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[0:30] <Mortir> Hello!
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[3:10] <Saijin_Naib> Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could help me troubleshoot a problem with (what I believe to be) lightdm?
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[3:22] <Saijin_Naib> Symptoms being that I can't get a GUI over xrdp unless I sudo service lightdm restart and then reconnect
[3:22] <Saijin_Naib> Seeing as I operate my rPi headless, this is a bit frustrating. SSH/SFTP work brilliantly, so no worries there at least
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[3:32] <Saijin_Naib> GUI/lightdm-greeter seem to work fine on my WaveShare SpotPear 3.2" LCD on GPIO/SPI
[3:32] <Saijin_Naib> So... I'm at a loss
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[6:26] <whynotoatmeal> I have a rpi3b USBHDD media center server setup but I'm running into a problem
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[6:27] <whynotoatmeal> after a while, the rpi isn't visible on the network anymore. ran a ifconfig and it's still there with the same IP. I guess it's the USBHDD
[6:29] <whynotoatmeal> restarting the smbd service didn't help either
[6:29] <whynotoatmeal> it became accessible once I rebooted the pi
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[6:31] <ShorTie> wifi or wired ??
[6:32] <whynotoatmeal> wifi
[6:32] <whynotoatmeal> I think you found my issue
[6:32] <ShorTie> try like wicd to keep the wifi up
[6:33] <whynotoatmeal> I'll investigate thanks ShorTie :)
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[7:03] <PaulFertser> ShorTie: fyi, wpa_supplicant automatically reconnects to the network if the device got disconnected for whatever reason. It's unlikely wicd, being a frontend to wpa_supplicant, can add anything worthy to that.
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[12:28] <Gerritjan> can sombody tell me how to compile boost on RPI because its telling me its low on memory
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[12:30] <Lartza> Gerritjan, You don't probably
[12:31] <Gerritjan> damn i need it for a c++ application i wrote
[12:32] <Lartza> Not being able to compile on the Pi doesn't exclude being able to compile for the Pi
[12:32] <Lartza> also boost should be in the repos no?
[12:32] <Gerritjan> yes lower version
[12:33] <Lartza> No?
[12:33] <Gerritjan> yes 1.55 not 1.6
[12:33] <Lartza> I see boost1.60
[12:33] <Gerritjan> yes
[12:34] <Lartza> In the repos that is...
[12:34] <Lartza> http://archive.raspbian.org/raspbian/pool/main/b/boost1.60/
[12:35] <Gerritjan> euhm oke its not apt-get or aptitude?
[12:35] <Lartza> Hmm
[12:35] <Lartza> I don't have raspbian currently
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[12:35] <Gerritjan> hahaha oke euhm oke
[12:35] <Gerritjan> i did look for small unix version to install only i dont know 1 :S
[12:36] <Lartza> install what?
[12:36] <Gerritjan> euhm smaller / lichter unix
[12:36] <Lartza> Ahh
[12:37] <Lartza> Found anything interesting? :P
[12:37] <Gerritjan> no :P
[12:38] <Gerritjan> your good :D
[12:38] <Gerritjan> just wondering where you from :P
[12:39] <Lartza> Finland
[12:39] <Gerritjan> ahhh oke :D
[12:39] <Lartza> Why do you necessarily need boost 1.6?
[12:39] <Lartza> It seems even debian unstable is on 1.58
[12:40] <Gerritjan> euhm dont know
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[15:06] * xcel (~xcel_@193-234-149-98.kund.ipswe.com) has joined #raspbian
[15:06] <xcel> hey isnt ansiweather package included?
[15:17] * skylite (~skylite@91EC3DE2.dsl.pool.telekom.hu) Quit (Max SendQ exceeded)
[15:19] * skylite (~skylite@91EC3DE2.dsl.pool.telekom.hu) has joined #raspbian
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[15:39] * Saijin_Naib (~Miranda@cpe-66-66-108-160.rochester.res.rr.com) has joined #raspbian
[15:39] <Saijin_Naib> Anyone available to help me troubleshoot a probable Xsession issue?
[15:41] * InfoTest (~Thunderbi@tgn.188.54.40.dts.mg) has joined #raspbian
[15:43] * skylite (~skylite@91EC3DE2.dsl.pool.telekom.hu) has joined #raspbian
[15:43] * jernest (68be9835@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #raspbian
[15:44] * Mia (~Mia@unaffiliated/mia) has joined #raspbian
[15:47] <jernest> I need some help please. I'm trying to customize the Gatt server that comes with Bluez on RPI3 (so I can talk to it with my iphone). Tried upgrading to Bluez-5.39 from source, broke my bluetooth (bdaddr AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA), reinstalling sudo apt-get install bluez and sudo reboot brings me back to 5.23 and BT works again. Cannot run rpi-update as it breaks/freezes with my SainSmart 3.5" LCD and then I have to reinstall whole OS.
[15:48] <Saijin_Naib> Why can't rpi-update work with your screen? That's new. Have you tried booting with the dtoverlay for the screen commented out to see if it'll work properly then?
[15:49] <jernest> When I run sudo apt-get source --compile bluez and then dpkg -i the resulting .deb files it installs 5.23_2 instead of 5.23_2+rpi (apparently needed to make BT run) and Bluetooth goes down again.
[15:50] <jernest> No I haven't tried that yet, but I want to get this working first, and the default Gatt server DOES work with pre-installed 5.23, I just haven't been able to customize because it's baked into the source (even though it's called a plugin...)
[15:50] * Tachyon` is now known as Tachgone
[15:50] <jernest> Pretty frustrating I've spent like 4-5 days on this one already.
[15:51] * hanfm (~Thunderbi@x4d029e6b.dyn.telefonica.de) has joined #raspbian
[15:51] <Saijin_Naib> I'm sorry, dude
[15:51] <Saijin_Naib> My competence level is... low, haha. I can't offer much more help :\
[15:51] <jernest> If I update and specify a different overlay (or none?), there's a chance I might brick the system again. Apparently sainsmart throws in this waveshare35a-overlay.dtb to get it working. I don't know what's going to happen if I remove that.
[15:52] <Saijin_Naib> I know the frustration though. I can't get my pi to boot my graphical Xsession, but it is working for SSH and lightdm-gtk-greeter. Hours wasted
[15:52] <jernest> And if I brick it I have to spend time reburning the SD card from my Mac
[15:52] <jernest> Oh man sorry to hear
[15:52] <Saijin_Naib> Wait, taht display uses the waveshare35a file?
[15:52] <jernest> yes
[15:52] <Saijin_Naib> I get mine from the git source location
[15:52] <Saijin_Naib> They're likely more up to date
[15:52] <Saijin_Naib> I use the 32b for my display, no issues with anything
[15:53] <Saijin_Naib> Here, let me boot my pi so I can copy my script for you
[15:53] <Saijin_Naib> it'll grab the files from the git repository, download them, and then copy the good/new one to where it belongs
[15:53] <Saijin_Naib> I'll modify it to backup your current one, too
[15:53] <Saijin_Naib> Give me a minute here
[15:55] <jernest> This is the one right here, except the back of my unit looks blue instead of black.
[15:55] <jernest> http://www.whence.com/rpi/
[15:55] <Saijin_Naib> what kernel version are you on?
[15:55] <Saijin_Naib> 4.4.x
[15:55] <Saijin_Naib> ?
[15:55] <jernest> Oops
[15:55] <jernest> this one: https://github.com/notro/fbtft/issues/252
[15:56] <jernest> 4.1.19-v7+
[15:56] <Saijin_Naib> Alright, cool
[15:56] <jernest> And yeah I tried rpi-update without the display, and got it to 4.4.x and tried compiling Bluez 5.39 from source, and my internal BT still said AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA
[15:56] <Saijin_Naib> So
[15:56] <jernest> so I went back to my original image
[15:56] <Saijin_Naib> Okay
[15:57] <Saijin_Naib> So you're not on 4.4
[15:57] <Saijin_Naib> Okay
[15:57] <Saijin_Naib> Good to know
[15:57] <Saijin_Naib> I'll add both to the script haha
[15:57] <Saijin_Naib> I apologize, this will be slightly hacky, but it should still work okay
[15:57] <jernest> Main issue is the Bluez here
[15:57] <jernest> I don't know how to follow the apt-get chain
[15:58] <jernest> I ran sudo apt-get source --compile bluez, and it builds some debs, but I think there must be some additional steps that apt-get install is running after the build other than just dpkg -i.
[15:58] <jernest> Because doing dpkg-i says I'm "downgrading" to 5.23_2 from 5.23_2+rpi
[15:59] <Saijin_Naib> I didn't know you could use apt-get for source
[15:59] <Saijin_Naib> I use git and compile manually
[15:59] <Saijin_Naib> So, you're beyond me for that
[15:59] <Saijin_Naib> http://pastebin.com/SwDxrY4p
[16:00] <Saijin_Naib> Here you go man
[16:00] <jernest> What version of Bluez are you on?
[16:00] <Saijin_Naib> I have an rPi B (Gen1), so none :P
[16:00] <Saijin_Naib> I want to get the 2 or 3
[16:00] <Saijin_Naib> so this script will pull down the wavershare-dtoverlays from the git source
[16:00] <Saijin_Naib> move into the directory, check that they're up to date
[16:01] <Saijin_Naib> rename your current dtoverlay to make sure you can restore it, copy over the git sourced overlay twice (once with *.dtbo for 4.4.x kernels, and once as *.dtb for older kernels)
[16:01] <Saijin_Naib> Then, it's up to you to reboot and change the entry in /boot/config.txt
[16:02] <Saijin_Naib> However, i would comment the display out and run rpi-update first
[16:02] <Saijin_Naib> Then uncomment it and make sure it points to the .dtbo for kernel 4.4.x branches
[16:02] <Saijin_Naib> And that's all I got haha
[16:03] <jernest> Oh thank you very much
[16:03] <jernest> One question
[16:03] * mistralol (~james@host217-36-63-34.in-addr.btopenworld.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[16:04] <jernest> If I boot with an overlay that's not working, how do I get back to ground zero without reburning my image? It just boots up, gets a bit into it, and freezes before going into X.
[16:05] * mistralol (~james@host217-36-63-34.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #raspbian
[16:05] <jernest> Basically if I have the display already enabled with the existing overlay that I have, then I run rpi-update, and reboot, I'm stuck at that point it freezes during boot and I have to reinstall the whole OS.
[16:05] <Saijin_Naib> Right
[16:05] <Saijin_Naib> So, I'd recommend you edit your /boot/config.txt to disable the displasy
[16:05] <Saijin_Naib> just put a # infront of the line where you load the display to comment it out
[16:05] <Saijin_Naib> Reboot
[16:06] <Saijin_Naib> Run my script (sudo ./scriptname)
[16:06] <Saijin_Naib> sudo rpi-update
[16:06] <Saijin_Naib> Make sure it all boots okay
[16:06] * elastix (~Thunderbi@ has joined #raspbian
[16:06] <jernest> Well I've run rpi-update without the display enabled and it works ok
[16:06] <Saijin_Naib> If it does, go back in and edit the /boot/config.txt, remove your #, make sure it points to the *.dtb0, and reboot again
[16:06] <Saijin_Naib> Good
[16:06] <jernest> So I'm not worried about that
[16:07] <Saijin_Naib> If you have SSH setup, the gui not being there is fine
[16:07] <Saijin_Naib> you ssh in and use nano to change the text files
[16:07] <jernest> I don't know if I have it enabled or not
[16:07] <Saijin_Naib> Or you pull the SD card, mount it in something that can read FAT32
[16:07] <Saijin_Naib> sudo raspi-config
[16:07] <Saijin_Naib> there's an option to enable it
[16:07] <Saijin_Naib> I think its on by default in the newer images
[16:08] <jernest> Initial ssh key generation still running. Please wait and try again.
[16:09] <Saijin_Naib> that's new
[16:09] <jernest> There was an error running option A4 SSH
[16:09] <Saijin_Naib> I've never seen that
[16:09] <jernest> yeah
[16:10] <jernest> what's the default pi password
[16:10] * J_DeMan (~J_DeMan@blk-7-216-34.eastlink.ca) has joined #raspbian
[16:10] * jdawgaz (~Jerry@ip70-176-27-239.ph.ph.cox.net) Quit (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[16:13] <jernest> ok, I've got that running, SSH apparently is running on my Pi, and I can login.
[16:14] <jernest> Only problem is, I had to connect by IP address, and if I reboot I don't know what the DHCP assigned addressed will be. My hostname is "InformationHub" and I couldn't connect through that address.
[16:14] * jdawgaz (~Jerry@ip70-176-27-239.ph.ph.cox.net) has joined #raspbian
[16:16] * yann (~yann@85-171-21-92.rev.numericable.fr) Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[16:18] <Saijin_Naib> Do you have access to your router?
[16:18] <stiv> if it aways runs on the same network, give it a static address
[16:19] <Saijin_Naib> It'll have a page where it will show all the connected DHCP clients by MAC, hostname, and IP
[16:19] <Saijin_Naib> You just look there to check
[16:19] <jernest> I don't, it's an AT&T UVerse router with some funkyness going on
[16:19] * stiv notes his home router is smart enough to translate the hostname. others, not so much
[16:19] <Saijin_Naib> Mmm
[16:19] <jernest> I don't even know the password to get in
[16:19] <jernest> yeah...
[16:20] <stiv> nmap -sn (if memory serves. and you have time to scan your network)
[16:20] <jernest> It's buried in some documentation that my father I think threw away, crazy as that sounds
[16:20] <Saijin_Naib> That's tough. I don't know :|
[16:20] <Saijin_Naib> Like I said, I'm not terribly proficient
[16:21] * hanfm (~Thunderbi@x4d029e6b.dyn.telefonica.de) Quit (Quit: hanfm)
[16:21] <Saijin_Naib> I still can't my Xsession to work properly! haha
[16:21] <Saijin_Naib> no amount of dpkg-reconfigure, sudo service restart, etc fixes it
[16:21] <Saijin_Naib> ugh
[16:24] <Saijin_Naib> Speaking of, does anyone know how to reset all the Xsession stuff to default so I can get my display manager to work?
[16:25] * vagrantc (~vagrant@unaffiliated/vagrantc) has joined #raspbian
[16:25] * ChanServ sets mode +o vagrantc
[16:26] <jernest> Also, I don't care to use the display as a primary display device, I just want it to show some diagnostic info from say a Python program.
[16:27] <Saijin_Naib> Hm
[16:27] <Saijin_Naib> Do you want to be able to use HDMI/composite?
[16:27] <jernest> I'd like to be able to use both HDMI and the 3.5TFT at the same time
[16:27] <jernest> yes
[16:27] <Saijin_Naib> From what I understand, the Pi can only drive one attached display
[16:27] <jernest> that sucks
[16:27] <Saijin_Naib> I wanted to set mine up for dual, but everythning I found says it can't be done
[16:27] <Saijin_Naib> You redirect th framebuffer to the smaller LCD and then that makes the HDMI/composite go blank apparently
[16:28] <Saijin_Naib> You might be better off with a GPIO attached segmented LCD to read out text from your python rpogram
[16:28] <Saijin_Naib> That way you have both still
[16:32] <jernest> well
[16:32] <jernest> rpi-update just bricked my pi again
[16:32] <jernest> not even with the display enabled
[16:32] <Saijin_Naib> Something's seriously wrong there
[16:32] <jernest> I'm getting it to boot into X but it's not giving me a toolbar to get to a console
[16:33] <Saijin_Naib> That's not bricked then, if you're getting to X
[16:33] <Saijin_Naib> You're just stuck with a broken Xsession like I am!
[16:33] <Saijin_Naib> haha
[16:33] <Saijin_Naib> Join the shitty club
[16:33] <Saijin_Naib> Keyboard attached to the pi?
[16:33] <Saijin_Naib> CTRL+ALT+F1
[16:33] <Saijin_Naib> That should take you to a terminal
[16:34] * elastix (~Thunderbi@ Quit (Quit: elastix)
[16:34] <jernest> yeah it got me to a terminal with no login prompt
[16:34] <Saijin_Naib> eh?
[16:34] <Saijin_Naib> What's it showing?
[16:34] * elastix (~Thunderbi@ has joined #raspbian
[16:34] <Saijin_Naib> try CTRL+ALT+F2 up to F6
[16:34] <Saijin_Naib> Those should initialize properly if F1 is busy
[16:35] <jernest> nope, blank screens with blinking cursor
[16:35] <Saijin_Naib> Are you certain your image you're flashing from is good?
[16:35] <Saijin_Naib> Card is good?
[16:35] <Saijin_Naib> Soemthing sounds amiss
[16:35] <jernest> I'm going to reboot and not mess with updating the kernel again with rpi-update, despite what anyone says
[16:36] <Saijin_Naib> Redownload a fresh image and check the md5/sha of it
[16:36] <Saijin_Naib> Make sure you didn't grab a corrupted image
[16:36] <jernest> dude
[16:36] <jernest> I have source code I've been building on it, that I'll have to take time to transfer somewhere else like my OSX Macbook
[16:36] <jernest> I dunno
[16:36] <Saijin_Naib> Right
[16:36] <jernest> that's a lot of work just to get an updated kernel I don't really need
[16:36] <Saijin_Naib> Alright
[16:37] <jernest> because 5.23 of bluez does work, whatever way they install it
[16:37] <Saijin_Naib> The issues you're having with raspi-config and rpi-update seem suspicious is all
[16:37] <Saijin_Naib> I'm just concerned you have a bad image and it may lead to other issues down the line
[16:37] <Saijin_Naib> Don't reflash it yet, just check the hash of it to make sure it actually was a good image to begin with
[16:37] <jernest> too late I already started
[16:38] <Saijin_Naib> Alright
[16:38] <Saijin_Naib> Enjoy
[16:41] * sexytime (~GitGud@unaffiliated/gitgud) has joined #raspbian
[16:43] <jernest> if I wanted to check the hash how would I do so?
[16:44] <Saijin_Naib> On the raspbian site they give you the hashes
[16:44] <Saijin_Naib> On mac, you'll need a tool to compute the hash. I have no idea. I use windows and 7zip
[16:45] <Saijin_Naib> I'm not sure if OSX has any hash tools built into the shell
[16:45] <Saijin_Naib> https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201259
[16:45] <Saijin_Naib> there
[16:47] * J_DeMan (~J_DeMan@blk-7-216-34.eastlink.ca) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[16:49] * jova2 (~jova2@ has joined #raspbian
[16:49] * rela (~x@pdpc/supporter/active/rela) has joined #raspbian
[16:52] * h4ndy is now known as H4ndy
[16:53] * anikras (~anikras@0542c81b.skybroadband.com) has joined #raspbian
[16:54] <anikras> hello
[16:54] * anikras (~anikras@0542c81b.skybroadband.com) has left #raspbian
[16:54] <Saijin_Naib> Sup
[16:55] * anikras (~anikras@0542c81b.skybroadband.com) has joined #raspbian
[16:55] <anikras> I want to buy a raspberry, but I am not sure what version
[16:56] <Saijin_Naib> What do you want to do with yours?
[16:56] <anikras> a server with NAS, SSH, APACHE,MySQL, PHP,
[16:57] <anikras> i want one service similar to dropbox for store my photos,documents,....
[16:57] <Saijin_Naib> Okay
[16:57] <Saijin_Naib> Need a display?
[16:57] <Saijin_Naib> Need it to be blazing fast?
[16:57] <anikras> I don;t need a display
[16:58] <Saijin_Naib> I'd say any of the B model would be sufficient
[16:58] <Saijin_Naib> B1+, B2, B3
[16:58] <Saijin_Naib> Depends how fast you want it to be
[16:58] <Saijin_Naib> B3 is the fastest and has onboard WiFi+BlueTooth
[16:58] <Saijin_Naib> Also the most power consumption
[16:59] <anikras> It isn't very expensive
[16:59] * jova2 (~jova2@ Quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[16:59] <Saijin_Naib> B2 is way faster than B1+, moderate power consumption
[16:59] <Saijin_Naib> None of them are very expensive
[16:59] <Saijin_Naib> I think it tops out at like, $45 if that
[16:59] <anikras> okokok, so I think B3 is better
[17:00] <Saijin_Naib> It's faster
[17:00] <Saijin_Naib> It has more connectivity
[17:00] <Saijin_Naib> But it uses more power
[17:00] <Saijin_Naib> Your call what is important
[17:00] <anikras> b3 is the same raspberry pi 3 ?
[17:01] <Saijin_Naib> Yeah, the Pi 3 Model B
[17:03] * XpineX (~XpineX@1503020523.dhcp.dbnet.dk) has joined #raspbian
[17:04] <anikras> can you tell me if this kit it's good? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vilros-Raspberry-Pi-Complete-Starter/dp/B01D0BKLZY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1462813316&sr=8-3&keywords=raspberry+pi+3+kit
[17:04] <Saijin_Naib> Looks it
[17:05] <Saijin_Naib> Why not get it from an official distributor?
[17:05] <anikras> can you send me the link ?
[17:05] <Saijin_Naib> https://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-3-model-b/
[17:05] <Saijin_Naib> Pick a distributor from there
[17:07] <anikras> thanks
[17:07] * jdawgaz (~Jerry@ip70-176-27-239.ph.ph.cox.net) Quit (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[17:08] <Saijin_Naib> No problem
[17:08] <Saijin_Naib> Are you 100% positive you need WiFi+Bluetooth?
[17:08] <Saijin_Naib> You could save a few dollars and some power consumption/heat by going the Pi 2 B route
[17:08] <anikras> yes I am
[17:09] <anikras> I preferd with WiFi
[17:09] <Saijin_Naib> Slow :P
[17:09] <Saijin_Naib> But okay, so long as you actually need the 3, you're making the right choice
[17:09] <Saijin_Naib> Make sure you get the right power supply for it
[17:09] <Saijin_Naib> The foundation has a 2.4A one
[17:10] <Saijin_Naib> You're not getting it to run stable on some budget shop power supply, apparently
[17:10] <anikras> ok,
[17:10] <anikras> I think I need a hub usb for the hard drives
[17:10] * spinza (~spin@ has joined #raspbian
[17:13] * shiftplusone (~shift@unaffiliated/shiftplusone) has joined #raspbian
[17:14] * markedathome (~markedath@unaffiliated/markedathome) has joined #raspbian
[17:17] * skylite (~skylite@91EC3DE2.dsl.pool.telekom.hu) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[17:18] * skylite (~skylite@91EC3DE2.dsl.pool.telekom.hu) has joined #raspbian
[17:20] * TheLostAdmin (~TheLostAd@75-119-244-208.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #raspbian
[17:20] <ShorTie> i'd be a little worried about the power supply in that kit, if it twas me
[17:22] <jelly> jernest: it's not that we in #debian don't know anything, it's that it's worng place to ask
[17:23] <jelly> jernest: if you have successfully generated a .deb you can install it using "dpkg -i blah.deb", then run "apt-get -f install" to make apt figure out any missing dependencies
[17:29] * alex1a (~alex1a@a81-84-222-27.cpe.netcabo.pt) has joined #raspbian
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[17:47] <jernest> I disagree that it's off-topic because this is related specifically to apt-get.
[17:48] <jernest> Apt-get as a program doesn't have any clue about anything Raspbian specific unless you specify it in whatever commands build a package.
[17:49] <jernest> All I'm asking essentially is, what commands are being run behind the scenes whenever you issue an apt-get source -b package, and then what commands need to be issued to do an install.
[17:50] <jernest> No one told me the -f trick while I was in the channel.
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[18:28] <Saijin_Naib> Can anyone help me restore/reset my Xsession settings to get my Xsession working? I can't get any GUI working on my rPi/Raspbian Jessie aside from lightdm-gtk-greeter
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[19:18] <Domi> Hello, I installed tightvncserver and know want to uninstall it , to do the whole prozess with setting password again to record it. apt-get purge tightvncserver does not remove the password
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[21:21] <kazer> hi there. Does anyone have more informations about the audio driver for raspberry pi 3? I am running Gentoo on my pi3, but the audio card isn't detected
[21:21] <kazer> (i am using the kernel and modules from the foundation)
[21:22] <shiftplusone> kazer: add audio=on to config.txt
[21:22] <shiftplusone> sorry, dtparam=audio=on
[21:22] <kazer> thanks shiftplusone
[21:23] <shiftplusone> Well, see if it works first.
[21:23] <thurstylark> ...before you thank me, you should make sure it actually works :P
[21:23] <xtort-> hah
[21:25] <kazer> shiftplusone: it works :D
[21:25] <shiftplusone> excellent
[21:25] <kazer> so the only thing not working now for me is bluetooth
[21:25] <shiftplusone> .... have fun. It's a tricky one
[21:26] <shiftplusone> you need a patched version of hciattach and stuff.
[21:26] <kazer> shiftplusone: do you know if all these config options are documented somewhere?
[21:26] <kazer> i can patch stuffs. i can even write an ebuild to install a patched version. any pointers?
[21:26] <shiftplusone> kazer: https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/blob/master/boot/overlays/README
[21:27] <kazer> thanks!
[21:27] * Lemmata (~quassel@ has joined #raspbian
[21:28] <shiftplusone> kazer: skim through here... https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/1314
[21:29] <kazer> thanks!
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[21:29] <shiftplusone> np
[21:30] <shiftplusone> You'll need updated chipset firmware too
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[21:40] <kazer> yep i have those already
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[21:42] <shiftplusone> are you 100% sure it's the correct version? I think broadcom just sent them directly to us for raspbian without them ending up on kernel.org. Maybe that has been updated since then.
[21:45] <shiftplusone> I still don't see it here https://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/tree/brcm and that's where I would expect gentoo to fetch it from.
[21:45] * jdawgaz (~Jerry@ip70-176-27-239.ph.ph.cox.net) Quit (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
[21:46] <kazer> i usually fetch them from https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware
[21:47] <kazer> but maybe i'm mistaken
[21:47] <shiftplusone> not the pi firmware
[21:48] <shiftplusone> the actual wifi/bt chipset firmware
[21:48] <shiftplusone> https://github.com/RPi-Distro/firmware-nonfree/commit/54bab3d6a6d43239c71d26464e6e10e5067ffea7
[21:49] <kazer> ah, thanks
[21:49] <shiftplusone> np
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[21:59] <elastix> hi is it possible to run vnc before of the login?
[22:00] <shiftplusone> elastix: could you rephrase the question? Not sure what you mean.
[22:01] <elastix> I've installed VNC tightvncserver in the my pi 3... I need to start VNC server before of log on
[22:01] <elastix> is it possible?
[22:03] <kazer> elastix: there's several ways to do it. One would be using inittab, another would be to write a service script
[22:03] <shiftplusone> kazer: no inittab. raspbian uses systemd now.
[22:03] <kazer> oh right.
[22:04] <elastix> so only the service way?
[22:09] <kazer> elastix: http://askubuntu.com/questions/120973/how-do-i-start-vnc-server-on-boot looks good imo
[22:09] * jdawgaz (~Jerry@ip70-176-27-239.ph.ph.cox.net) Quit (Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…)
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[22:18] <elastix> I've installed tightvncserver .... how is started it at boot? there is a service?
[22:20] * shiftplusone (~shift@unaffiliated/shiftplusone) Quit (Quit: Leaving)
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[22:29] <elastix> how can I configure a screen lock after 30 seconds?
[22:31] <thurstylark> elastix: I do so with xautolock, but it has to be run when x starts up or soon after, and you need a locker as well.
[22:35] * iamfrankenstein (~Thunderbi@h90192.upc-h.chello.nl) Quit (Quit: iamfrankenstein)
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[22:38] <elastix> what is xautolock?
[22:38] <thurstylark> elastix: it's an application that auto locks x
[22:39] <elastix> what I have to do after installed it?
[22:39] <thurstylark> elastix: you have to set it up to run when x starts up or soon after
[22:39] <elastix> how can I do that?
[22:40] <thurstylark> elastix: how do you start x?
[22:40] <elastix> I don't know
[22:40] <thurstylark> elastix: what do you do to get to a gui?
[22:40] <elastix> the gui start automatically
[22:41] <thurstylark> elastix: so it's started by xinit. Put it in your ~/.xinitrc
[22:42] <elastix> put what in xinitrc?
[22:42] <thurstylark> elastix: the xautolock command you wish to use
[22:43] <elastix> but I dont' have any directory called xinitrc
[22:44] <thurstylark> elastix: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xinitrc
[22:45] <thurstylark> elastix: here's how I do it in my ~/.xinitrc http://vps.thurstylark.com/xinitrc/blob/master/.xinitrc#L-32
[22:46] <thurstylark> elastix: you will want to change the i3lock command to your desired locker, so don't copy mine word for word
[22:48] <elastix> or can I create a systemd file init?
[22:49] * elastix (~Thunderbi@ Quit (Quit: elastix)
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[23:54] * plugwash wonders if gcc-6 will build successfully
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