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[0:59] <lurkashflake> hi
[1:00] <plugwash> hi
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[1:02] <lurkashflake> I've bought a 3.5inch screen that fit on the pin of my pi 3, there isn't other wire, only the 4 female pin plus the 8 others. I've dd'ed raspbian to my pi and when I boot a green light randomly flash. I see nothing but white on my screen. I do not know if it is booting from the sd card correctly.
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[1:03] <lurkashflake> I don't see a boot splash
[1:05] <ragedragon> lurkashflake, do you have the screen reference please?
[1:06] <lurkashflake> ragedragon: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=124961
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[1:10] <ragedragon> lurkashflake, is it a new raspbian image you installed on your sdcard?
[1:11] <lurkashflake> freshly burned
[1:12] <lurkashflake> The green light tickle if its relevant
[1:13] <ragedragon> you could try to connect the os using ssh and see the dmesg output
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[1:14] <ragedragon> if it is based on the new raspbian image don't forget to add a simple file named "ssh" on the boot partition
[1:14] <ragedragon> ssh is disabled by defaut for security reasons
[1:15] <Phanes> anybody using raspbian for a kiosk? i've got a specific application that I want X to launch when it boots on the display, but, i want VNC to present a greeter. Not sure how reasonable that is yet.
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[1:23] <lurkashflake> ragedragon: is it most probably a problem with the screen?
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[1:25] <ragedragon> lurkashflake, no idea but it could be required to see what the kernel dmesg will produce
[1:26] <ragedragon> maybe there is something on the log that will help you to understand
[1:26] <ragedragon> as i don't have this screen, i don't know if this device is working with a native fb kernel object
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[1:30] <lurkashflake> ragedragon: fb?
[1:31] <ragedragon> framebuffer
[1:31] <lurkashflake> I'll have access to an hdmi screen later tonight, any can do?
[1:33] <ragedragon> the hdmi can help for sure
[1:34] <ragedragon> especially if you are able to see the kernel/services init ...
[1:34] <ragedragon> the more easier is probably to get a ssh connection
[1:35] <lurkashflake> ok
[1:35] <ragedragon> what you need to do is to track if something appears during the kernel start about your screen
[1:36] <ragedragon> and if a specific module will be loaded or any error message
[1:36] <lurkashflake> at which step am I able to ssh to it?
[1:36] <ragedragon> kernel + network and then ssh service start
[1:37] <ragedragon> if you taken the last raspbian image you need to add a simple empty file named ssh on the boot partition
[1:38] <ragedragon> but regarding your link you posted here, it seems that your screen is not compatible with the fb kernel
[1:38] <ragedragon> basically a memory buffer used to write a bitmap and then transmitted to the screen via the SPI bus
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[1:40] <lurkashflake> remember me that time I bought a cheap 90mb/s micro sd card and plugged it within an adapter to my laptop. It started smelling weird and when I found the source the adapter was melting.
[1:40] <lurkashflake> Probably made a mistake buying a cheap screen heh
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[1:42] <ragedragon> lurkashflake, it is possible that a driver was written
[1:42] <ragedragon> http://www.neosecsolutions.com//products.php?28&cPath=17
[1:42] <ragedragon> no idea
[1:46] <ragedragon> when you will be able to ssh your pi, check if a module spi-xxxxx something is loaded
[1:46] <ragedragon> and then fbtft
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[1:53] <ragedragon> https://github.com/notro/fbtft/wiki
[1:53] <ragedragon> it seems that your screen is a clone of the lcd from adafruit
[1:53] <ragedragon> you could follow this wiki
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[2:28] <ragedragon> lurkashflake, hoping it will help you: http://en.kedei.net/raspberry/raspberry.html
[2:28] <ragedragon> good luck
[2:29] <ragedragon> use at your own risk :°
[2:30] <ragedragon> it seems that a specific driver is required
[2:31] <ragedragon> forgot what i wrote before about the adafruit lcd clone..?
[2:31] <ragedragon> ...
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[7:02] <kajika> Hello here : I'm trying to get a user to be able to 'reboot' but I get 'Failed to execute operation: The name org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1 was not provided by any .service files'. I read about polkit but I don't understand why I have this message...
[7:09] <Wizard> I have no idea about policy kit, but compare your user’s groups with default „pi” group. I bet you’re missing something there
[7:17] <kajika> got it using sudoers' file to allow 'sudo reboot' without password
[7:21] <kajika> by the way in case someone know the trick not to have to wait 8 sec every time you connect to your raspberry using ssh... I have the 'UseDNS no' in my sshd_config but nothing changed (normal ping is at 2ms, ethernet connection)
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[8:20] <lordievader> Good morning, happy new year!
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[8:26] <pi_> what is the prettiest DE I can get? Can pantheon be installed?
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[8:36] <Wizard> lordievader: Hi!
[8:36] <Wizard> lordievader: How’s life? :)
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[8:40] <Wizard> pi_: With a little bit of luck, yes. They offer debian control files in sources, afaik.
[8:41] <pi_> nice
[8:41] <Wizard> However, it might be a little pita, because they are using bleeding edge libs versions. But you can try.
[8:42] <Wizard> Btw „pretty” is a matter of taste.
[8:43] <pi_> Sure, I find ricing with window manager prettyer, was refering to the mainstream taste of prettinest. The mass is attracted to OSx these days.
[8:45] <pi_> s/prettinest/prettiness #even though it still isn't a word
[8:46] <Wizard> I like windows 2000 L&F personally.
[8:46] <lordievader> Wizard: Pretty good here, how is it there?
[8:47] <Wizard> lordievader: Sun has risen above the see, I’m watching crappy code and trying to figure out how to fix it. Couldn’t be better :D
[8:47] <lordievader> Wizard: Hahaha, good luck ;)
[8:49] <Wizard> Has risen or has rosen? o_O’
[8:49] <lordievader> Yes
[8:50] <pi_> !
[8:50] <pi_> Had risen or has rosen* :)
[8:51] <Wizard> Meh, English…
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[10:25] <drjam> hath riseneth
[10:32] <drjam> question: has anyone done ...or got info on.... logging your own home electricity from grid and own solar generation?
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[11:23] <Wizard> lordievader: Are you into pi now?
[11:24] <Wizard> Still running kubuntu on desktop?
[11:32] <lordievader> Wizard: I run Kubuntu on a old laptop at home.
[11:32] <lordievader> My Pi is the audio server \o/
[11:34] <drjam> haha yes, im into pi now
[11:34] <drjam> got like 4 of them
[11:34] <drjam> cant use em.....but love having them
[11:35] <drjam> have also spent a few hundred on ebay and aliexpress on eltricical stuff for them
[11:35] <drjam> the missing part of this equation is: my intellect
[11:35] <drjam> hence the question
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[11:51] <Plecto> I'm having great trubble creating and simultaneously playing and recording them with my RPI. I've asked in several forums without luck so no I'm feeling kind of helpless :( Could anyone recommend a good forum I could try?
[11:51] <Plecto> creating sine waves*
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[11:58] <rawtaz> trubble :D
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[11:58] <rawtaz> Plecto: i have noooo idea, but im curious what the problem youre having is?
[11:59] <Plecto> rawtaz: Well I just want to play and record sine waves with a python program, it's for analyzing audio amplifiers. I've been using the sounddevice package which seems to be working fine with my previous USB sound card, but with my new asus Xonar U7 card, the sound is littered with crackling noises :(
[12:00] <Plecto> I've been googling myself to death this last week without getting anywhere
[12:00] -christel- [Global Notice] Hi all, we are about to carry out some maintenance and upgrades to the ircd servers, there will be some disruption over the next few days as we bring stuff down -- during the maintenance we would ask that you connect to the main rotation (chat.freenode.net) as this would ensure that you end up on the servers that have already been completed! Thank you!
[12:05] <rawtaz> :/
[12:06] <rawtaz> get a better card? D
[12:06] <rawtaz> :D
[12:08] <Plecto> It should be a pretty decent card, far better than my previous one
[12:08] <Wizard> Plecto: Maybe the problem is drivers
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[12:12] <Plecto> Wizard: That sounds plausible, but my linux abilities is fairly limited when it comes to these sort of things. What can I do?
[12:12] <Wizard> Run linux on your desktop and check
[12:13] <Wizard> That would be my way
[12:13] <Wizard> Preferably - debian jessy
[12:13] <Plecto> And if that were to work?
[12:13] <Wizard> https://www.debian.org/CD/live/
[12:13] <Wizard> Then it’s probably a configuration problem
[12:14] <Wizard> I mean that’s all I can tell now
[12:14] <Plecto> I'll give it a try
[12:15] <Wizard> Did you check dmesg or something?
[12:17] <rawtaz> is that asus card perhaps not as performant, maybe it relies on the computer's CPU more than the other one?
[12:17] <rawtaz> not that the pi shouldnt have juice enough to deal with that, but still
[12:17] <Plecto> Wizard: No. I wouldn't know what to be looking for though
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[12:20] <lordievader> Crackling noises sound like buffer underruns.
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[12:20] <lordievader> Which is usually due to a cpu not being able to fill the buffer enough.
[12:21] <Plecto> lordievader: I've been reading about that. Why would an RPI 3 have such issues though? :\
[12:21] * machinaut (sid39679@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-tvaluduovnucadid) has joined #raspbian
[12:23] <lordievader> I don't know about the RPI 3, but the first one has a very weak CPU. I wouldn't be surprised if the third version still has a too weak CPU for audio processing.
[12:25] * Arlenx (~Arlenx@ Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
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[12:33] <Plecto> Too weak to play audio? That sounds odd to me :(
[12:35] <lordievader> It sounds to me that you are more in the category of processing audio, rather than simply playing.
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[13:41] <Wizard> lordievader: And he quit.
[13:41] <Wizard> Like allways, IRC, neverending story
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[15:41] <zathras> I did rebuild the ld.so.cache file by removing it and ldconfig afterwards. However a certain lib although present in one of the directories scanned by ldconfig is sid to be missing
[15:41] <zathras> how can I analyse/fix this please?
[15:41] <zathras> *is said
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[16:11] <ejb> Hey y'all, I've just booted a fresh copy of raspbian on my pi3 and it seems to be hanging at a blank screen with a white cursor. Is there an additional installation that I've missed? I just dd'd the .img onto the SD card
[16:11] <ejb> I read something about expanding the filesystem?
[16:18] <ejb> ... that was it. Had to ctrl-alt-f1 to another terminal > sudo su > raspi-config > expand filesystem > reboot
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[20:10] <ninetynine> Hi, I have a problem installing a package (emby-server) on Raspbian. The thing is, that I added a repository with the package but apt does not see ALL the packages from repo but only some of them.
[20:12] * HerculeP (~herc@ip-109-47-3-82.web.vodafone.de) Quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:12] <ninetynine> I think that it may be because of wrong "architecture" field but I am using the guide which seems to make it work: https://akosresch.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/installing-emby-server-on-raspberry-pi-3/
[20:12] * HerculeP (~herc@ip-109-47-3-82.web.vodafone.de) has joined #raspbian
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[20:22] <frikinz> ninetynine: you saw this https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43166-arm-devices-official-instructions/ ?
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[20:27] <frikinz> Any idea why I get high IO latency? See my munin page: https://teebee.n0n3m.com/munin/static/dynazoom.html?cgiurl_graph=/munin-cgi/munin-cgi-graph&plugin_name=n0n3m.com/teebee.n0n3m.com/diskstats_latency/mmcblk0&size_x=800&size_y=400&start_epoch=1483366820&stop_epoch=1483474820
[20:29] <ninetynine> frikinz: Thanks a lot! This works :)
[20:29] <frikinz> I have an sdhc class 10 card from sandisk. If I read correctly, IO access is 0.03s but full IO read is 0.3s and full IO write is 1.66s!
[20:29] <frikinz> ninetynine: cool :)
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[20:55] <mete> frikinz: have you checked with iptop?
[20:55] <mete> iotop *
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[21:06] <frikinz> mete: The pi3 is running quite some process and I know which ones are doing IOs. That's cron and it peak at like 400KB/s. I'm more interested in the difference between HW IO time versus full kernel IO time (the difference being due to kernel buffers)
[21:07] * _yoy_ (~YoY@ltl56-2-88-169-169-201.fbx.proxad.net) Quit (Quit: Leaving...)
[21:07] <frikinz> So I'm looking at some kernel parameters to modify
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[21:21] <frikinz> But thanks for reminding me about iotop and its batch mode, I was able to confirm the IO bursts mean bandwidth. I get one at 700KB/s followed by one at 140KB/s. Would be interesting to know peak bandwidth though.
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[21:40] <frikinz> Some interesting things in /sys/devices/platform/soc/3f202000.sdhost/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:aaaa/block/mmcblk0/queue/iosched/
[21:42] <Quozl`> i've often found microsd performance problems to follow the card. the card itself is running a huge firmware program, and has a lot to do. reads can trigger erase and writes; called read-disturb. firmware often pre-erases, but sometimes the host writes more data than the pre-erasure has done.
[21:44] <Quozl`> so you can get the best read performance if the data being read was written in one burst. once you have random writes to a card, the leveling and endurance algorithms cause the read performance to suffer.
[21:46] <Quozl`> i've never found the kernel to have any significance; the slowest point in the queue of data is always the firmware of the card. this can be verified by changing the kernel sd mmc driver to log the time taken for requests.
[21:46] <Quozl`> hope that helps. taking a short walk. back in 15min or so.
[21:46] <frikinz> Quozl`: I know nothing about sdcard, that's interesting. Helps yes!
[21:55] <frikinz> I'm using munin to show the timings. Which actually uses /sys/block/mmcblk0/stat. In my very specific case, I'm more investigating on write performance during these bursts. Every 5mn, cron calls munin-update and I do have a slight hiccup on ssh.
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[22:06] <Atomic_6Cbf3> ptpb.pw/ekSY any idea why connection gets reset?
[22:06] <Quozl`> frikinz: writes to previously written blocks are probably the most costly; firmware has to grab a flash block from the erased-list, write it, then write to the tail of a mapping table which relates host block numbers to flash blocks.
[22:07] * Hallo32 (~Thunderbi@x4e3519cb.dyn.telefonica.de) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:07] <Quozl`> frikinz: then it adds the previously mapped flash block to the to-be-erased list. so three writes to flash blocks for every host block write.
[22:09] <frikinz> Ok but I would expect to see this pure hw performance impact visible in the stat file. Although I have some doubts about it :)
[22:11] <frikinz> https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/block/stat.txt
[22:12] <frikinz> Also the deadline scheduler gives really big performance to read operation and also batches IOP. That's legitimate but I will tweak a bit these parameters. I'll also move the written directory to a tmpfs.
[22:12] <Quozl`> frikinz: it should be visible in statistics overall, and the block layer you are looking at does hand off the i/o request to the device driver (sd mmc) and once it does that the block layer will tell you the time it took to complete.
[22:13] <Quozl`> frikinz: there is a chance that writes can be grouped in a way that the sd mmc driver and the card will complete them faster; making them into larger requests is good.
[22:14] <Quozl`> frikinz: but it also depends on the overall application; what is your application doing that needs this i/o, and is the i/o contiguous or random by host block address?
[22:15] <frikinz> Quozl`: well I have round trip time for the disk request of 0.05s while full timing for a user request from start to end is 1.66s for write and 1.1s for read
[22:16] * clonak_ is now known as clonak
[22:16] <frikinz> I'm talking max values. Means is io:0.01s, r: 0.25s, w:0.25s
[22:18] <frikinz> Quozl`: Kernel is tuned for grouping 16 requests and doing a 2:1 read:write balance. deadline is 0.5s:5s
[22:18] <Quozl`> yes, the distribution of those values will be different across the request type. the card is a complex system in it's own right, but can be statistically described.
[22:19] <Quozl`> those maximum and mean values sound about right for a typical card. is it an industrial specified card or a consumer grade card?
[22:20] <frikinz> Quozl`: taking the example of one process: munin-updates: reads /sys (so memory), writes in /var ermm 150 files of 50KB in ~1.5s :)
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[22:20] <frikinz> Quozl`: consumer probably. sandisk ultra C10. I've seen it behaves badly on small chunks
[22:21] <frikinz> Well.. if I tweak for my current usage, it'll probably be worse for my future usage pattern also.. but worth investigating.
[22:21] <Quozl`> yeah, i love tmpfs. another trick is to wrap the app in eatmydata (see apt-cache show eatmydata), useful when you have a battery supply and can be reasonably sure you don't need the writes to complete before the power fails.
[22:21] * f3r70rr35f (~fernando@186-105-64-86.baf.movistar.cl) Quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[22:22] <Quozl`> eatmydata convinces the app that i/o has completed even though it has not.
[22:22] <Quozl`> it depends on the reason you need the i/o completed.
[22:22] <Quozl`> the i/o is then completed asynchronously rather than holding up the app.
[22:22] <frikinz> oh eatmydata I didn't think of. good idea
[22:23] <Quozl`> if the app calls close though, it has little effect.
[22:24] <Quozl`> (because the agreed semantics of the file api is that when a file is closed, and then opened, the data will be there in the file).
[22:26] <frikinz> It probably calls close (perl app will close if file variable is out of scope)
[22:27] <frikinz> Quozl`: I have to go. Nice discussion. I'll tell you my results when I have time.
[22:27] <Quozl`> then i'd tmpfs with a regular rsync, or wrap a tmpfs with overlayfs.
[22:27] <frikinz> Yes tmpfs should be quick. if I remember that didn't help much. have to confirm all this
[22:27] <Quozl`> (i'd use overlayfs if there's not enough memory to hold the whole app data in tmpfs).
[22:28] <Quozl`> if tmpfs doesn't help it's not an sd card problem. ;-)
[22:28] <frikinz> 12MB
[22:28] <frikinz> Quozl`: yes sure :) that and the stat file made me think the problem is elsewhere...
[22:28] <frikinz> Quozl`: bye!
[22:31] <Quozl`> bye
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[22:37] <Atomic_6Cbf3> guys im on raspbian lite and for some reason all my ssh keys under /etc/ssh/ are empty
[22:37] <Atomic_6Cbf3> so all connections get closed off by server because of this error
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[22:43] <Quozl`> Atomic_6Cbf3: you will need to regenerate your ssh host keys.
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[22:46] <kimjonghussein> test
[22:46] <Quozl`> Atomic_6Cbf3: sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server
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[23:01] <Atomic_6Cbf3> Quozl` the system is headless so im configuring it from my other pc
[23:01] <Atomic_6Cbf3> also ssh-keygen appears to be faulty on the raspbian lite im running
[23:02] <Atomic_6Cbf3> i deleted the files and they were regenerated, but still were all empty
[23:02] <Quozl`> Atomic_6Cbf3: is the filesystem mounted for read-write or read-only? can you create a file yourself, e.g. echo test > file
[23:03] <Atomic_6Cbf3> i can create files
[23:03] <Atomic_6Cbf3> well
[23:03] <Atomic_6Cbf3> fron withing the system?
[23:03] <Atomic_6Cbf3> ive no idea
[23:03] <Quozl`> Atomic_6Cbf3: yes, on the system where ssh-keygen would run. i agree, it sounds odd. you might strace -e write the ssh keygen to make sure it is writing somewhere.
[23:04] <Atomic_6Cbf3> i havent touched anything so theres no reason why the pi wouldnt be able to write to its own partitions
[23:04] <Quozl`> there can be other reasons.
[23:04] <Atomic_6Cbf3> i cant strace anything though cause its headless..ill try generating them from my other pc
[23:04] <Quozl`> certain types of filesystem corruption can be discovered some time after boot which may cause the ext4 filesystem module to declare insanity and remount read-only.
[23:06] <Atomic_6Cbf3> well the dd did take an awful amount of time
[23:06] <Quozl`> while you say it is headless, i'm presuming you are using some way to get to the shell on it? serial? or are you pulling the card out and writing to it on the other system?
[23:06] <Atomic_6Cbf3> im not using anything to get into in it. i configured the files from my pc and had it connect to wifi via usb dongle and also enabled ssh
[23:07] <Atomic_6Cbf3> i was trying ssh to get into a shell xD
[23:07] <Quozl`> i guess i'm missing something; how are you regenerating the ssh keys?
[23:07] <Atomic_6Cbf3> yes im pulling the card out
[23:07] <Quozl`> ah, good.
[23:07] <Atomic_6Cbf3> the ssh keys are being regenerated automatically
[23:07] <Atomic_6Cbf3> by the pi
[23:07] <Atomic_6Cbf3> when it boots and finds no keys under /etc/ssh
[23:07] <Atomic_6Cbf3> at least this is what seems to happen, and is backed by openssh guys
[23:08] <Atomic_6Cbf3> but the keys are bonked :(
[23:08] <Quozl`> run fsck forced on the partition using your other system. if that finds a problem, then the filesystem may have transitioned to read-only during boot.
[23:08] <Quozl`> it's a bit hard to black box it. are you sure you can't get at serial or connect a monitor and keyboard to investigate further?
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[23:19] <Atomic_6Cbf3> ive no monitor and ive no idea how to serial connect
[23:20] <Atomic_6Cbf3> but regenerating the keys on my other pc did it
[23:20] <Atomic_6Cbf3> i can now connect :)
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[23:26] <Quozl`> Atomic_6Cbf3: great.
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