play bluetooth keyboard might be kinda tricky.
[22:48] <p0rt_> No, wait
[22:49] <p0rt_> I have 200mb more...
[22:49] <shiftplusone> p0rt_, Raspbian isn't inherently big, it's just distributed by the foundation with a lot of things pre-installed
[22:49] <perlmonkey> next you can > to the big log files if you have any
[22:49] <perlmonkey> to empty them
[22:49] <shiftplusone> remove wolfram-engine and java, and you'll get rid of a big chunk of it.
[22:49] <p0rt_> It's in /var/log
[22:50] * Anakat (~Anakat@ Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:50] <p0rt_> Ok, and wolfram is not needed for system?
[22:50] * Anakat (~Anakat@2605:e000:6088:3b00:c881:4d0f:b844:e499) has joined #raspbian
[22:50] <Lambda_Aurigae> wolfram is an application.
[22:50] <p0rt_> Kk
[22:51] <perlmonkey> ya be careful removing stuff is the fastest way to break a sys, only remove big apps if sure they not needed and no vital dependencies will be taken
[22:51] <p0rt_> I purged python once
[22:51] <p0rt_> :D
[22:51] <p0rt_> Then i had to reinstall linux :/
[22:51] <perlmonkey> :-/
[22:51] <p0rt_> So i can purge wolfram*?
[22:52] <shiftplusone> with a shotgun
[22:52] <perlmonkey> I would think so, but best double check
[22:52] <p0rt_> How can i check dependencies?
[22:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> the system will do it for you if you use apt-get remove
[22:53] <p0rt_> Ok
[22:53] <perlmonkey> thats tricky, you usually just have to look and think if a big bunch of dependencies are going and its going to then take a load of apps which depends on those, its not to proceed
[22:53] <perlmonkey> *best
[22:53] <Lambda_Aurigae> doesn't anybody bother to learn what they are working with before diving in head first?
[22:53] <perlmonkey> if there's none of few dependencies, then proceed
[22:53] <perlmonkey> general rule of thumb
[22:53] <shiftplusone> Doesn't debian warn you if you try to remove a base system package?
[22:54] <perlmonkey> you can always put back too, so go slow, purge and test, see what happens and note what you took off
[22:54] <Lambda_Aurigae> if you try to remove a package that something else depends on it will let you know.
[22:54] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[22:54] <perlmonkey> shift i think so yes
[22:55] <perlmonkey> but sometimes you might get no warning on a dependency or might miss that its taking a while bunch of them AND some apps also which you need/use
[22:55] <perlmonkey> you just need to be vigilent eh
[22:55] <perlmonkey> and go slow
[22:55] <perlmonkey> *while = whole
[22:55] <p0rt_> Ok, at the moment i am reconfiguring dpkg
[22:56] <perlmonkey> i would use du and some pruning
[22:56] <p0rt_> I connected keyboard and poof - restart
[22:56] <perlmonkey> :)
[22:56] * hanfm (~Thunderbi@koln-4db4779a.pool.mediaWays.net) has joined #raspbian
[22:57] <p0rt_> How much time does dpkg --configure -a takes?
[22:57] <Lambda_Aurigae> depends on what needs to be configured.
[22:57] <p0rt_> Nah
[22:58] <perlmonkey> to start you mean or the process itself?
[22:58] <p0rt_> About?
[22:58] <p0rt_> Few minutes
[22:58] <p0rt_> Or few hours?
[22:58] <perlmonkey> oh
[22:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> --configure package...|-a|--pending
[22:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> Configure a package which has been unpacked but not yet configured. If -a or --pending is
[22:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> given instead of package, all unpacked but unconfigured packages are configured.
[22:58] <shiftplusone> Really, I would recommend starting with a base system and working up, rather than trying to strip away junk.
[22:58] <perlmonkey> not long
[22:58] <perlmonkey> maybe 10 mins tops? prolly much less
[22:58] <Lambda_Aurigae> it all depends on how many packages have been unpacked but not configured...it could be seconds to hours to days.
[22:58] * otter768 (~otter768@cpe-70-117-0-42.satx.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[22:58] <p0rt_> Ok
[22:59] <perlmonkey> oh wait
[22:59] <p0rt_> ?
[22:59] <Lambda_Aurigae> I have never had to run that on any linux system unless I was manually tweaking packages or had a package fail to properly install.
[22:59] <perlmonkey> im getting confused I think, I thought you mean running the sys config command, that command will reconfigure ALL your packages?
[22:59] <perlmonkey> the entire sys?
[22:59] * hanfm (~Thunderbi@koln-4db4779a.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Client Quit)
[22:59] <perlmonkey> i'm not familiar with deb style commands dpkg
[23:00] <Lambda_Aurigae> no..it will only reconfigure packages that have not had their configure script run yet.
[23:00] <perlmonkey> ah yes
[23:00] <perlmonkey> it should be quite quick then really, mins not hours
[23:00] <p0rt_> Kk
[23:00] * Hopper (Hopper@ has joined #raspbian
[23:00] <p0rt_> There is it :)
[23:01] <perlmonkey> when you get to a situation like this...
[23:02] <Yohio> this is offtopic but i found a way to test old LEDs but I have no idea if it's a good way
[23:02] <perlmonkey> in my experience, you often better to add more devices to create space, rather than try to drastically reduce usage, you can the basics to a point to keep the sys running for a while, but really you need to look at bigger device or usb stick etc
[23:02] <perlmonkey> and add another partition
[23:03] <Yohio> you know how multimeters have those transistor testing connectors sometimes? I plugged a LED to those and it light up
[23:03] <perlmonkey> in this case, it can be a constant battle trying to maintain a small device that eats up space quick, logs grow big etc
[23:03] <Lambda_Aurigae> Yohio, of course it does...how do you think a transistor tester works? It applies power and tests to see if the transistor switches.
[23:03] <perlmonkey> its just less work to add a new storage medium
[23:04] <Yohio> yeah, i know, but i have no idea how much voltage or current there is
[23:04] <perlmonkey> Yohio neat
[23:04] <perlmonkey> LED's use very little current eh, a few mA
[23:04] <Yohio> i figured it wouldn't break the multimeter and those are vintage LEDs salvaged off of a very old PCB so if they break it doesn't matter
[23:05] <perlmonkey> I think you're right
[23:05] <Yohio> i mean i wouldn't want to break the multimeter but i don't think that's going to happen?
[23:05] <perlmonkey> nah
[23:06] <perlmonkey> the voltage will be low
[23:06] <perlmonkey> current drawn just maybe 20mA or so
[23:07] <Yohio> well then I have an easy to way to test the leds
[23:07] <perlmonkey> 3V maybe most LEDs?
[23:07] <perlmonkey> they can take more and be brighter
[23:08] <perlmonkey> i have some 12v LEDs ultrabright so bright can be seen in daylight like a car indicator
[23:08] <perlmonkey> i got them cheap from China a whole pack for like 1-2 quid
[23:08] <perlmonkey> surface mount tho :-/
[23:09] <perlmonkey> these are not comparable to the normal ultrabright LEDs you can buy commonly, the clear ones
[23:09] <perlmonkey> they're entirely different beast
[23:10] <perlmonkey> I have an indicator light set from China for bicycle, but the LEDs are standard and its noway bright enough in daytime, even with the big mirror and lens etc, its only 3V
[23:11] * cads (~max@2601:0:9300:e86:44cb:25d0:8be9:3167) Quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[23:11] <perlmonkey> so i wanna hack it up and make it ultrabright, the flash is too fast too for an indicator
[23:12] <perlmonkey> often with Chinese stuff, you have to re-work bad electronics eh, but the housings are fine heh
[23:12] <Yohio> yeah, i order a 25€ USB headphone amp from china
[23:12] <perlmonkey> woah
[23:12] * H4ndy (~H4ndy@77-64-182-145.dynamic.primacom.net) Quit (Quit: Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!)
[23:12] <perlmonkey> is it ok?
[23:13] <perlmonkey> some stuff is ok and very good, other piss poor
[23:13] <Yohio> yeah, it's not bad
[23:13] <Yohio> some channel imbalance at low volumes but pretty much everything has that
[23:13] <perlmonkey> Chinese are generally not good at design I find, manufacturing and repetition yes, but design nah
[23:13] <Yohio> and it has a DAC too
[23:13] <perlmonkey> they need western designs and QC
[23:14] <perlmonkey> thats good
[23:14] <Yohio> wow
[23:14] <perlmonkey> I got an optical soundcard from China that works great too
[23:14] <Yohio> i ordered it in april or so
[23:14] <perlmonkey> the sound quality is amazingly good, I record to MiniDisc and from it to PC
[23:14] <Yohio> then I linked it to r/headphones on reddit and 25 people bought it
[23:14] * dk (~dk@mail.dkaiser.org) has joined #raspbian
[23:14] <Yohio> now the price is 40€
[23:14] <perlmonkey> pure digital sound to light eh
[23:14] <perlmonkey> fibre optic cable
[23:15] * dk is now known as Guest97398
[23:15] <perlmonkey> that only costed like $15
[23:15] <perlmonkey> I have Deezer you tried that service?
[23:16] <Yohio> nope, i use spotify
[23:16] * tfiodorov (~tom@host-78-149-18-160.as13285.net) has left #raspbian
[23:16] <perlmonkey> they do an offer 5 quick a month, about 7 bucks US, unlimited albums to any device, can play offline
[23:16] <Yohio> not bad
[23:17] <Yohio> i can't really switch from spotify, my playlists have 6000+ songs so it would be tedious to re-add everything
[23:17] <perlmonkey> if you wanna be naughty you can use capture and optical or digital
[23:17] <p0rt_> I removed wolfram and it's huge
[23:17] <perlmonkey> and steal it, cuz they make it so the app must be running to play the offline music
[23:17] <p0rt_> About 400mb
[23:17] <Yohio> i sometimes record stuff with Wondershare recorder
[23:18] <perlmonkey> phew
[23:18] <Yohio> it records the songs to mp3s, tags them correctly and renames them to match the ID tags
[23:18] <perlmonkey> Yohio I must check that out
[23:18] <perlmonkey> i need to do some recording now as my offer with Deezer ends and im cutting back outgoings
[23:18] <perlmonkey> i will just record the main stuff i listen to
[23:18] <Yohio> the name is Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder
[23:18] <perlmonkey> thanx
[23:19] <Yohio> i think it's a paid program though
[23:19] * p0rt_ (~p0rt@89-67-103-101.dynamic.chello.pl) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[23:19] * perlmonkey notes
[23:19] <perlmonkey> for Windows or Linux?
[23:19] <Yohio> Windows
[23:19] <perlmonkey> Windows apps usually blocks services like Deezer etc, all the encryption stuff etc
[23:19] <Yohio> there are others too, though, so you might want to look into those if you don't want to pay
[23:20] <perlmonkey> but Linux seems to be able to record any streams, i could record digital tv
[23:20] <perlmonkey> but never on windows, it said, copyrighted
[23:20] <Yohio> hmm, i never had that
[23:20] <perlmonkey> in a worse case scenario...
[23:20] <perlmonkey> in Linux or Windows, you can use an app to a video screen capture and size it
[23:21] <perlmonkey> I done that on TV on demand sites for my US friends
[23:21] <perlmonkey> who wanna watch Brit series shows
[23:21] <perlmonkey> one app I use for Windows is..
[23:22] <perlmonkey> AVS Video Editor (Windows) it lets you do the video screen capture
[23:22] <perlmonkey> no quality loss hardly from on demand TV sites in HD
[23:22] <Yohio> i might have heard about that
[23:22] <perlmonkey> its commercial soft but you get a trial and the key is on the torrent sites
[23:22] <perlmonkey> or cracked copies
[23:23] <perlmonkey> i dont use it else i'd pay, i usually do that if something is good after testing a cracked copy
[23:23] <perlmonkey> i dont mind paying for good stuff
[23:23] <perlmonkey> same for music eh
[23:24] <perlmonkey> I think a good way now to do biz online is to let people have stuff like that and try for free
[23:25] <perlmonkey> if the product is good, and your price is reasonable, most will pay, like GooglePlay works well like that, low price, high volume download sales = millions of dollars
[23:25] * perlmonkey shuts up
[23:28] <perlmonkey> what is SonicPI on raspi?
[23:29] <perlmonkey> is that like a virtual synth or mixer to do sound effects etc?
[23:29] <shiftplusone> no
[23:30] <shiftplusone> it's a music programming language thing
[23:30] * perlmonkey plugged a Roland synth/keyboard into PC using a USB to MIDI and turned the thing into a controller, but unlike most controllers, that ancient Roland is like a real piano with weighted keys etc, and i found software which lets you make unlimited sounds
[23:30] <perlmonkey> very cool stuff
[23:30] <perlmonkey> shift ah thanks
[23:31] <perlmonkey> i did wonder, i tried to start it on VNC but realised i had no sound heh
[23:32] <shiftplusone> wow... someone went all out on sonicpi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ReslTXY7A8
[23:32] <perlmonkey> midi songs can be played on PC and you can see which notes to play, its a good way to learn to play music
[23:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> music sucks!
[23:33] <Lambda_Aurigae> err..
[23:33] <perlmonkey> or it plays thru the keyboard and you can play around with sound effects and layer it up
[23:33] <perlmonkey> i can play by ear anything I hear
[23:34] <perlmonkey> it takes a while but i just instinctive know the notes i hear where they're on the keyboard
[23:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> I can't tell the difference between two notes side by side on a piano within half an octave of middle C.
[23:35] <perlmonkey> my friend is a piano pro and he plays Beethoven on my Roland and its pure bliss, you can appreciate the quality of the instrument when a pro plays it
[23:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> spaced out more I can tell them apart.
[23:35] <Lambda_Aurigae> but side by side they sound identical to me.
[23:36] <perlmonkey> Roland samples all the best pianos like Steinway etc
[23:36] <Lambda_Aurigae> I have perfectly imperfect pitch...or so my music teacher said in 7th grade.
[23:36] <Lambda_Aurigae> I could NEVER hit the right note singing.
[23:36] <perlmonkey> yeah its hard, you need a good ear and patience, practice it over and over and write down the notes
[23:37] <perlmonkey> :-/
[23:37] <shiftplusone> I tried pitch training programs but found that certain notes just sounds the same to me as well, no matter how hard I strain to hear the difference. I think it was certain semitones that I struggled with.
[23:37] <Lambda_Aurigae> and forget reading music...it's an alien language if I ever saw one.
[23:37] * p0rt_ (~p0rt@89-67-103-101.dynamic.chello.pl) has joined #raspbian
[23:37] * gramb (~quassel@2001:1608:12:1:23:33:22:101) has joined #raspbian
[23:38] <perlmonkey> this is where the MIDI files and midi reader/displayer comes in handy
[23:38] <perlmonkey> the notes can be seen to be played on the screen and it makes sense more then to see the sheet music and relate it
[23:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> not really.
[23:38] <shiftplusone> actually, I think I got as far as being able to tell the difference between all the notes side by side, but not identify a single note being played if it's one of those semitones.
[23:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> only if you understand music.
[23:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> I'm not wired to understand it.
[23:38] <Lambda_Aurigae> or appreciate it really.
[23:39] <shiftplusone> People who don't appreciate music exist? D=
[23:39] <perlmonkey> i will never be a pro or able to understand music, but its fun to play a tune by ear and just experiment and put some feeling into it etc
[23:39] * shiftplusone can't do anything without music playing.
[23:39] <perlmonkey> me either, i always use my Moto BT earpiece and have deezer running
[23:39] <Lambda_Aurigae> I listen to old country ballads with harmonicas and that's about it.
[23:40] <perlmonkey> i stream in HD and it helps me work, times my mind off tedious repetitive work or housework
[23:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> and then, only when I'm really getting into woodworking.
[23:40] <perlmonkey> *takes
[23:40] <Lambda_Aurigae> otherwise, music playing just distracts me.
[23:40] <p0rt_> Bye :)
[23:40] <shiftplusone> Even if I can't play any instruments, I can appreciate those that can. Doesn't stop me from trying to play the guitar either, it's nice to see yourself progress little by little.
[23:40] <perlmonkey> yeah for sure shift
[23:40] <perlmonkey> even if you cant play good, its still worth it
[23:41] <Lambda_Aurigae> tried that..took piano lessons..took guitar lessons...it always sounds bland and horrid to me when I play...moreso than when other people play.
[23:41] <perlmonkey> listen to this lovely song:
[23:42] <perlmonkey> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ABOdGoDx0g
[23:42] <Lambda_Aurigae> always wanted to learn to play the fiddle but I know there is no way I could.
[23:42] <Lambda_Aurigae> don't hear anything perlmonkey
[23:42] <perlmonkey> thats Bryan Ferry's cover of Robert Palmers classic
[23:42] <Lambda_Aurigae> maybe because this pc doesn't have speakers.
[23:42] <perlmonkey> oops
[23:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> and never heard of bryan palmer or robert ferry
[23:43] <shiftplusone> Eh, don't like that.
[23:43] <perlmonkey> I played the flute at school my mother encouraged me from early age
[23:43] <Lambda_Aurigae> it's not roy rogers or johnny cash or johnny horton....meh.
[23:44] <perlmonkey> rogers is my name!
[23:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> eww...eww.eww....just plugged in headphones.
[23:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> that's,,,,eww.
[23:44] <perlmonkey> no accounting for taste :P
[23:44] <perlmonkey> Americans just dont appreciate good music :P
[23:44] <Lambda_Aurigae> I don't appreciate music in general.
[23:45] <perlmonkey> the synth on that track was done by a Finnish guy who is making a good name for himself working with big names, he made his own album of mixes
[23:45] * CEnnis91 (uid3543@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-rkbhjblqbvgsxxzl) Quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
[23:45] <perlmonkey> Ferry also did some tracks off that album with Nile Rodgers
[23:46] <perlmonkey> he's worked with him a lot in the past
[23:46] * Marchal (sammy@shell.franken.de) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[23:47] <Lambda_Aurigae> never heard of them.
[23:47] <Lambda_Aurigae> but, I don't do the music circles thing.
[23:47] <perlmonkey> I wonder what music Obama likes
[23:48] <perlmonkey> I thought that Senator? or staff member of one who ripped into the Obama girls on the turkey pardon event at whitehouse, cuz of their short skirts and bored expressions was well disrespectful, i mean c'mon they're only teenage girls, just normal girls
[23:48] <Lambda_Aurigae> http://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/jun/25/barackobama.uselections2008
[23:49] <Lambda_Aurigae> looks like jazz and crap like springsteen.
[23:49] <perlmonkey> it must be pressuring and stressful enough being daughters of the president, the first black one.. without comments like that on twitter
[23:49] <perlmonkey> heh
[23:50] <perlmonkey> thought he might be a jazz man
[23:53] <perlmonkey> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypkX_QdPsbw
[23:54] <perlmonkey> this is so funny, Mr T from A-Team, explains why he rejected a Cameo in new A-Team movie, gets real mad!
[23:54] <perlmonkey> has to breathe to calm down

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