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[22:53] <the-green-toad-l> i am midori on the pi
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[22:53] <the-green-toad-l> *testing midori
[22:54] <the-green-toad-l> the pi is connected to the internet
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[22:56] <the-green-toad-l> you there
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[22:57] <diederik> I have no idea what you're doing ...
[22:57] <the-green-toad-l> i am trying to remote into the raspberry pi
[22:57] <the-green-toad-l> it is now connected to the router with ethernet
[22:58] <diederik> then do '/sbin/ifconfig' on the RPi
[22:58] <the-green-toad-l> my laptop that i am using to remote into the pi is connected with wifi
[22:58] <the-green-toad-l> i did
[22:58] <diederik> and that should output the IP address of the RPi
[22:59] <diederik> you can then use the IP address to ssh into your Pi
[22:59] <the-green-toad-l> which ip of them is it
[23:00] <diederik> not the one saying, but the one listed with eth0
[23:03] <the-green-toad-l> ient addr: bcast: mask:
[23:03] <the-green-toad-l> which one do it use
[23:03] <diederik>
[23:03] <the-green-toad-l> so the command is
[23:03] <the-green-toad-l> ???
[23:04] <diederik> ssh pi@
[23:05] <the-green-toad-l> it worked
[23:05] <the-green-toad-l> thanks
[23:05] <diederik> yw
[23:06] <the-green-toad-l> now i will set up the email server
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[23:36] <RichiH> is there an eta for rpi2 images?
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[23:41] <plugwash> the raspberry pi foundation images have already been updated, dunno about other images
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[23:42] <the-green-toad-l> hello i restarted my browser what is the page for web servers on debian
[23:43] <RichiH> plugwash: oh, nice
[23:44] <the-green-toad-l> more specifly email servers on raspbian
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[23:53] <Skaag> documentation for raspivid is rather scarce

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